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  • Detecting a Java Backdoor with Dtex

    In this case study, see how a financial services company fell victim to a java backdoor attack – despite having AV, EDR and other security tools deployed – and discover how Dtex’s detection and forensic capabilities enabled a complete time of resolution of under 24 hours.

  • Prevent Data Loss without Operational Overhead

    Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) methods are largely manual and resource-intensive to manage, leading to large amounts of false positives and analyst fatigue. In this solution brief, discover DTEX’s DLP tool, designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly digital and distributed enterprises – read on to get started.

  • Improve Employee Privacy & Organizational Security

    Enterprise security systems often collect more data than they need to – this creates unnecessary privacy issues and raises costs associated with excess data storage and processing. So how can enterprises mitigate these issues while still improving security? In this solution brief, learn how to collect only the data you need.

  • Remote and @ Risk

    The global shift to enable remote workforces in 2020 created a number of operational hurdles and introduces a series of security risks – the most significant being insider threats. Read this threat report to learn more about the current state of security and how 2020 put organizations at higher risk.

  • Insider Threat Protection for the Modern Enterprise

    Legacy insider threat platforms typically rely on ‘person of interest’ identification and require time-consuming, full-time analyst interaction. This approach can create high levels of false positives and require heavy endpoint agents that degrade performance.Learn about a different approach: Insider Threat Protection with DTEX InTERCEPT.

  • Remote Workforce Security Report 2021

    Securing the remote workforce has become a critical priority for organizations affected by the closing of offices and workplaces in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Download this Remote Workforce Security Report to learn more about how you can protect your organization against evolving threats and during challenging times.

  • Case Study: Protecting Trusted Insiders

    Recently, a slew of invoice-themed malicious phishing emails were found to have penetrated a customer’s network at a large energy company. What was worse? They had very limited visibility into the attack. Read this case study to learn how this organization was able to identify, understand and mitigate future targeted phishing attacks.

  • Finding the Disconnect: Security Perceptions and Behaviors of Today’s Enterprise Employees

    As the modern enterprise acknowledges cyber risks as critical business risks, the nature of enterprise security discussions is quickly moving from the technical and operational to the strategic. This has created a new reality in which security decisions can turn a user into a trusted ally... or a liability. Read this guide to learn more.

  • Financial Services Organization Stops Attack Targeting a Senior Executive

    Even though this large financial services company had several AV, EDR, and email security tools deployed, a java backdoor attack still managed to slip through the cracks and land on the computer of a high-ranking employee. Learn how DTEX's detection and forensic capabilities were able to mitigate the threat.

  • Remote Working Is New To A Lot Of Organizations, But Not To Williams Racing

    It’s no secret that to be successful in Formula 1, racing teams need to have a cohesive, synchronized strategy on race day – but what about the team members that aren’t at the track on race day? Read this case study to see how Williams Racing protects their remote workers and the role cybersecurity plays in their success.

  • 10 Tips to Strengthen your Insider Threat Program

    With the commonality of remote work creating more vulnerability than ever, strengthening threat detection has become paramount. But how do you go about putting your eggs in the right security baskets? Read this explosive e-book for 10 tips for strengthening your insider threat program.

  • Top 3 Security Risks to Address When Managing a Remote Workforce

    Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of employees working from home. Despite the health and corporate benefits of working remotely, there are serious security risks that come with this trend. Read this e-book to learn about the top 3 security risks companies are facing with their remote workforce.

  • e-book: Remote Workforce Security

    Did you know that there’s a 78% increase in accidental data loss when employees work from home? Tap into this e-book to reveal more statistics like this and 3 ways your company can stay protected during this WFH era.

  • National Telecom Company

    As news of insider threats became increasingly prevalent, this national telecom company’s board members and executives realized they needed to build a dedicated inside threat program. Read on to uncover why this company chose Dtex.

  • DTEX and Phishing

    Phishing shows no signs of slowing down. It’s responsible for more than 90% of incidents and data breaches driven by social engineering, with 66% of malware reportedly installed via malicious email attachments. Vigilance is key. View this case study to find out how DTEX was able to help an energy company locate the origin of a phishing attack.

  • How Dtex Complements SIEM Systems

    Learn how Dtex integrates with SIEM systems to provide actionable alerts and visibility into user threats.

  • DTEX and the Insider Threat Kill Chain

    With insider threats, you must ask yourself, ‘What was the user’s intent?’, ‘What it truly an insider, or were credentials compromised?’, ‘If so, how did the credential thief get into the account?’. Preventing these attacks requires visibility and intelligence. Read this e-book for 5 steps to insider attack prevention.

  • Fighting Fraud

    In this issue of the Fighting Fraud e-newspaper, observe a series of articles dedicated to highlighting the global trends, challenges and advancements as they relate to fraud. Key topics covered in this issue include Brexit, artificial intelligence, insider threats, the true cost of cybercrime, and more.

  • Everyone as a Trusted Insider

    Insider threats are on the rise, and traditional monitoring is too reactionary to handle today’s sophisticated attack methods. In this report, take a closer look at Dtex’s replacement to traditional employee monitoring – designed to promote employee privacy, proactive threat prevention, behavioral understanding of threats, and more.

  • Dtex Intercept Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform

    Insider threats, both malicious and accidental, are a growing concern amongst today’s organizations. The following solution brief highlights the key features and capabilities of Dtex Intercept, an insider threat platform designed to equip users with the ability to proactively identify, categorize and isolate potentially harmful insider behavior.

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