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  • Maximising Value from AWS: Designing for Reliability

    The best way to ensure reliability in your development strategy is designing for failure. While it may seem pessimistic, reliability demands your team to ask itself three questions: How much data can you afford to recreate or lose? How quickly must you recover? What is the cost of downtime? Find the answers in this webinar.

  • Maximising Value from AWS: AWS Security Matters

    Who is responsible for security cloud-native data? Is the onus on the cloud provider or the customer? Watch this webinar for a deeper dive into this topic, which includes in-depth insight into the importance of securing cloud-native data in AWS, the shared responsibility model, and more.

  • Maximising Value from AWS: Introducing the Well Architected Framework

    This webinar takes the time to introduce you to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, with handy definitions, use cases, and more. The Framework consists of 5 key pillars: Operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost. See how the AWS Framework can help your business. Watch the webinar now.

  • Maximising Value from AWS: AWS, Achieving Operational Excellence

    As you may know, there are 5 pillars to a Well Architected framework on AWS: Security, Reliability, Operational Excellence, Cost, and Performance Efficiency. This webinar tackles Operational Excellence, breaking it down even further so your organization can fully prepare and enable an easy flow of operations. Watch the webinar here to start.

  • Maximizing Value from AWS: Architected for Cost

    The best way to save money in the cloud is to make sure you’re only running the resources you need. The next best way is to schedule and reserve the resources you do need. Both strategies are dependent on one thing: robust monitoring. In this webinar, learn how to properly monitor your AWS usage and architect for cost. Watch the webinar here.

  • Maximising Value from AWS: AWS, Performance Efficiency

    Zen Internet defines performance efficiency as “the ability to use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.” In this webinar, explore the 5 pillars of AWS Best Practice, with a special focus on how to maximize AWS performance efficiency. Tune in here.

  • Zen AWS Webinar

    In this webinar, join Andrew Stollery and Matt Doherty, two Senior Solutions Architects at Zen, as they discuss the trends, technologies, and challenges of running Microsoft workloads on AWS. Find everything you need to know about Microsoft on AWS. Watch the webinar here.

  • SD-WAN as a Managed Service

    Enterprise transformation is taking off. Workloads are being moved to the cloud, and this move is facilitated in part by the rapid shift to remote work. As a result, more and more companies are implementing SD-WAN architecture. Browse this e-book to get an overview of SD-WAN, with a focus on managed SD-WAN.

  • Smart Networking for Smart Business

    Cloud adoption, SaaS acceleration and workforce distribution have all made bandwidth more valuable than ever. SD-WAN combines agility, efficiency, performance and security, using powerful orchestration software to securely route all network traffic where it needs to go. Watch this short video to discover SD-WAN from Zen & Cisco.

  • Stop overspending in AWS

    As you embark on the road to economic recovery, tough financial decisions need to be made. The good news is that taking time to understand some common cost challenges and how they can be overcome can help to save your business a significant amount. Learn if there are any opportunities to optimize your AWS spend in this guide.

  • Navigating the Great British Switch-Off

    There will be a stop sell of the UK’s Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) and related Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) products and services in 2023, and their end of life will be 2025. Jump into this white paper to understand how businesses are preparing for this change to the UK’s telecoms network and to see if yours is ready.

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