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  • Melissa Mack, Pharmore Ingredients-- How To Build Efficiency?

    In this podcast episode, Melissa Mack, VP of Operations at Pharmore Ingredients, discusses product traceability, lab testing, and supply chain challenges she faced during COVID-19. Download now to start listening.

  • Jason Halling, Burr Oak Tool -- How To Get Project Buy In?

    In this podcast episode, Jason Halling, Vice President of Finance and Business Operations for Burr Oak Tool, discusses how quality and innovation compete internationally, tips for how to get strategic initiative buy in, and the tools his company uses to push an IT project along. Download now to learn more.

  • Shane Peabody, The Fulton Companies

    In this podcast episode, Shane Peabody, Director of IT at the Fulton companies, discusses his thoughts on Shadow IT, the power of Open Source, and what tools he uses to measure project success. Download now to learn more.

  • Greg Maloney- How To Scale Ambitious Projects?

    In this podcast episode, Greg Maloney, the enterprise systems lead for Invitaeā€™s Boulder, Colorado office, discusses advanced IT management approaches, regulated industries, and his thoughts on shadow IT projects. Download now to start listening.

  • CCU Improves Delivery And Service

    Download this case study to learn how a beverage company partnered with Open Source Integrators to develop an integrated, agile, and precision-tailored digital nervous system for their acquisition, and discover how this solution can offer fast, accurate delivery information, allowing the company to meet increasing volumes without increasing costs.

  • Adrian Steel Optimizes Retail And More With Odoo Open Source

    Download this case study to learn how an automobile equipment company partnered with Open Source Integrators to identify unnecessary complexities in their processes across multiple departments and offices & implement customer-first improvements to their existing ERP infrastructure that drove efficiency and reduced costs.

  • Jeff Bland, Trifin Capital-- How Do You Pay For A New System?

    In this podcast episode, Jeff Bland, president of Tri-Fin Capital, a lease-funding company, talks about how to use financing and leasing options to pay for transformational IT projects. Download now to learn more.

  • Improve Your Demand Forecasting Using Sales Data To Drive Production

    Download this white paper to learn how executing your production planning with an open source ERP system can help you transform your entire manufacturing operation, improving customer experiences, eliminating waste, reducing manufacturing time, and lowering costs.

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