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  • How to Govern Citizen Development in ServiceNow®

    Access this guide for strategies for governing citizen development in ServiceNow.


    Effective platform testing across the suite of ServiceNow solutions can be a challenging, costly, and resource-intensive commitment. However, it is the only way to ensure the changes being made will support your business dependencies and service delivery management. Explore how ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework (ATF) can help in this guide.

  • Time to turn the Test Pyramid on its head?

    Check out this blog post to learn 6 benefits of AutomatePro, an automated testing platform designed to overcome traditional testing obstacles.

  • AutomatePro Comparison to ATF

    Check out this e-book to see a side by side comparison of AutomatePro and ATF and learn 12 promising discoveries when using AutomatePro.

  • AutomatePro Podcast - ServiceNow Upgrades

    Jump into this podcast to join Paul Chorley, CEO of AutomatePro, and Wayne Devonald, COO, as they discuss the ServiceNow DevOps ecosystem and how your organization can save time, money, and reduce risks with automated testing tools for ServiceNow upgrades.

  • The documents you need, faster than Usain Bolt runs 100m.

    In this blog post, explore AutomatePro’s latest platform AutoDoc – aiming to make getting the documents you need as easy as the click of button, as well as removing the time consuming processes and the potential for user-error. Click in now to learn more.

  • AutomatePro & KA2 enhance service management platform

    Open up this case study to see how AutomatePro worked with KA2, an investment bank, to implement a new ITSM platform and helped them gain a 27% productivity increase in the first six months, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Keeping customers happy, with defect-free upgrades

    Your organization might need more than just an automated testing tool. In this case study, explore why organizations are turning to collaborative development environments that automate and speed up every stage of the software delivery lifecycle. Learn more here.

  • The pain of UAT and ServiceNow upgrades

    UAT (user acceptance testing) is a vital step in any software delivery project, but it can be a time consuming, labor intensive piece of work. Click into this blog to uncover how you can remove the main pain points of UAT, as well as speed up ServiceNow upgrades in your organization.

  • AutomatePro Demo

    In this 5-minute video, explore how a value stream delivery platform works with ServiceNow to increase developer productivity by 38%, reduces testing time by 66%, and can save up to $100K on each upgrade. Watch the video here to learn more.

  • How to write test cases for manual and automated tests

    In this collaborative e-guide by SearchCIO and AutomatePro, explore how to write test cases for both manual and automated tests. Download this exclusive e-guide here to keep as a handy reference.

  • AutoDev

    Right now, organizations are finding that their developers have little time to do actual development work. Luckily, by tracking the quality and timeliness of development tasks, organizations can identify quality issues and bottlenecks in the development process. Learn how AutomatePro helps do all this and more for ServiceNow developers here.

  • AutoTest

    Automated testing can reduce both the uncertainty and cost of releasing and upgrading ServiceNow. In this short guide, learn how to automatically create tailored tests against your configuration with the right AI solution. Learn more here.

  • Enjoy ServiceNow, not later.

    Reusability is an undervalued concept in the software development lifecycle. With a “write-once, use-many” approach, your business processes can be re-used across design, development, testing, and documentation. Learn how AutomatePro’s automated testing solution uses this methodology here.

  • Create ServiceNow user guides faster than Usain Bolt

    Can AutomatePro create ServiceNow User Guides faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters? Open now to find out and uncover how AutomatePro can help IT pros pass audits, lower costs, and reduce support incidents with AutoDoc.

  • Test creation taking too long?

    All too often, developers spend the majority of their time and resources creating and maintaining tests, rather than focusing on innovation and optimization. In this guide, learn how developers are creating comprehensive automated tests at the click of a button. Read more here.

  • AutomatePro - A ServiceNow App Showcase

    In this demo, take a closer look at AutomatePro – aiming to save IT pros weeks and months of manual testing and documentation labor for ServiceNow. Open now for a full AutoTest demo, final thoughts on the platform and more.

  • ARM tackles ServiceNow upgrade challenges with automated testing

    The new era of automated testing tools can offer much more to your organization. In this guide, learn how AutomatePro can create a collaborative development environment that automates and speeds up every stage of software delivery. Get the details here.

  • AutomatePro Overview

    Open this intro video to explore a new ServiceNow automated test framework and learn how you can reduce risk, pick up speed and remove manual processes from your ServiceNow upgrades.

  • Jumpstart E-guide 2

    Deep dive into this exclusive E-Guide to explore ServiceNow and the newest features, products, and services they offer, as well as their story of how they started out and where they are today. Open now to learn about their newest addition of AI and machine learning, why they positioned their Now Platform as a workforce engine, and more.

  • How to create a Guided Tour using AutomatePro

    ServiceNow Guided Tours can be a fantastic resource for onboarding and training new users. However, the creation process can be a bit time-consuming. In this 3-minute video, learn how to quickly create a ServiceNow Guided Tour with Automate Pro. Watch here.

  • Upgrade as a Service (UPaaS) for ServiceNow

    Open up this product overview to take a look at Upgrade as a Service (UPaaS) for ServiceNow, covering how it works, case studies, pricing and more.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Staying Current With ServiceNow Upgrades

    This study from Forrester aims to examine the potential ROI organizations may get from adopting a consistent approach to upgrading their ServiceNow platforms. Open now to discover key findings from the study, including challenges, benefits, an analysis of costs, and more.

  • AutoMonitor

    In this video, take a look at AutomatePro’s AutoMonitor – a platform designed to improve user satisfaction by identifying issues and alerting IT before users do. Open now to get started.

  • A guide to upgrading ServiceNow in 7 days

    This white paper uncovers a quicker way to upgrade and re-test ServiceNow platforms that won’t take away from team resources, covering everything from the planning stages to comparison and final test results. Open now to get started.

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