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  • Remote Work Risk Assessment

    Evaluating your remote work security posture has become essential in today’s continuously evolving threat landscape. Download this datasheet that outlines how a remote work assessment aims to provide 4 key benefits for protecting your cyber environment.

  • Ransomware Preparedness Assessment

    In today’s evolving threat landscape, it’s become critical to uncover where your data is vulnerable to ransomware and minimize the impact of a potential attack. Download this datasheet to learn how a free ransomware preparedness assessment aims to provide 4 key benefits.

  • Microsoft 365 & Teams Risk Assessment

    Microsoft 365 and Teams have become essential ingredients in today’s dispersed workforce recipe that must remain secure. Download this datasheet to discover a risk assessment is designed to visualize your Microsoft 365 data exposure, detect abnormal data access, and provide insight into your security posture.

  • How Varonis Helps HomeServe Secure the Sensitive Data on Millions of Customers

    HomeServe, like many companies, rapidly transitioned to a mostly remote workforce. Ensuring sensitive customer data remains secure while employees work from home quickly became a challenge. With Varonis’ help, HomeServe was able to secure sensitive data for millions of customers. Download the case study to learn how.


    The Varonis unified data security platform is engineered from the ground up to help protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Open this datasheet to learn more.

  • What You Get With a Data Risk Assessment

    Download this white paper to learn how the Varonis Data Risk Assessment can help pinpoint vulnerabilities and provide concrete steps to prioritize and fix major security risks and compliance issues in your data.

  • How the University of Surrey is Using Varonis to Improve Its Incident Response Procedures

    Cyberattacks targeting universities are nothing new. The University of Surrey, which has been targeted in the past, knew how important it was to put systems in place that would protect their data and ensure GDPR compliance. Access this case study to learn what they’ve accomplished with Varonis’ help.

  • 4 Hidden Vectors that Put Cloud Data at Risk

    Interconnectivity makes cloud services much more valuable, but once they’re configured, many of these services and accounts get minimal security examination and can become dangerous attack vectors. Download this white to learn 4 vectors that you should monitor closely in your cloud environments.

  • Meet DatAdvantage Cloud

    As a means of monitoring activity across your siloed cloud solutions and secure data cross-cloud, DatAdvantage Cloud aims to do just that with 5 major use cases. Download this white paper to tap into these insights.

  • 5 Remote Work Threats and How to Protect Against Them

    As a result of remote work, the numbers of internet-facing RDP servers and VPN devices have both grown very quickly and Microsoft Teams usage has exploded.Download this white paper to learn about the top 5 threats remote workers are likely to face and how you can protect yourself from them.

  • How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

    Cybersecurity is like insurance – you sometimes resent paying it and often question whether you need it in the first place, but my goodness aren’t you grateful when it’s there when you need it. Download this blog article for a complete breakdown of how you can prevent a successful ransomware attack.

  • Fighting Ransomware with Varonis

    In today’s dispersed workforce, reducing and protecting your growing attack surface from ransomware attacks is a major challenge. Download this data sheet to learn how you can fight ransomware in 4 major ways.


    Until a cyberattack occurs, it can be challenging to identify where your biggest data security gaps are hiding. The Varonis Data Risk Assessment aims to provide critical information for your organization by revealing vulnerabilities hackers could hunt for.Download this white paper to unlock a comprehensive sample risk assessment.


    DatAdvantage for Office 365 gives you the visibility and security you need to keep your data safe in the cloud. Download this data sheet to learn how.

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