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  • Fireside Chat-Exchanging Zero Days-Where Do We Go From Here

    A zero-day attack is a cyberattack that exploits a vulnerability that the victim may be unaware of – allowing the hacker to wreak havoc until the organization can mitigate the vulnerability. Watch this fireside chat to join a panel of experts as they discuss their experiences and offer best practices related to zero-day attacks.

  • Defending Forward in Todays Exposed World

    Each year cyberattacks grow both in terms of sophistication as well as frequency. Ensuring protecting in today’s exposed world means defending forward and embracing a proactive security strategy. Watch this webinar to learn more about the trends shaping the future of cybersecurity and how to defend forward.

  • Hunting Threat Actors with Attack Surface Management

    The best way to defend against a cyberattack is to understand how, why and where hackers are going to strike. As a result, attack surface management (ASM) adoption is on the rise. Watch this SANS webinar to learn more about ASM, and how to use it with your existing SOAR capabilities to hunt threat actors.

  • Top IOT/OT Security Attack Vectors

    According to a study, 75% of CEOs are personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents – meaning they’re responsible for ensuring IT, operational technology (OT) and internet of things (IoT) security is up to snuff. Access this webcast to learn more about the IoT/OT threat landscape, current market trends, best practices, and more.

  • Evaluating Attack Surface Management Tools

    Presented by Pierre Lidome, SANS Instructor, Cyber Hunter, this educational video provides a closer look at the current ASM market, including an overview of ASM capabilities, how organizations should leverage ASM, and what to look for in an ASM solution. Watch now to get started.

  • Getting on Target-Looking at Your Attack Surface Like an Attacker

    As more cloud resources are leveraged and networks and IT systems become increasingly disparate, attackers are using their wicked curiosity to learn how to breach them. But how? Access this SANS resource to learn 4 ways in which attackers utilize their resources and take in best practices for managing vulnerability on your attack surface.

  • 5 Tips For Proactively Reducing Ransomware Risk

    Ransomware grew by 700% in 2020 and is now a $20B a year industry. Unfortunately, reactionary approaches to ransomware are no longer viable. Access this e-book to unlock 5 actionable tips designed to help your organization protectively reduce its ransomware risk.

  • 2020 Randori Recon Report

    In this research report, unlock key findings, strategic insights and recommendations as they relate to the cybersecurity trends and challenges across the healthcare industry – read on for the full report.

  • Mitigate Cyber Risk by Attacking Like the Bad Guys

    Tap into this ESG report to learn how you can incorporate an attacker’s perspective into your overall cyber risk assessment to more effectively assess the likelihood of an attack.

  • Using Compliance Budgets to Build a Red Team Capability

    In this white paper, learn how a red team solution can validate what’s working and what needs to be addressed at your organization.

  • Randori Recon How To Prioritize Like An Attacker

    With the rise of cloud computing, containerization, and serverless computing, maintaining a perfect inventory of your external assets and ensuring they are patched has become an overwhelming challenge. Read this e-book to discover Randori’s best practices for analyzing your attack surface in the most effective way.

  • The Complete Guide to Evaluating Attack Surface Management

    Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category of solutions which aims to help organizations understand and address risks related to the stark rise in remote devices connected to the internet – read this SANS report to learn more about the ASM market.

  • How Continuous, Automated Red-Teaming Can Elevate Your Security Posture

    Security teams are recognizing that a continuously evolving IT ecosystem demands a shift in tactics. Continuous, automated red team testing can help enterprises adopt a risk-based and adversary-focused security approach to ensure that they are prepared to defend against evolving threats. Dive into this S&P Global brief to get the specifics.

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