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  • Predictable Costs, 100% Uptime & the Agility to Grow

    The Mohawk Valley Healthcare System came to Advizex with a challenge: combine 4 electronic medical record packages down to a single product in one year. In this report, learn how Advizex successfully took on the challenge—and how embracing a cloud-as-a-service strategy can help your business too.

  • How Advizex CMS supports the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast

    By signing on with Advizex Cloud Managed Services, one retailer was able to secure around-the-clock, expert assistance for its databases and operating systems. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. Download this case study to see how Advizex CMS helps support one of the largest furniture retailers in the Northeast.

  • Pandemic IT Readiness

    COVID-19 still has a lot of unknowns, disrupting how individuals engage with businesses and complicating both individual and business plans for the foreseeable future. Luckily, Advizex has some advice. In this resource, learn how to keep your IT strategy pandemic-ready with Advizex’s 3-step solution.

  • Hybrid Cloud from Advizex and VMware

    In this guide, explore the 4 keys to hybrid cloud success. With VMware Cloud Foundation, the path to hybrid cloud stays accessible while allowing your business to leverage cloud-native solutions and the best of hybrid solutions. Learn more here.

  • 3 Reasons an IT Strategy is Just as Important as a Business Strategy

    Inside, learn the three reasons why having a robust IT strategy is just as—if not more—important than having a well-defined business strategy.

  • Preparing Your Infrastructure for Evolution: 5 Dos & Don’ts

    Inside this blog post, learn how adaptive IT infrastructure can help enterprises keep up to speed with the efficiencies, agility, and productivity demands of the modern business world.

  • Advisory Services: Success Comes from Relationships

    This is a story about relationships. From the bottom to the top, from project to project, from internal to external, this Advizex team has cultivated a true partnership within the financial service industry. Explore their journey in this white paper.

  • How Does Intelligent Operations Work?

    “Intelligent operations” is often used interchangeably with terms like artificial intelligence (AI) or other automated processes. Inside this resource, learn the four pillars of true intelligent operations.

  • Advizex Saved this Global Powerhouse

    Access this white paper to learn about the evolving threat of ransomware, how a disaster recovery strategy can prepare your organization for an attack, and how Advizex can help.

  • Technology Supporting People

    In this case study, discover the results of a healthcare provider’s recent project designed to quantify and better understand the issues they were facing surrounding identity and access management. Read on to discover what led to this project and the outcomes of their partnership with Advizex.

  • Top 10 Ways Your IT Team is Wasting Time (And What You Can Do About It)

    Access this white paper to see the 10 most common IT inefficiencies that organizations are facing and learn how to solve them.

  • 3 Areas Healthcare IT Should Outsource

    Right now, IT complexity is driving healthcare technology needs. The complexity of care coordination and data collection, rather than IT teams, are deciding IT strategies. In this guide, explore the 3 areas healthcare IT should outsource in order to support IT—so IT can support your patients.

  • Shifting to the Cloud Saved this Market Leader More than $100,000.

    Access this case study to learn about the Advizex solution that a major metal production producer decided to implement and the 3 major benefits that resulted.

  • Is Your Workflow Management System Working for You?

    When employees don’t use a technology solution as intended, it often leads to a sub-optimal ROI and ineffective workflow management. That’s what one major healthcare provider was dealing with—and what drove them to work with Advizex. Learn about their experience with Advizex, and the benefits of modern workflow management in this eBook.

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