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  • How to Navigate the Ransomware Recovery Process

    Ransomware is bad enough, so there is no need to rush to bring systems and workloads back online too soon and cause additional problems. Access this e-guide to learn the steps to effectively navigate the ransomware recovery process, discover ways to improve your backup strategy, and more.

  • How to Prepare for and Protect Against Ransomware

    In future pandemics and similar events, the need for proactive cybersecurity management will be an essential business requirement. Access this e-guide for steps on how to prepare for and protect against ransomware at your enterprise.

  • Ransomware Backup Strategies and Guidelines to Help Ensure Recovery

    Check out this e-guide to discover how to protect backups from ransomware infiltration and other risks, 3 guidelines to determine your anti-ransomware backup strategy, 6 ways to reduce the backup threat surface, and more.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

    Given the nature of artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise to see organizations integrating AI capabilities into their cybersecurity strategies. This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of AI and its role in cybersecurity, offering expertise for evaluating AI-based cybersecurity tools and vendors.

  • Example of a Cloud Ransomware Attack Video Presented by Spin Technology

    As organizations continue to move their sensitive data to cloud environments, it should come as no surprise that hackers are altering their methods to improve the success rates of their ransomware campaigns. Watch this video to see how a seemingly simple phishing scheme leads to a cloud ransomware attack.

  • RSA 2020 Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack in the Cloud

    Ransomware has evolved to attack cloud services, including Office 265 and the G-suite. This video from RSA 2020 provides a detailed breakdown of the anatomy of modern ransomware attacks – including how they target cloud services. Watch now to learn more about how ransomware attacks work.

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