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  • What is “Fully Managed” in the Cloud?

    As businesses embrace “as a service” offerings, databases as a service are becoming more and more popular. Check out Percona’s guide to fully managed cloud databases to learn the pros and cons of the various DBaaS options available to your business.

  • The Five Roles You Need to Fill Before Migrating to DBaaS

    DBaaS offerings often claim to be “fully-managed,” but their definitions of a fully managed DB might not be the same as yours. And even when you do settle on a common definition, database migration can be expensive, long, and risky. Read this white paper to learn how you can establish the roles needed in your organization to see DBaaS success.

  • Percona Cloud Computing Tip Sheet

    Cloud computing environments can greatly simplify database task and requirements, but only if you manage your cloud database correctly. Check out this cloud database tip sheet to learn the top 5 tips for reducing costs and complexity.

  • Considering a Fully Managed DBaaS Offering for Your Business?

    Many businesses are considering managed database services like Amazon Aurora or Percona Managed Database Services due their lower costs, flexibility, and availability—among other factors. Check out this comparison between AWS Aurora and Percona to learn the key differences between the two, and discover which database is ideal for your use case.

  • Does Migration to the Cloud Eliminate the Need for a DBA?

    While database migration is attractive thanks to your ability to offload serious database responsibilities to the cloud provider, does it seriously mean you don’t need a DBA anymore? Access this white paper to learn why DBAs are still critical to your database functions and discover how their responsibilities are changing in the cloud DB era.

  • Path to Open Source DBaaS with Kubernetes

    By using an open source DBaaS deployment, you can harness the power of an open source DB cluster complete with a single API call, including backups, self-healing, self-tuning, and more. Watch this webinar to learn how you can use Percona’s open source DBaaS with a variety of popular open-source DBs.

  • Introduction to Amazon Aurora

    Watch this webcast to learn why businesses are excited about Amazon Aurora’s managed database service, which offers high performance, scalability, availability, security, and more for a fraction of the costs—and discover how businesses are further augmenting it with Percona’s support.

  • Google Cloud Platform: MySQL at Scale with Reliable HA

    Watch this webinar to learn how Percona can help manage Google Cloud Platform database and ensure your MySQL instance runs with reliable performance, failover guarantees, scalability, and more.

  • Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance use Percona Managed Database Solutions to Ensure Database Scaling, High Availability, and Security

    Download this case study to learn how Percona Managed Database Solutions helped a client ensure their always-on MySQL-based eCommerce system had 24/7 high availability, complete with quality failover and disaster recovery features.

  • Enterprise Guide to Cloud Databases

    With the vast majority of enterprises already using a cloud service, it makes sense that database workloads are now being transitioned to cloud environments. But how can you tell if a cloud DB is appropriate for your business? Read this e-book to learn how you can optimize database costs, security, agility, and more in the cloud.

  • Making the Right Database Decision for Your Business

    As companies continue to expand their application selections, operate databases in cloud environments, and embrace open source technologies, it can be difficult to figure out how you want to set up your database environments. Read this white paper to gain insight into 4 popular database solutions, their use cases, and their pros and cons.

  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Uses Percona to Actively Manage Their AWS Aurora Database Environment

    Read this case study to discover how Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University enabled more consistent learning services and prepared for increased demand by migrating their databases to Aurora RDS on AWS, with the assistance of Percona’s database migration expertise and continued monitoring and infrastructure management.

  • Percona: The Open Source Alternative to Paying for MongoDB

    As enterprises look to take advantage of MongoDB, it can be challenging to find the right distribution and support options for your needs. Watch this video to learn how Percona offers free, secure, and powerful MongoDB support well-suited for enterprise-level demands.

  • Beyond Relational Databases: A Focus on Redis, MongoDB, and ClickHouse

    As useful as a RDBMS can be, they can also create huge problems down the road when deployed in the wrong use case. Read this white paper to examine popular alternatives to relational databases and which use cases each alternative is best suited for.

  • Moving MongoDB to the Cloud

    Migrating DB architectures like MongoDB to the cloud is a top priority for many organizations seeking to utilize the flexibility, scalability, and extensibility of the cloud. Watch this webinar to learn strategies for moving MongoDB instances to the cloud without sacrificing data quality, seeing significant downtime, or creating security risks.

  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability: The Concepts, The Mistakes, and How to Properly Plan For Failure

    Check out this webcast, to learn how high availability (HA) and disaster recovery work with each other, why HA is not a replacement for DR, and see why they are essential parts in enterprise database operations.

  • Using Your Database Infrastructure to Support Your Revenue Goals

    Read this white paper to learn how databases underpin three crucial parts of business success: satisfying user expectations, guaranteeing data security and availability, and boosting operational efficiency.

  • Is MongoDB the New Oracle?

    MongoDB has exploded in popularity, leading to significant customer and investor interest. Read this white paper to learn how Percona considers MongoDB to be both similar and different from the ubiquitous database vendor of the 90s and 00s—Oracle.

  • Open Source Data Management Software Survey

    A recent survey shows that 41% of buying decisions are now made by architects, and this market clearly favors open source data management: 66% of respondents reported the adoption of open source database observation, monitoring, and alert tools. Download the results to learn how open source data management trends are shaping the market.

  • Percona Supports The British Library’s MongoDB Databases, Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency

    The British Library, a repository of over 170 million items from across all eras of civilization, handles a huge amount of data on an architecture than includes MongoDB-based databases. Read this case study to learn how Percona helped them improve their MongoDB database management while meeting strict functional and budgetary requirements.

  • Scale and Save With Percona Open Source Solutions

    Open source databases are quickly becoming an industry standard, as companies seek to avoid vendor lock-in and eliminate costly licensing and support fees. Read on to learn how Percona open source solutions can help ensure enterprise-level availability, security, and flexibility from open source databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and more.

  • Using Open Source Software to Ensure the Security of Your MongoDB Database

    As open source solutions like MongoDB become more popular, the threat of cyberattacks grows ever larger. Read this white paper to learn how to properly secure a MongoDB deployment at an enterprise level by taking the right steps when it comes to key features like authentication protocols, encryption, governance, log management, and more.

  • How Percona’s Services Helped Patreon Realize the Value of their Database Infrastructure

    When Patreon determined that their DBaaS approach to database management wasn’t getting them the results they needed, they turned to Percona. Read this case study to learn how Percona cut Patreon’s monthly infrastructure costs by over 50%, eliminated vendor lock in, freed up flexibility for multiple cloud approaches, and more.

  • Scale and Save More with Percona Distribution for MongoDB

    MongoDB is open source—yet many companies are stuck paying enterprise-level management fees for security and scaling support. Download this examination to learn how Percona Distribution for MongoDB can help you get more via their flexible services, including encryption, usability enhancements, and more.

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