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  • CARE Risk Solutions Accelerates Performance and Growth with EDB

    Some enterprises find themselves facing DB issues that might include a lack of scalability, poor performance, and reporting errors. Examine this case study to see how EnterpriseDB helped CARE Risk Solutions migrate their entire portfolio and achieve a 30% improvement in transaction processing, expand their database capacity, and improve reporting.

  • Why IKEA Retail Chose Postgres

    With the increase in database variety has come an increase in database specialization, allowing organizations to create data architectures that better support their business’s various services, processes, and goals. Check out this case study to learn why IKEA Retail chose Postgres and what they hope to build with this flexible and customizable DB.

  • 5 Common Challenges for New Arrivals to PostgreSQL in the Cloud

    When companies move their databases to the cloud, they’re often moving as part of a larger migration—not targeting the best cloud database platform. Read this post to learn the 5 common challenges for newly migrated PostgreSQL databases in the cloud, and some strategies on how to navigate these challenges.

  • How to Choose Which Database to Use

    While the proliferation of database types, vendors, and strategies is generally great for businesses, it has also led to a crowded database market that’s challenging to navigate. Read this short blog post to learn how you can choose a database type that best matches up with your desired use case, your business, and your experience.

  • EDB Reference Architectures

    PostgreSQL and offerings like EDB Postgres Advanced Server are extremely useful database servers, but setting them up and managing them can be difficult at first. Check out this blog post to learn some core deployment architectures that you can employ in your business and use to augment your PostgreSQL management efforts.

  • Why Mastercard's Secret to Zero Downtime is PostgreSQL

    Financial organizations like Mastercard know that downtime can irreparably harm their relationships with their customers and cost them millions of dollars in business transactions. Read on to learn how Mastercard used PostgreSQL replication to improve disaster recovery, reduce failover time, and truly build a system optimized for little downtime.

  • 8 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know PostgreSQL Can Do

    The obvious advantages of using an open database like PostgreSQL come with obvious disadvantages—so much customization and freedom means that businesses don’t know all the ways they can use their database. Read this post to learn 8 fascinating things you can do with PostgreSQL, including converting data formats and custom config parameters.

  • PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server (MSSQL) - Extremely Detailed Comparison

    Access this detailed vendor comparison to see how two leading relational databases, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, stack up against each other. In this report you’ll learn how an open source database differs from a licensed one, in addition to things like costs, ease of use, extra features, security, and more.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge by Integrating Oracle and PostgreSQL Databases

    Oracle databases have underpinned innovation for years. But changing approaches to technological adaptation mean that Oracle can be further improved by placing a NoSQL, open source database like PostgreSQL alongside it. Read on to learn how companies are reaping more benefits from this new kind of database ecosystem.

  • PostgreSQL Through the Eyes of an Oracle DBA

    While Oracle databases are ubiquitous and seemingly an eternal feature, many DBAs are making the jump to other forms of DBMS like PostgreSQL. Read this blog post to learn the pros, cons, and general observations one Oracle DBA notice as she began to learn more about PostgreSQL.

  • Performance Benchmark PostgreSQL / MongoDB

    With so many different types of databases out there, ranging from relational databases to document databases, it can be hard to have a performance benchmark. Read this e-book to learn how two popular database solutions, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, stack up against each other when considering several of the most important benchmarks.

  • Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020

    Trends that are just emerging today will be tomorrow’s industry disruptors, changing the data and analytics field with new “must have” tools and revolutionary approaches to data management. Read this Gartner Report to learn the top 10 data and analytics trends that continue to impact 2020—and gain some insight about the future, today.

  • Realities of Managing Your Database Licensing Relationships

    Database licensing, audits, and maintenance are creating headaches for organizations of all kinds—mostly in the form of rising costs. Read this infographic to learn how PostgreSQL can slot into your current database architecture to help solve these problems and reduce licensing complexities.

  • Multitenancy Options in Postgres

    This white paper will show you the different ways that Postgres can help you achieve a multitenant database architecture. Download now for a complete architectural overview and to view these 3 multitenancy options at your disposal.

  • 6 Things a Developer Should Know About Postgres

    Read this white paper for 6 things you should know about working with and deploying Postgres, as well as the unique capabilities and features it has to offer.

  • Designing Highly Available Databases

    High-availability databases are critical for organizations that rely on 24/7 access, whether internal or customer-facing. Every second of downtime can translate to revenue loss, and worse. Read this white paper to learn 5 questions you should be asking when designing and developing a high-availability database.

  • EDB Postgres Vs. MariaDB: Comparative Analysis

    Making the decision to go open-source for your database needs is only the first step of the fight. You then need to compare your options. Read this white paper for a cross-examination of EDB Postgres and MariaDB to discover which holds up best against 6 crucial enterprise requirements.

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