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  • Establishing Smart, Simplified, and Secure IT Environments

    CIOs that were scrambling towards remote work solutions just months ago now need to turn around and implement cost controls due to pandemic-related revenue shortfalls. Check out this blog post to learn how CIOs are navigating this turbulent time and discover new approaches you can use to cut IT spend.

  • Business Automation 2020 and Beyond

    The more employees you hire, the faster work gets done—and the higher payroll expenses will be. That’s where automation can prove invaluable. Read on to learn about robotic process automation and learn how to ensure automation investments are successful.

  • A Guide to Planning and Executing a Cloud Migration

    One of the best ways for your team to plan and execute a cloud migration is to lead by example. To get you started, NetApp is providing 3 videos that cover data center resources, monitoring cloud workloads, and optimizing the cloud.

  • Planning and Executing a Cloud Migration

    Planning and executing a cloud migration is easier said than done. Luckily, continuous cloud monitoring can make migration less of a headache with up-to-date cloud insights, reduced migration risk, and a single toolset to simplify operations. Learn more in NetApp’s eBook.

  • The Digital Dividend

    Jump inside this blog to explore the scenarios many IT leaders are faced against now, and soon will be during the next phase as they chart a course towards longer term recovery—arguably a greater challenge and an even truer test of a CIO’s mettle.

  • Defining the Modern Data Experience for the Next Decade

    Read the following blog post to view several adoption trends that are emerging in APAC as a result of digitization and increased cloud adoption—including STaaS, container storage, and more.

  • RE:IMAGINE Executive Briefing Session

    Tune into this RE:IMAGINE session to hear CIOs and leaders from powerhouse technology vendors—including Microsoft, NetApp, Palo Alto, and Cisco—as they discuss strategies for developing and executing against new IT challenges in a post-COVID world.

  • Reimagining Business IT Continuity for Recovery and Beyond

    As COVID-19 continues to expose cracks in many organizations’ IT environments, leaders must continue working to improve. Inside this report, uncover the three focal areas IT leaders need to reimagine for success in the new workforce environment.

  • Rapid Response IT Business Continuity Checklist

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate, businesses worldwide are adapting to meet unprecedented challenges. If you’re looking for an effective framework for identifying these challenges and setting priorities, read this rapid response IT business continuity checklist. It may help you get a technical sense of where your organization stands.

  • Meeting Customers in the Moment with Cisco Cloud and Compute

    Check out this resource to learn about Cisco Cloud’s infrastructure options and how a “reimagined” infrastructure may be better suited to responded to crises and rebound from them.

  • Cloud Power Private Peace of Mind

    Take a look at this guide for hybrid cloud adopters to learn how to get true high performance out of your hybrid cloud.

  • Reimagining the Workplace for Secure and Adaptive Work from Anywhere Environments

    As many industry analysts have phrased it, COVID-19 has laid bare the extent to which many organizations have underinvested in technology that underpins both employee experience and customer engagement. Dive into this blog to learn what it takes to adapt the workplace to a secure work from home environment.

  • Key considerations for adapting to the new workplace post COVID-19

    Inside this blog, learn about some of the key considerations organizations will need to factor into their ongoing business continuity and device management strategies in a post-COVID-19 world.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Cloud

    While each business’ use of the cloud differs, a hybrid cloud architecture can be found in most organization’s cloud strategy. This extensive guide covers all you need to know about hybrid cloud, from getting started with the right provider to solving security problems that arise late into the process.

  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture: Cost Savings and Other Benefits for Enterprises

    A combination of private and public cloud solutions, hybrid cloud methodologies have been on the rise. Even better, hybrid cloud solutions have proven to significantly cut costs. In this article, learn about the top benefits of hybrid cloud and how to apply the technology to any industry.

  • Business recovery and continuity after COVID-19

    Most organizations prioritize business resiliency in one form or another, but the pandemic will have fundamental impacts on the way organizations prepare. Dive into this blog post to read more about the new paradigm of business resiliency.

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