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  • ESG Showcase: Axis Security: Simplifying Secure Access for the Modern Enterprise

    Today’s secure access requirements go beyond what traditional approaches are capable of. Read this ESG Showcase report to learn more about Axis Security’s efforts to simplify secure access for the modern enterprise.

  • ESG Technical Report

    This Technical Review highlights ESG’s evaluation and analysis of Axis Security, and how their Application Access Cloud platform works to help enterprises implement zero-trust access to cloud and on-premises resources for all types of employees, third parties, and devices.

  • ESG eBook

    In this ESG research report, take a closer look at the current state of zero trust to better understand why adoption is growing, how to determine a successful/unsuccessful zero-trust strategy, and more – read on to unlock this exclusive e-book.

  • NIST Zero Trust Architecture

    To combat the growing costs of a data breach, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published their own recommendations and best practices to help organizations implement Zero Trust and reduce risk. Read this white paper to learn how to effectively implement NIST’s Zero Trust guidelines.

  • Gartner Market Guide to Zero Trust Network Access

    If your organization is looking into zero trust network access (ZTNA), download this Gartner ZTNA Market Guide outlining key findings, recommendations, market direction and various ZTNA models and vendors.

  • Axis Keeps Cardenas Markets Well-Stocked & Well-Protected

    For years, Cardenas Markets, a grocery store chain, used traditional VPNs as their preferred method of provisioning access to their data. However, while this approach provided their partners with secure access, it failed to allow effective control. Read this case study to see how Axis helped Cardenas to revamp their access management program.

  • Overcoming the Legacy VPN Dilemma: Zero-Trust Access with Application Access Cloud

    Employees are now everywhere, and while staff and integrated third-party remote work models are commonplace, the access models enabling them are outdated and broken. It’s now worth considering an application-level access solution that uses a zero-trust model. Access this white paper to discover such a solution.

  • Enabling a SASE Approach to Private Application Access and Security

    Enterprises still lag in delivering and securing private applications to business users due to legacy security and access methods. Some businesses bring their legacy apps to the cloud, but these ‘cloudified’ apps still tend to underperform. Stop living in the past – check out this white paper on the Application Access Cloud by Axis Security.

  • IoT Platform Leader Armis Eliminates Dependency on VPN Technology, Adopts Axis Zero Trust Solution

    Armis Security, an enterprise-class IoT device security platform, had identified an opportunity to further mature and optimize remote access use cases. This is because at the time, their solution had been providing a less-than-optimal user experience, and their threat response was not real-time. Browse this case study to see how Axis helped.

  • Axis Security Video: Safely Delivering Simple, Secure and Managed 3rd Party Access

    VPNs, despite their long-standing rate of success in securing corporate networks, do not hold up in a remote world. In particular, offering third parties remote VPN access presents a major risk to your network. Watch this video by Axis Security to see how you can deliver secure access to third parties without their ever touching your network.

  • On the Radar: Axis Security Takes a Different Approach to Zero-Trust Access

    Businesses need to ensure that their networks are protected, even when remote employees are accessing applications on a constant basis. But VPNs struggle to meet this need without latency or downtime, so what is the next best option? Download this white paper from Axis Security to discover their cloud-delivered, zero-trust inspired model.

  • Enabling Partners With Simple, Private Application Access

    Securing and managing third-party access to critical applications is a growing concern for IT teams. This whitepaper offers a closer look at the Axis Security Application Access Cloud, designed to simplify, accelerate and secure third-party application enablement & management – read on to get started.

  • Axis Security Video 1: Application Access Cloud

    Your private business apps are the beating heart of your organization, but there’s a huge disconnect between these private apps and the people who need to use them. As a result, third-party contractors, employees and others experience delays or are shut out altogether. View this short video to learn about a new approach to private app access.

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