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  • Spot by NetApp Video 3

    Watch this video to learn how you can take advantage of Spot by NetApp’s Ocean solution allows you to implement serverless, scalable Kubernetes in the cloud by taking advantage of automation, centralized management, cost optimization, and much more.

  • Devops Guide To Kubernetes Infrastructure Automation

    Access this white paper to learn how you can address common issues of scaling infrastructure practices on Kubernetes, identify key areas where automation can be applied, and see how Ocean by Sport can solve many of these issues through container-driven autoscaling.

  • Spot by NetApp Video 2

    Access this video for a webinar on AWS cost optimization, as experts discuss how to leverage the full range of AWS pricing models to significantly reduce cloud compute costs, even for mission-critical workloads.

  • Spot by NetApp Video 1

    Access this webcast to learn about how to deliver operational efficiency in the cloud, through infrastructure automation and continuous optimization.

  • The State Of Container Workloads 2020

    The large-scale adoption of containers isn’t surprising to most—but few are equipped to fully incorporate containers into their applications, CI/CD pipeline, and Day 2 Operations. Download this official State of Container Workloads report to explore the top trends, technologies, and tips for container success today.

  • Demandbase Abstracts Their Kubernetes Infrastructure And Reduces Costs By 70%

    In this case study, explore how Demandbase gained full visibility into every Kubernetes cluster—including cluster health and efficiency—and left manual cluster upgrades in the past with EKS. Get the details here.

  • Compute Infrastructure Right-Sizing In A Cloud-Native World

    Access this guide to learn when it's appropriate to right-size compute infrastructure, having the right metrics to make that decision, tools for right-sizing, and more.

  • Autoscaling And 6 Other Kubernetes Automation Challenges

    This guide outlines strategies for overcoming 7 challenges for automation in Kubernetes operations, for building dynamic, self-healing and self-reliant infrastructure for containers.

  • Azure Cost Optimization Guide

    Access this white paper for a guide to managing Azure costs-- with best practices for setting up Microsoft Azure cloud governance, as well as hands-on cloud cost management, so you can fully control your Azure infrastructure costs both now and into the future.

  • The Finops Guide For Cloud Excellence

    Access this guide for a framework on how to deliver a highly available cloud that meets the needs of all stakeholders – with the greatest cost-efficiency possible.

  • Chegg Cuts EC2 Costs By 70% While Simplifying ECS Infrastructure Management

    Access this case study to learn how a major web business, Chegg, was able to cut AWS costs by a whopping 70% while simplifying infrastructure management.

  • How Duolingo Reduced Their ECS Costs By 65%

    During their transition to AWS ECS, Duolingo saw their costs skyrocket. Despite early attempts to mitigate the costs, Duolingo was left with unutilized reserved instances—which is money wasted. In this case study, learn how Duolingo reduced their ECS costs by 65% with Spot.

  • The State Of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances 2020

    Making up a small portion of AWS users, EC2 spot instances play a major role in managing cloud costs. Access this white paper unlock exclusive insights regarding the best performing EC2 instances gathered from the data of over 1,000 Spot customers.

  • Ways To Reduce Cloud Costs Now And In The Future

    Access this e-book for 9 ways to reduce cloud costs now and in the future. This guide includes sections on choosing a cloud budget framework, reducing cloud compute costs, reducing storage infrastructure costs, reducing network costs, and more.

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