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  • 5 Ways to Detect Application Security Vulnerabilities Earlier to Lower Cost and Risk

    Many traditional security measures take place too late in the development process to effectively find and fix vulnerabilities. Testing needs to happen earlier in development, and automation is key to making that happen. Learn how integrating automated security validation into your CI/CD pipeline can reduce risks for your business.

  • Pursuing Parallel Paths to Business Resilience

    Looking back at the Great Recession, there’s a lot to learn about transforming losses into gains. Take Lego, GroupOn, and Netflix for example. Download this infographic to learn more about these 3 examples and how to fortify business strategies through crisis.

  • On-Demand Webinar: Building a Secure CI/CD Pipeline

    Security can’t be an afterthought. In this webinar, learn how to integrate security into your continuous improvement development process, with code analysis, open source software security scanning, and automated dynamic security. Secure your CI/CD pipeline. Watch the webinar now.

  • 5 Big Barriers to Digital Transformation Success (And What it Takes to Overcome Them)

    Why are businesses undertaking digital transformation efforts? According to a recent survey, 87% feel at risk if they fail to digitally innovate, and 42% could lose IT staff to more innovative competitors. In this report, learn about how to overcome the top 5 barriers to digital transformation success.

  • Uncovering Success Through Digital Transformation

    Despite the rush of digital transformation initiatives, surveys have found that 7 out of 10 transformation initiatives fail to reach their goals. Organizations must plan with equal parts purpose and caution to see the best results. Learn about the nuances of digital transformation, how to reimagine processes, and much more in this guide.

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