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  • Insurers Have the Data. Now They Have to Use it to Stay Relevant

    COVID-19 proved that London market brokers and insurers can embrace digital to transform their organizations and operating models. The London market has seen a shift as the focus moves to customer outcomes rather than internal or broker to carrier processes. Learn about data obstacles & how organizations are tackling them in this WNS blog post.

  • Why AI & ML-led Speed-to-Insight is Crucial for Pharma Success

    The pharmaceutical industry is incredibly competitive-- only 10% of drugs that enter clinical trials in the US ever gain approval. With such high stakes, rapid speed to insight from accurate, current data is critical. Read on to learn how AI analytics-led pharma Competitive Intelligence platforms can accelerate time to market and cut costs.

  • WNS PRECIZON: Sharp Insights. Sharper Decision-making

    It’s essential to gather accurate insights that are unbiased and driven from competitors. WNS PRECIZION offers a SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence solution to perform these measurements and make key analyses. Click to their website to learn what they offer, how they do it, and more.

  • 4 Trends Transforming Underwriting

    As the insurance sector continues to face major challenges brought about by the pandemic, the pressure is on underwriters to price risk more accurately and swiftly than ever. Read this article to learn about the 4 trends transforming underwriting.

  • A New Digital Era for UK Energy Retailers

    The Energy and Utilities (E&U) sector has earned the reputation of being steadfast in the face of extreme adversity. However, businesses world-wide were shaken by the onslaught of COVID-19, and the E&U sector was no different. Read this article to learn how the pandemic and the ensuing digital era have impacted the E&U sector.

  • Mastering the Art of Data Management to Transform Customer Engagement

    Master data management (MDM) is a natural for financial organizations to start improving customer data quality and creating a single source of truth—a key part of providing a good experience. Continue reading to learn how you can use MDM, not as a silver bullet, but as a practical solution to real-world customer engagement problems.

  • How Self-service Analytics is Powering Insight-led Organizations

    Self-service analytics is a system of solutions and strategies that ideally allows all positions within an organization to make rapid decisions based on accurate data.Read on to learn how what’s stopping many enterprises from seeing the results of self-service analytics and discover how you can overcome many of these roadblocks, simple or complex.

  • The Hyperautomation Edge

    Knowing exactly how to leverage hyperautomation is a bit tricky. Download this comprehensive e-book to get a clear understanding of why hyperautomation is important for the future of work & business, where hyperautomation can make an impact, and much more.

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