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  • Turn your business data into coherent insights with Microsoft Power BI training

    While you can turn data into coherent insights with Microsoft Power BI, getting the more than basic insights and data visualizations typically requires specialized training. Access this white paper to learn more about QA’s 7 Microsoft Power BI courses, focused on skills ranging from mastering special BI skills to strengthening security.

  • Driving digital transformation through building your organisation's Microsoft 365 skills

    Increased remote work, as well as the ongoing digital transformation in many organizations, means the use of Microsoft 365 is skyrocketing. However, without the right skills in place, your organization could miss out on the full range of benefits it offers. Open up this paper to learn how to fix this dilemma.

  • Beyond the basics - Why Microsoft 365 security and governance training is essential for hybrid working

    This paper covers the importance of Microsoft 365 security and governance training and offers up courses and suggestions for how to get started. Click in now to learn more.

  • Optimise your digital transformation with Microsoft Power Automate training

    Open up this resource to uncover why you should equip your team with the skills they need to embrace the full power of automation, as well as some suggestions for how to get started.

  • Global Cloud Skills

    As cloud computing power and options grow alongside ballooning data volumes, the most successful organizations of tomorrow are already preparing for the next big shift. Access this webinar session to learn how digital transformation can be used to create data value and explore the ways Microsoft Azure skills can accelerate it.

  • Microsoft Azure: Data Engineering

    Data engineer certifications are immensely valuable to organizations and employees alike. But with so many certification pathways, how can you be sure you’re on the right track? Tune into this quick video to learn more about completing a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate track.

  • QA Data and AI Forum

    In the era of big data and AI, how can organizations equip their employees with the skills and tools needed to drive value? Tune into this comprehensive webcast to discover how AI is changing a variety of industries, what skillsets workforces need—and lack—in this new reality, and discover how organizations are pivoting in the coming years.

  • Microsoft 365 Training And Certification

    This resource lists out everything you need for your Microsoft 365 training and certification path to success. Open now to get started building up your expertise.

  • An Introduction to Azure with Karen Howells

    Tune into this webinar for a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Azure, covering topics such as choosing cloud services, cloud cost management, Iaas vs. PaaS vs. SaaS, top Azure terminology to know, and much more. Start learning here.

  • Microsoft Azure: Data Analyist Mark Fitzgerald

    In this 3-minute video, explore the data and artificial intelligence (AI) certifications for Microsoft Azure, and learn how to get started with your own certification. Watch the video here.

  • An Introduction to Azure Security

    Delivered by Karen Howells, Senior Technical Learning Specialist at QA, learn all tips and tricks about Azure. This webinar is ideal for those new and existing users of Microsoft Azure’s security center.

  • How People are Bringing the Possibilities of Purpose-built Databases to Life

    Read this e-book to learn effective methods of building your database skills including how to start your journey and how to innovate throughout the ever-growing expanse of purpose-built database possibilities.

  • Grow AWS Cloud Skills with QA

    The growth of cloud services is exponentially increasing the demand for cloud skills. To help you understand how you can progress your cloud strategies, QA has created a handy guide to the AWS learning pathways available to help you realize your career and business goals.

  • Build Cloud Security Skills to Innovate with Confidence

    Organizations are taking on a new priority: Cloud security. In fact, according to ESG, 86% of IT leaders who employ AWS Certified staff have improved the security of their cloud workflows. Use this guide to explore security skills that can enable you to boldly pursue your cloud goals.

  • 4 reasons to Improve your cloud Security Skills now

    Did you know that 48% of all IT professionals are actively pursuing a cybersecurity certification? By improving your skills now, you can start building a secure foundation for everything you do in the cloud. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more and start building your security skills now.

  • 3 Essential Truths About Cloud Database Training

    Purpose-built cloud databases are transforming the lives of both DBAs and developers, but just how much are they changing things? Discover the 3 essential truths about cloud database training to learn how you can get 30% higher performance from your databases on a service like AWS.

  • 4 Key Reasons to Earn an AWS Certified Security - Specialty Certification

    Want to stand out and advance your IT security career? With this infographic, discover 4 ways AWS Certified Security can help accelerate your career.

  • Build your Cloud Security skills to Innovate with Confidence

    Why should you build your cloud security skills now? Today, security is everyone’s business—and it’s the foundation of everything you do in the cloud. This e-book provides answers to your most relevant questions about your AWS cloud security training journey.

  • What's Multicloud?

    What exactly is a multi-cloud strategy? In this 6-minute video, explore the best ways to define multi-cloud, the top benefits and challenges of the multi-cloud, and more. Watch the video here to find everything you need to know about multi-cloud.


    Despite the rise in multi-cloud strategies, there’s still a great amount of confusion and unanswered questions floating around. Find the answers to your most pressing cloud questions in this comprehensive guide, so your journey to the cloud can start on the right foot. Save the guide here.


    Over 20 years ago, the VMware product range was limited to two products. Now, however, the product line has expanded, and with it the importance of getting trained in the VMware sphere. Open up this resource to explore the benefits of getting VMware certifications, presented by VMware expert, Bryan O’Connor.


    VMware has officially announced that the Certified Advanced Professional Certifications (VCAPs) now also cover VMware vSphere 7.0. Open up this resource for a complete list of the new VMware Data Center Virtualization certifications to get started with your 2021 certifications.

  • Installing your first Vmware

    In this video, learn about VMWare’s ESXI 7 Host, licensing and system requirements, hardware support, and more, as well as a final step-by-step walkthrough for a successful first VMWare installation. Tune in now to get started.

  • Installing vcenter

    In this video, Bryan O’Connor, Principal Learning Specialist at QA, walks through installing vCenter Service Appliance version 7. Tune in now to follow along on the step-by-step process to a successful installation, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


    Today, there are so many VMWare certifications that the choices can get overwhelming. Bryan O’Connor, Principal Learning Specialist at QA, walks through the multiple VMWare certification options and the best course of action to take based on your role and what your organization is looking for. Open now to get started finding the best track for you.

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