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  • CrateDB vs. MongoDB

    Many companies handling IoT data workloads might be considering open source, flexible databases like MongoDB. But how does MongoDB’s performance compare to other databases when it comes to handling IoT data types like time series data? Read this assessment to learn how CrateDB compares to MongoDB in IoT use cases.

  • CrateDB vs. Operational Historians

    While operational historians are traditionally used to manage operation time-series data, many are based around old technology, costly to run, and lack the ability to create proactive, actionable insight. Read this comparison to learn why organizations are increasingly turning to CrateDB for industrial data management capabilities.

  • CrateDB vs NoSQL

    Read this white paper to see how popular NoSQL databases MongoDB and Cassandra compare to CrateDB when it comes to DB performance in Industrial IoT uses cases.

  • CrateDB vs. Time Series Databases

    The time-series data generated by factories is a crucial piece for organizations building complete, IoT fueled pictures of their operations. Unfortunately, manufacturing organizations are struggling with the complexity of this data. Read on to learn how 3 time series databases compare to IoT optimized CrateDB and learn some of the key differences.

  • Time-series Data in Manufacturing

    While times series data is not a new data set, there are a rash of new applications for it. In particular, time series data allows IoT-enabled businesses to study the evolution of complex systems over time. Read on to learn how you can use time series data to monitor and improve your industrial processes.

  • Introduction to Industrial Time Series

    Industrial time series data can help you track changes over time, a capability particularly useful as companies deploy IoT networks across their employees, warehouses, and factories. Watch this video to view the challenges associated with collecting and using time series data and to build the right database architecture to tackle these challenges.

  • Common Misconceptions About Industry 4.0 That Manufacturers Still Believe

    As companies embrace the industrial IoT, they are running into serious problems, as there are still some major misconceptions about the industrial IoT’s infrastructure requirements. Read this article to learn why many assumptions about traditional databases aren’t always true—and how you can better harness the full power of the industrial IoT.

  • Why IIoT needs its own database

    The Industrial IoT’s implementation can be frustrating at best; according to, over 70% of IIoT projects fail. Watch this webinar to learn how building a successful IIoT requires more than the necessary skills and corporate culture—it demands a dedicated data infrastructure, including a database.

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