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  • How Amdocs Uses its Global B2B VoC Program to Drive Improvement

    Watch this webinar to learn how Amdocs, a leading global software and services provider, leverages Alchemer technology to monitor Customer Experience through a multi-phase VoC program, and then uses the feedback to improve Customer Experience with tailored account improvement plans.

  • How Alchemer rewrites the rules

    Digital transformation is a priority for customer support teams across industries, but meeting expectations today requires access to secure, consolidated feedback from the stakeholders that count. Access this e-book to learn how Alchemer survey solutions can help you rewrite the old rules of CX with actionable insights and digital experiences.


    Understanding your customers is critical to delivering quality service today. Amdocs, a global B2B software company, leveraged Alchemer’s Voice of the Customer program to drive 40-60% higher customer feedback response rates and customize an outline for action. Read the full case study to learn more.

  • Maximize Value from Your CX Program

    According to Forrester, only 26% of CX leaders believe that they can respond to customer feedback in a timely and efficient manner. Customer experience is a heavily untapped resource which organizations can make better use of. Watch this webcast to gain insight into how CX programs can be better utilized to achieve greater enterprise potential.

  • A Marketer’s Guide to Starting a Market Research Study

    Whether your marketing team is looking to conduct a single study or launch a full research program, being able to collect data, analyze the results, and act on them is key to back up marketing initiatives and driving new frontiers for business development. Access this guide to discover 8 actionable steps for setting up effective market research.

  • Case Study Product Madness and Alchemer Leveling Up Player Support

    Access this case study to learn why Product Madness, a leading digital social casino games provider, moved their NPS survey function to Alchemer, and discover how it enabled them to quickly deploy customizable surveys, process responses, and act on insights to improve retention and ensure responsible game play.

  • Case Study 210 Analytics and Alchemer Keeping the Food Industry Ahead of Shopping Trends

    Download this case study to learn how, by partnering with Alchemer, 210 Analytics leverages survey and reporting capabilities to discover key trends in the food retail industry that support larger tracking studies and help their grocery retailers, distributors, and manufacturers better understand customers and navigate narrow market margins.

  • Customer Study How Radio Stations Know What’s Hot and What’s Not

    Brad Riegel of Cornerstone Research planned to build his own online solution for radio stations to conduct music research until he found Alchemer. Access this case study to learn how Cornerstone does both auditorium and call-out research online, faster, and without many of the biases that can plague in-person research.

  • Alchemer Overview: Capture feedback your way. Put it to work right away.

    Access this Alchemer overview to learn how their secure and flexible Enterprise Feedback Platform offers important benefits for market researchers, CX professionals, and anybody working to understand and transform their engagement with their markets, customers, and employees.

  • Case Study: PCMag and Alchemer

    Read this case study to learn how, with Alchemer, tech magazine PCMag supported their coveted Reader’s Choice Awards report by bringing their survey building and data collection processes in-house & discover how this shift saved them over $30,000 in the first year.

  • Alchemer CX Predictions for 2022 Webinar Preview

    The pandemic shifted consumer behavior, and understanding critical CX trends for 2022 is the key to building loyalty. But delivering the personalized engagements that customers want can be a real challenge. Watch this video to learn how customer feedback can help you break down barriers to delivering modern, superior CX.

  • The Painless Guide to Consolidating Enterprise Feedback Platforms

    Access this guide to learn how, by selecting the right solution to consolidate your enterprise feedback management, you can reduce costs, eliminate silos and ensure data privacy when collecting both employee and customer responses.

  • Smoke and Mirrors Why Customer Experience Programs Miss Their Mark

    Voice of the customer is critical to how an organization functions. However, many are listening without acting on the information in a meaningful way. Watch this webinar for a closer look at why customer experience programs are missing their mark.

  • Business Case Standardizing on One Survey Platform

    Download this white paper to discover how consolidating survey licenses with one standardized platform can help teams from procurement to IT save money, enable data governance, and increase flexibility for users.

  • Alchemer Named to the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Voice of the Customer for Second Consecutive Year

    Read this blog post to learn why Alchemer was named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Voice of the Customer for the second year in a row & discover how their enterprise survey platform can help your business capture the customer feedback you need and act on it right away.

  • Alchemer Survey Software for Market Researchers

    Watch this video to learn how Alchemer survey software can help market researchers drive more informed decisions with powerful, flexible and user-friendly features, predictable pricing models, and robust customer support.

  • Alchemer Survey Software

    Watch this video to learn how Alchemer’s survey software empowers businesses of all sizes with fast, flexible, and powerful tools that help teams collect the customer insights they need to grow.

  • Alchemer Named the Fastest, Easiest, and Best Feedback Platform According to G2 Winter 2022 Reports

    Read this blog post to learn which feature categories & capabilities helped Alchemer— a global leader in Customer Experience (CX) and Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) technology – stand out in the G2 Reports for Winter 2022, with awards including Fastest Implementation and Easiest to Use.

  • Alchemer Raises Commitment to Security and Privacy, Completes SOC 2® Type 2 Examination

    Read this blog post to learn how Alchemer, a global leader in survey, customer experience, and VoC technology, completed a rigorous audit demonstrating their commitment to security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

  • Alchemer Activated NPS

    Watch this video to learn how, with Alchemer Activated NPS, customer feedback is integrated into existing systems to reach the right person in real time, closing the gap between customers and employees & improving retention.

  • Standardize with Alchemer

    Many organizations have more than one survey tool, which means they are likely not getting any volume discounts, training or support. It also leaves them open to data privacy violations. Watch this video to learn how standardizing your survey solution with Alchemer can save you money and make life easier for your teams.

  • Case Study Product Madness and Alchemer

    Product Madness is one of the leading digital casino game providers. Their previous NPS survey had limited capabilities making it hard to fully benefit from their customer responses. Download this case study to learn how Alchemer was able to help Product Madness upgrade their survey to save time and provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • Elevate Your NPS with the Activated VoC Solution

    Integrating VoC is critical for most businesses. Alchemer’s Activated VoC Solution features all the tools your organization needs to integrate feedback into the systems and processes your people use every day. Read on to see how you can elevate your NPS with the activated VoC solution.

  • Five Customer Experience Predictions for 2022

    Customer Experience is continuously changing and being enhanced as more organizations understand how critical it is to future growth. Download this white paper to read about 5 customer experience predictions for 2022.

  • Case Study GGA Partners and Alchemer

    GGA Partners, a consulting and strategic planning services provider for membership clubs around the world, switched from Qualtrics to Alchemer so they could scale their member survey and reporting capabilities to match their business growth. Download this case study to discover how this switch helped GGA Partners deliver a modern CX.

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