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  • PK Secure Email Customizable Data Security Options for Sharing Sensitive Information

    While email’s longevity attests to its many benefits, including, rapidity, ease of use, low costs, and more; its age begins to show when it comes to security.PKWare’s PK Secure Email, aims to alleviate the natural weakness of email by using automation to detect sensitive information and notify security teams. Read on to learn more.

  • Western Union

    With a robust business presence in 200 countries around the world, Western Union is tasked to comply with a long list of diverse regulations, including, GDPR ,CCPA, as well as many local and regional mandates in order to protect their users’ data. Read this case study to see how Western Union used PK Protect to secure data and meet compliance.

  • The Ripple Effect of a Data Breach

    We are so used to hearing about data breaches expressed in dollar amounts that we often forget the deeper implications. Read this infographic to gain a better understanding of the overall business impact of data breaches and learn what security and disaster recovery strategies you can implement to protect your organization.

  • How Much Can You Lose in A Cyber Attack?

    The impact of a data breach will be felt far beyond just the theft of or inability to access sensitive and private data. Read on to understand why data security should be a top business priority so that organizations can minimize the far-reaching ripple effects of a sensitive data breach.

  • Building Continuous Compliance for PCI DSS Considerations for a Sustainable Cloud Strategy

    As organizations move to the cloud, they must ensure payment compliance – which is easier said than done. Read this paper to learn considerations for a sustainable cloud strategy when it comes to PCI DSS compliance.

  • PK Protect Data Governance

    Organizations rely on data governance to ensure their data is consistent, trustworthy and not misused. Read this data sheet to discover PK Protect, which aims to help you establish confidence within governance processes that all valuable data has been identified and is continuously protected according to organizational policy.

  • Achieving and Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance

    PCI DSS compliance can be challenging. Luckily, PK Protect can help in securing cardholder data, providing sensitive data discovery and management for both achieving and sustaining compliance. Download this product overview to learn more.

  • Automated Ongoing File Redaction for PCI DSS

    Companies that accept, process, or service credit card payments must follow PCI DSS. Non-compliance may result in penalty fines, increased transaction costs and other consequences when a company fails an audit or experiences a high-risk data breach. Download this white paper to learn how you can gain real-time policy enforcement for PCI DSS.

  • What’s Next After Achieving PCI DSS Compliance

    Any organization that accepts credit, debit, or pre-paid cards under the American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover brands must maintain PCI DSS compliance. Download this white paper to learn key priorities and goals for PCI DSS v4.0, 3 steps to adhering to PCI DSS compliance and more.

  • Global Corporation Secures Data and Meets PCI Compliance Goals

    PKWARE’s data-centric approach to security helped one of the world’s largest companies secure millions of unprotected files before a critical compliance audit. Download this case study to learn how it happened.

  • Visibility and Control

    Protecting a growing volume of unstructured data can seem like an impossible task. Organizations are attempting to address this is by embracing data-centric security. In this e-book, take a closer look at classification and discover what makes it one of the key pillars of data-centric security – read on to get started.

  • PK Protect Overview

    Data is the foundation of any modern organization’s success. However, in today’s business climate, protecting and deriving value from potentially sensitive data requires rethinking how you manage it across the enterprise. Watch this 2-minute video to learn about how the PK Protect Suite strives to help you keep sensitive data secure.

  • Policy-Driven Solutions for Secure Data Exchange

    Protecting essential data exchanges is an increasingly important business imperative. Read this white paper to learn about the importance of encryption, common challenges, how to apply policy-driven security to data exchanges, and more.

  • The Entropy Problem

    The unpredictability of data is what gives encryption it’s strength – so approaches that stifle the “randomness” of the process also present weakness. Read this white paper to learn more about modern encryption and the entropy problem.

  • Simplifying GDPR Compliance

    Since its inception in 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has cost organizations in the EU more than $330 million USD in collective fines as a result of non-compliance. Read this e-book to learn more about the costs of non-compliance and discover insights for simplifying GDPR efforts.

  • A Blueprint for Data-Centric Security

    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.

  • Simplify PCI Compliance with Smarter Scope Management

    As organizations around the globe prepare for the newest version of PCI DSS, it’s important to revisit some of the basics of the regulation. Read this white paper for an overview of PCI DSS and discover how to minimize risk and cost without sacrificing compliance.

  • Making Sense of Sensitive Data

    In this white paper, read how PKWARE’s PK Protect offers data discovery and protection that locates and secures sensitive data to minimize organizational risks and costs, regardless of device or environment.

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