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  • Cloud Access Security Brokers: Top Vendors & Offerings

    According to Gartner, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) have become essential elements of cloud security strategies. In order to help you select the right CASB, Gartner conducted an analysis of the top vendors and offerings in today’s market. Read on to unlock the Magic Quadrant report.

  • Change the Game: Shift to Proactive Threat Defense using MVISION Insights

    In the video, Change the Game: Shift to Proactive Threat Defense with MVISION Insights, hear from Scott Howitt, CIO at McAfee, on what it really means to be proactive about security.

  • Cloud Security Architecture for Zero Trust

    In today’s vulnerable world, access control with context through zero trust has given organizations the ability to allow access based on behavior. But what implications does this hold for cloud security? How does it affect user experience? Access this webinar to learn answers to these questions as well as zero-trust cloud security architecture.

  • Building and Maintaining a Business Continuity Program

    In this white paper, discover best practices for building and maintaining a business continuity program and successful strategies for effective prep and recovery.

  • Low Hanging Fruits: The Top Five Easiest Ways to Hack or Get Hacked

    In this white paper, Amit Bagree, Principal Security Consultant at McAfee, shares personal pen testing experience to help organizations find the “low hanging fruit” in their networks. Download now to find learn about the top 5 easiest ways to hack or get hacked.

  • Foundstone Targeted Malware Threat Assessment 360

    Reactionary approaches to cybersecurity are no longer viable, security teams need to actively hunt out threats and stop them before they strike. The following data sheet provides an overview of the Foundstone Targeted Malware Threat Assessment 360, designed to equip security pros with threat hunting capabilities – read on to learn more.

  • Webinar 8 - Banking on the Cloud: Real-World Use and Challenges Across Financial Services

    The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently conducted global research around cloud adoption in financial services. What do their findings mean for the real world? Watch this webinar to see analysis of cloud usage of financial institutions across three main areas of interest: security concerns, regulatory requirements and governance aspects.

  • Webinar 7 - Is EDR sustainable? Is SIEM still significant? Introducing the Cybersecurity X-Factor

    You've heard the hype. You've probably even heard a vendor pitch or two. But what does Extended Detection & Response (XDR) really mean to the average enterprise? In this webinar, learn the facts and fiction of today's XDR landscape. Understand why some vendors will be able to deliver on the promise of XDR while others won’t.

  • Webinar 6 – MITRE ATT&CK as a Framework for Cloud Threat Investigation

    In the continuous hunt for elusive cyberthreats, the most vulnerable assets – in this case, the cloud – must be considered. As it stands, most organizations have a low number of experts dedicated to cloud threats, and so technology must pick up the slack. Watch this webcast to learn how the MITRE ATT&CK framework can help to mitigate cloud attacks.

  • McAfee MVISION Insights

    Enterprises have reacted to the evolution of cyberthreats by increasing security budgets and adopting siloed threat intelligence platforms, but neither of these strategies has offered the desired results. They both require rigorous human intervention and produce only limited actionability. Read this white paper for an alternative approach.

  • A Simpler Approach to Endpoint Security

    For today’s security teams, protecting endpoints has never been more difficult due to an expanding disparity between the growing severity of cyberthreats and the shrinking number of skilled security professionals. McAfee looks to remedy this gap – read their solution brief to see what they have to say.

  • Virtual Fireside Chat: Current Work from Home Paradigm

    The security needs of the modern remote workforce require specific protection and access needs that differ from the pre-pandemic workforce that largely worked in offices. Watch this Virtual Fireside Chat to learn more about how security should shift its focus to account for these changing needs.

  • Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

    The spread of COVID-19 has caused dramatic changes in how organizations approach protecting their remote employees while facilitating productive work environments – affecting cloud service usage across on a global scale. For key findings and statistics, read the McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report.

  • Empower Your Security Analysts

    Are you looking to drive SOC efficiency? Are you seeking greater automation, threat hunting and endpoint visibility and control than your current solution delivers? Watch this webcast to go in-depth on security operations with a focus on alert quality, SOC efficiency and securing endpoints at scale.

  • Essentials of a Secured Work From Home Initiative

    Discover how MVISION Cloud can help keep your users secure while working from home.

  • Security for Work from Home Employees

    Learn 5 ways to enable a secure and productive work from home environment

  • A Security Architecture for the Cloud-Centric, Digital Enterprise

    View this webinar with experts Daryush Ashjari and Tim Stead, to find out where your responsibility lies, what cloud-native threats look like, and what it takes to build a cloud-centric security architecture.

  • Cloud Threat Investigation 101: Hunting with MITRE ATT&CK

    Learn how to get started with cloud threat investigation using MITRE ATT&CK.

  • McAfee Unified Cloud Edge

    Nearly every company today uses cloud services to some extent, most store sensitive data in the cloud – however, those with effective cloud security measures represent a small fraction of the overall user base. Read this solution brief for a closer look at McAfee’s Unified Cloud Edge – designed to protect cloud data and devices.

  • Cloud Access Security Brokers: Top Vendors & Offerings

    The popularity of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) as an effective measure for cloud data protection is on the rise. In order to help you select the right vendor for your unique needs, Gartner conducted a comprehensive analysis of the top CASB vendors and offerings in today’s market – read on to unlock the Magic Quadrant report.

  • Enterprise Supernova: The Data Dispersion Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

    In this white paper, discover survey results from 1,000 enterprises in 11 countries and an investigation into anonymized events from 30 million enterprise cloud users to provide a holistic view of modern data dispersion, so you can learn and adopt your own security practice.

  • Empower Security Analysts Through Guided EDR Investigation

    Today’s EDR solutions are often better tailored to larger enterprises – leaving most security teams feeling overwhelmed and at risk. This Forrester report takes a closer look at an emerging EDR trend – guided investigation – which leverages automation to enable greater security, efficiency and scale. Read on to see what Forrester has to say.

  • Why Traditional EDR Is Not Working—and What to Do About It

    The EDR market has exploded in recent years. But just because the product carries an EDR description, doesn’t mean those products have been proven particularly effective. In this SANS white paper, discover pitfalls in current EDR deployments, a checklist for evaluating EDR products, and much more.

  • McAfee MVISION Cloud Security: 360° Shared Responsibility Model

    Shared responsibility models are a core pillar of any effective security and compliance strategy. However, despite awareness of the need, organizational adoption isn’t where it should be. Download this white paper for an in-depth look at the 360˚ Shared Responsibility Model, including a look at its core capabilities and adoption best-practices.

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