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  • CyberVista and Jim Routh Webinar

    There are over 400,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. that are going unfulfilled each year, according to a recent report. Tap into this webinar to learn how you can develop cybersecurity talent and skills, how to build a sustainable human resources model for cybersecurity professionals and more.

  • Five Scenarios That Waste Your Cybersecurity Training Budget

    This website post examines 5 expensive cybersecurity training missteps companies have made, even as budgets rises to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. Keep reading to learn how to make your training dollars go further with the right cybersecurity workforce strategy.

  • A Better Replacement For The Incumbent Training Model

    While cybersecurity bootcamps are popular ways to certify and train employees, they tend to lack competence testing and long-term skills retention. Explore this website post to learn how some online training models are conquering the shortcomings of the bootcamp model and discover how these training models map directly to your needs.

  • Can Data Solve Cyber’s Diversity Problem?

    Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of cybersecurity starts with focusing on education, recruiting and hiring, retention, and mentorship – but what role can data play in the narrative of diversity in cybersecurity? Read this blog post to find out.

  • The Role Of Cybersecurity Leaders As Educators

    What can cybersecurity leaders do to attract and develop top cyber talent? Download this white paper to find out, as well as view 7 design principles for the cybersecurity leader as educator.

  • Cybersecurity In The Pandemic

    To gauge the evolving dynamics around cybersecurity in the pandemic, CyberVista surveyed more than 150 hiring managers and information security decision makers to gain insights into how their hiring, goal-prioritization, and budgeting initiatives have changed. View the results of this survey here.

  • The Cyber Talent Right Under Our Noses

    Many people will tell you that the best practitioners are born, not made. This is simply not true. There’s a multitude of candidates that possess traits, behavioral attributes and interpersonal competencies that provide a fantastic base for success as a cybersecurity team member. This white paper covers 5 of these traits to look out for.

  • Six Signs Your Cybersecurity Training Program Needs an Overhaul

    According to Verizon’s 2020 DBIR, ransomware accounts for 27% of malware incidents, and 18% of organizations blocked at least one attack. The most effective defense against these threats is an effective cybersecurity training program – but how can you tell if yours is in need of an overhaul? Read this e-book for 6 surefire signs.

  • A Blueprint to Build a Commanding, Cyber-Ready Workforce

    Your employees, even those working outside of cybersecurity, may be your secret weapon in keeping your organization safe from digital threats. Properly investing in cybersecurity training for your workforce can mitigate risk while also improving your bottom line. Read this white paper to learn 4 steps to building a cyber-ready workforce.

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