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  • The CISO's Guide to Supplier CCPA Readiness

    The following e-guide, The CISO's Guide to Supplier CCPA Readiness, provides a closer look at the key considerations and challenges CISOs are facing as they look to ensure their relationships with suppliers, vendors and other third parties are CCPA compliant. Read on to uncover the FAQs, common challenges, and best practices.

  • The Brave Approach: Automating Third-Party Security

    While the number of third parties an organization interacts with increases, they can be potentially risky for organizations. So, how can your organization ensure the security of the third parties it interacts with? Read this e-book to find out.

  • Gett Gains Competitive Edge

    Gett, a European on-demand car service, was looking for a better way to manage their third-party security. Currently, their vendors underwent a lengthy vetting process to check that their security posture was strong. However, Gett wanted to streamline this process. In this case study, learn how they was able to do this with the help of Panorays.

  • Taking Your Third Party Security Program to the Next Level

    Today, every organization’s attack surface is growing. It is growing for several reasons, including because organizations are outsourcing large portions of their IT systems to cloud providers, thereby adding their “bubble” to your own. In this webcast, learn how you can upgrade your third-party security program.

  • 10 Essential Steps to NYDFS Compliance

    Inside this guide, get an overview of New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) requirements and some of the steps you need to take to fulfill them.

  • The CISO's Guide to Rapid Vendor Due Diligence

    In 2019, nearly half of companies experienced a significant data breach that came through a third party. In response, security pros have begun demanding that vendors demonstrate and maintain healthy security habits. Read this e-guide to discover 7 critical capabilities of a rapid vendor due diligence program.

  • 10 Critical Issues to Cover in Your Vendor Security Questionnaires

    Companies should always check their vendors’ cybersecurity posture. And this typically begins with a comprehensive security questionnaire. Download the e-book for 10 important questions you should never forget to ask your vendors, suppliers, or business partners.

  • The CISO's Guide to Third-Party Security Management

    Inside The CISO's Guide to Third-Party Security Management, you will find guidance on how to make your organization’s third-party security program effective and scalable.

  • The Guide to Managing the Security of your SaaS and Cloud Providers

    The rapid increase in cloud app usage has opened a massive threat vector. In fact, 59% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party. Add a growing list of new regulations to the equation and management becomes a virtual nightmare. Leverage this webinar to learn how to improve your cloud security program.

  • TestFairy Shortens Sales Cycles from Two Months to Two Weeks

    The CEO of TestFairy, a prominent mobile testing platform, desired to build his company’s customer base, but the sales process always stalled when attempting to receive security approval. Reason being, security audits were inefficient, and approval took a very long time. Skim through this case study to see how TestFairy cleared this hurdle.

  • An Inside View into a Supply Chain Attack

    For the most part, supply chain attacks use malware to target laptops or other network devices. However, this white paper explores a supply chain attack that targeted a service provider. Read on to see how it differed, discover the warning signs of a pending attack and uncover 5 steps your organization should take to mitigate risk.

  • Payoneer Achieves GDPR Readiness

    For Payoneer, the introduction of the European Union’s GDPR exposed existing gaps in both their compliance and scalability capabilities. Read this case study to discover how they partnered with Panorays in order to address these challenges and achieve comprehensive, scalable GDPR compliance.

  • Improving Third-Party Security Management

    In this webinar, learn how CAPTRUST matured and automated their third-party security program after partnering with Panorays.

  • WalkMe Receives a 360-Degree View of Suppliers using Panorays

    WalkMe, a SaaS company that helps users navigate the features of other web-based services, was looking for a way to check the security posture of its many third parties.In this case study, learn how Panorays provided them with continuous monitoring with live alerts, reduced time spent verifying answers and improved quality of security evaluations.

  • Success Patterns for Supply Chain Security

    Threats targeting supply chains are on the rise, impacting businesses across all 3 elements of the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) triad. The following SANS whitepaper further explores these challenges and highlights the key components of an effective supply chain security program – read on to get started.

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