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  • Cloud Automation: Top Six Benefits

    Before cloud automation became a reality, you could only control infrastructure by throwing more personnel and money at it. Luckily, cloud automation can now play a critical role in the modern-day enterprise. Click here to explore the top 6 the reasons you should add cloud automation to your IT strategy.

  • The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

    As the conversion to hybrid cloud picks up, IT executives are often faced with challenges in areas of automation, integration, and optimization. Use this guide to learn how IT leaders are facing these challenges head-on with the help of self-service IT.

  • CloudBolt Security and Compliance Overview

    Cloud misconfigurations can be disastrous, leading to legal and financial penalties and putting the company’s name in headlines (for the wrong reasons). Access this landing page to learn more about how CloudBolt helps organizations avoid security and compliance nightmares in the era of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • 6 Must-Have Features in Hybrid Cloud Management Tools

    Cloud management is a test in complexity—especially when it comes to hybrid environments. To better manage and streamline disjointed applications and services in hybrid cloud, cloud management software is your best option. Click here to explore the 6 must-have features you should look for in a hybrid cloud management tool.

  • How CloudBolt Delivers More Value Over Morpheus Data

    Choosing a cloud management platform can be one of the most difficult stages in your journey to the cloud. To help with the decision-making, this guide compares the best features of CloudBolt Software and Morpheus Data, so you can decide which is the better fit for your team. Download the comparative guide here.

  • CloudBolt vs. CloudHealth by VMware Comparative Guide

    Cloud leaders are searching for a single solution for cloud cost management, optimization, and security. Luckily, there are quite a few platforms to choose from. Use this guide to compare the pros and cons of CloudBolt Software and CloudHealth by VMware’s cloud management solutions. Start comparing here.

  • Choose a Multi-Cloud Governance Platform Like A Pro

    Multi-cloud deployments can transform your organization—if you can manage the complex environment that comes with it. In this guide, go over the process of choosing the right governance platform for the multi-cloud—so you can focus on the benefits instead of the drawbacks. Get started here.

  • CloudBolt vs. CloudCheckr Comparative Guide

    Cloud monitoring and management is at its highest demand yet—but finding the right next-gen solution for your organization can be one of the hardest decisions for your team. Use this comparative guide to explore the advantages and disadvantages of two popular cloud monitoring tools: CloudBolt and CloudCheckr.

  • 7 Secrets of IT Automation

    IT automation holds the promise of making business processes quicker and more efficient, but it has always just been a pipe dream. Until now. Open up this resource to uncover 7 secrets of IT automation.

  • Intelligent Cloud Cost Optimization for a New Cloud Order

    Cloud spend causes enterprises to waste over $17.6 billion a year. It’s time to keep your cloud costs in check. Watch this two-minute explainer video to see how Cloud Cost Optimization capabilities can help any team manage cloud spend. Get started here.

  • The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

    As cloud costs slip out of your control, many of the cost-optimization techniques available have their own drawbacks. Inside this eBook, explore a series of advanced cost-saving strategies that can lower your AWS bill without compromising application performance or redundancy preparedness for disaster prevention. Start saving here.

  • The 7 Secrets of IT Automation

    The promise of automation and self-service IT no longer has to be a secret. In this eBook, The 7 Secrets of IT Automation, explore a step-by-step action plan to unlock the potential of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Download the guide here to see how IT Automation can improve your hybrid & multi-cloud experience.

  • Vrealize Automation Migration Guide

    This guide summarizes the high-level aspects of vRA8 that have jumped out at other experts in the first 2-3 weeks of working with VMware’s reconstructed code for vRealize Automation. Learn more in this VMware vRA 8 Migration Guide.

  • The Guide To Aws Cost Optimization

    If you're an AWS Administrator or cloud engineering manager wanting to gain a deeper understanding of lesser-known aspects of AWS pricing, our Advanced Guide to AWS Cost Optimization is for you. Check it out here.

  • Avoiding The 7 Deadly Sins Of Public Cloud Costs

    Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Why is this happening? It all comes back to seven deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and drain your funds. Wondering what these sins are and what you can do about them? Download the eBook now.

  • The Beginner’S Guide To Cloud Infrastructure Management

    Cloud infrastructure is broad and complex. It refers to the servers, software, network devices, and storage devices that make up the cloud. In this guide, you’ll find a rundown on everything you need to know to be a cloud infrastructure management pro. Read more here.

  • 3 Advantages And Challenges Of Infrastructure As Code (Iac)

    Despite the emergence of public cloud, hardware management problems still remain—especially for the sensitive data in your data centers. In this article, learn how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can revitalize IT resource management. Explore the top 3 advantages and challenges of IaC. Read the article here.

  • How Surfnet Achieves Azure Extensibility & Agility With Cloudbolt

    The idea of extending your cloud can seem daunting, but cloud management platforms make it not only possible, but easy. Join SURFnet’s Technical Product Manager and CloudBolt’s Director of Product Marketing to learn how SURFnet enhanced their Microsoft Azure extensibility and agility with CloudBolt’s cloud management platform. Watch the video here.

  • The Only Kubernetes Starter Guide You’Ll Ever Need

    Containers are a good way to package application code, but you’ll need an orchestrator that maintains the desired state of the container. This is where Kubernetes comes in, providing a framework to run distributed systems resiliently. Start building your Kubernetes skillset in The Only Kubernetes Starter Guide You’ll Ever Need. Download it here.

  • Ebook: Extensibility To Future And Legacy Technology

    The challenge of handling legacy infrastructure in a multi-cloud world is a vexing one. There’s value in maintaining longtime systems, but the allure of a hybrid cloud strategy as a way to modernize can’t be discounted. Learn more in our eBook, Extensibility to Future and Legacy Technology.

  • The Five Cloud Governance Best Practices that Help Inform Policies and Align Toolchains

    Changes to technology platforms or business processes introduce risk to an enterprise. Cloud governance helps mitigate these risks and ensures minimal interruption to innovation or adoption efforts. Discover these best practices around cloud governance.

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