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  • A Hyperscience Virtual Case Study

    Increasingly, many financial services organizations are finding that they struggle when faced with processing peak volumes of documents. In this 15-minute video, explore how a financial services company combined content management and automation to effectively manage the influx of documents.

  • How TD Ameritrade Realizes Greater Client Relationships with Hyperscience

    Whether it’s speed or quality benefits, automation is all about elevating customer experience. TD Ameritrade, with an electronic trading platform that serves 12 million clients, took this philosophy to heart. They also put it into practice. Get the details here.

  • 3 Use Cases for Automation in Financial Services

    Before jumping in headfirst to financial automation, it’s important to assess which processes you should focus on the most. Explore 3 key automation use cases in this eBook.

  • Limiting Friction and Successfully Scaling Automation Initiatives

    There's been a recent surge in the availability of automation platforms and technologies. But are all industries ready for automation? In this webinar, industry leaders cover the key trends taking place in the automation landscape, how companies are using RPA and AI to automate processes and more.

  • How to Maximize Automation Initiatives

    A natural place to start when switching to intelligent automation is robotic process automation, or, RPA. Machine learning (ML), paired with RPA, is actually the best way to go. In this webinar, experts discuss how to fully maximize automation within an organization, including challenges to overcome, how to apply best practices and more.

  • How to Choose an IDP Solutions

    Check out this eguide to find out and learn how to establish a framework to understand technology, evaluate vendors, and select the right intelligent data processing (IDP) solution for your business.

  • Hyperscience x ONE Insurance

    Access this case study to learn how the Hyperscience Platform is empowering businesses to transform their operations and drive operational efficiency as well as human productivity by fully unlocking the power of their data.

  • How to Reduce Inefficiencies in Healthcare with ML

    In the healthcare industry, information must be recorded and transferred as quickly as possible but gets slowed down due to manual processes. In this webinar, hear what an expert has to say about why legacy tech is no longer working and how using machine learning (ML) in your organization solves these data issues.

  • Providing a Foundation & Framework For an Automation Center of Excellence

    As automation has moved from giving businesses a competitive edge to now being just a basic necessity, the question becomes how organizations can automate, not whether they will. Enter: automation CoE. This guide defines what an automation CoE is and what it does, plus how to set the foundation for creating one at your organization.

  • Minimize Manual Work and Improve CX

    In this webinar, Courtney Halpern, Director of Implementation at Hyperscience, talks about the value of customer experience and what companies should be thinking about moving forward when approaching CX. Watch now to learn more.

  • Finding the Right Provider for Your AI Transformation

    Intelligent document processing, or, IDP, allows organizations to utilize AI to automate manual processes, but it can be hard to decide which IDP solution is best. This guide examines key consideration organizations should take into account during an AI integration, and offers up some questions to ask when evaluating vendors.

  • Business, Reimagined: A Preparedness Guide for Insurance & Financial Services

    For many insurance and financial service firms, the global pandemic required a shift towards increased automation. In this guide, learn what an accelerated digital transformation means for your organization and why now is the best time to take this step.

  • The New Science of Process Automation

    Recent breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) have enabled organizations across industries to automate tasks and processes with ease. However, tech veterans have seen plenty of similar tech fads come and go. That’s where this guide comes in, helping skeptics understand what’s truly new in the world of automation and ML. Get the facts here.

  • 6 Tips for Implementing Automation in Financial Services

    McKinsey predicts that soon nearly 10-25% of bank functions will be performed by machines—and it’s up to financial services orgs to keep pace. Dive into this brief guide to read through a collection of automation “building blocks” designed to steer your firm towards the right automation strategies.

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