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  • SAP Self-Assessment: Helping Your Organization Save Money

    SAP licensing models and system maintenance are not the most straightforward things in the world. MetrixData 360 aims to change that—with their SAP Self-Assessments. Read this brief white paper to learn how MetrixData can help you gain more control and understanding of your SAP license position and drive notable cost savings.

  • Oracle License Management & Optimization Services

    Oracle’s value to many businesses is impossible to understate—as is how much some businesses are spending on their Oracle Licenses. But do you always need to spend so much money? Access this self-assessment to simulate an Oracle internal license audit and start reducing your Oracle budget without sacrificing effectiveness.

  • How to Prepare an IBM Audit Defense

    Incurring an audit isn’t a fun experience—but it can be an easier one if you’re prepared. This MetrixData 360 guide walks you through how to prepare for an IBM audit defense. Download the guide here.

  • Top 6 Reasons Behind Being Nominated for a Software Audit

    For Mike Austin, CEO of MetrixData 360, the best defense against an audit is to not get audited in the first place. To help strengthen your line of defense, Austin examines the top 6 reasons companies get audited by software publishers. Watch the quick video here to get the details.

  • How SAM Can Improve Your Cyber Security

    IT security teams often overlook software asset management (SAM) as a potential resource in eliminating exposure to cyberthreats. Luckily, this guide can catch everyone up. Learn how SAM can improve your cyber security here.

  • IBM ILMT: Everything You Need to Know

    As your software estate grows, managing all of your software licenses and compliance can easily spiral out of control. When it comes to IBM licenses, however, you have several options for license metrics: Processor Value Units, Resource Value Units, and IBM ILMT. Learn more about these solutions in this guide.

  • How Much Does Hiring A Software Audit Consultant Cost?

    Audits require a lot of preparation—but many enterprises don’t have the time or resources necessary to get fully ready for the process. That’s where an audit consultant comes in. This article tackles the most common questions many businesses have about hiring an audit consultant. Find the answers here.

  • SAM Compass

    Software Asset Management (SAM) can get overwhelming as you balance changing licensing models, juggle management tools, and get lost in manual processes. Luckily, SAM Compass, which includes best practices, tools, and support from SAM experts, is here to help. Learn about getting back in control with SAM Compass in this solution brief.

  • How To Create a Value Gap

    In this video, Software Asset Management Expert, Mike Austin, explains his Value Gap Model, which predicts how Microsoft Office 365 products can become overpriced for businesses. He also explains how you can use the model to negotiate the best deal possible for your next renewal. Watch now to learn more.

  • Software Audit Defense Procedure

    Software audits are only becoming more common. Thankfully, MetrixData360 has compiled an extensive guide covering all you need to know for your inevitable software audit. Save the guide here for reference.

  • SQL Server Licensing Explained

    SQL Servers are a crucial component of any organization’s software infrastructure—and they can be more confusing and expensive than businesses would like. Instead of letting your sales rep dictate the interaction, you should take the time now to learn what SQL Server license is best for you. Access this comprehensive guide to the process today.

  • Reactive vs. Proactive SAM

    When it comes to Software Asset Management (SAM), you have two options: Reactive and Proactive. This guide covers how to define each strategy, the pros and cons of each, and much more. Download the guide here to see which SAM strategy is better for your organization.

  • Stakeholder Management and SAM

    In practice, much of software asset management (SAM) is appealing to stakeholders. In fact, some IT departments hire stakeholder managers for this specific task alone. For those without a stakeholder manager, however, you can build a strong business case for SAM on your own. Learn where to get started in this guide.

  • How to Avoid Overspending on Software Licenses

    MetrixData360 recently found that 93% of companies have software environments that consist of up to 20-40% unused or unnecessary products. These products, nicknamed “shelfware,” are a huge oversight in IT costs. Learn how to get in control of shelfware and how to stop overspending on software licenses in this guide.

  • How to Manage Your Software Licensing During a Merger and Acquisition

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can be quite the juggling act—especially when it comes to keeping track of all your software licensing. This guide offers 5 strategies to manage your software licensing during a M&A to help you avoid a rocky transition. Download and save the guide here.

  • Debunking Software Asset Management Myths

    Software asset management can be seen as both more complex than IT asset management and less necessary, but neither of these assumptions are true. Read on to learn why software asset management is more than an expensive luxury—it’s a necessary tool that can save you time, money, and headache down the line.

  • Ten Areas to Cut Software Costs in a Crisis

    As you know more than ever, navigating crisis as a business is toeing the line between spending too much money to survive or spending too little and losing the tools you need to operate. Examine this white paper, courtesy of MetrixData360, to learn 10 strategies and ways you can cut software costs without unduly hurting your business.

  • Flattening the Curve of Technical Debt

    In this 4-minute video, learn how to flatten the curve of technical debt. In the video, MetrixData360 explores 4 steps to cost optimization and 4 steps to enabling agility.

  • SAM Tool Card Collection

    See how the top 7 Software Asset Management (SAM) tools stack up in this quick analysis.

  • Getting Started: Implementing Software Asset Management

    At a glance, managing your software assets can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to assess the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM) to remind yourself and your team why you’re implementing it. In this article, explore the perks of SAM—and find where your company should get started with SAM implementation here.

  • Software Audit Risk Checklist

    Before, it was possible for a company to remain compliant with their software vendors with only a few spreadsheets. Now, things have become too complicated for spreadsheets to be a practical option. Instead, software audits are the new norm. Learn how to best prepare for a software audit in this 9-page guide.

  • The Importance of Software Asset Management

    According to MetrixData360, there are 3 crucial steps to get started on Software Asset Management (SAM). Learn how to achieve each step in this quick guide.

  • How Will Your Software Contracts Be Affected By COVID-19?

    The current COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed how software contracts are being negotiated and renewed. In this report, MetrixData360 identifies 10 areas to reduce software costs so your business can move away from a time of crisis and into a time of recovery.

  • Software Contract Negotiation Guide

    Negotiation is a difficult skill to master—negotiating software licenses in particular can feel impossible—but with the right coaching, that can change. This 9-page guide is here to help you work on your negotiation skills.

  • How to Negotiate Software Contracts During Mass Corporate Layoffs

    The pandemic has made budgeting an even more difficult process than usual. In this report, MetrixData 360 shares how you can temporarily scale your software estate back without permanently losing your assets.

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