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  • Into the Unknown: 8 BI & Data Trends That Are Shaping 2021

    As businesses seek to extract more value from their data than ever before, the established methodologies behind analytics and data intelligence are rapidly shifting. Read this comprehensive article to learn 8 influential BI and data trends that are promising to shape 2021 into a big year.

  • How Data Analytics Empowers Retail Merchandisers to Thrive Through Disruption

    Using data for everyday decision-making, not just executive projects and one-off purposes, is a key factor in building a resilient, successful business. Access this article to learn 3 thorough, adaptable plays retail organizations can use to overcome the turbulent markets of 2021 and beyond to achieve analytics success.

  • Breaking Down the Data Language Barrier

    Data-driven companies are able to use data as a universal language to drive alignment and insight from the core of the company out to its extremities. But using data to facilitate communication is easier said than done. Read on to learn what’s keeping data-driven collaboration from fully thriving, and how to cultivate and improve these efforts.

  • Data’s Inferno: How Data Teams Can Escape the Report Factory Inferno

    As companies struggle under the weight of their increasingly massive data stores, they often see their analytics or data science efforts suffering as well. So why is it that more data does not equal more insight? Read on to learn what’s stopping your company from unlocking the full value of your data and how to overcome these issues.

  • Exploring Community-Driven Analytics

    While most businesses have embraced initiatives that promise “data-driven” insights, the line of business employees that this data is supposed to empower usually have no clue what it means to be data-driven. Read on to learn how to bridge the disconnect between LOB and the data science team with community-first analytics and business intelligence.

  • Cracking the JSON Code

    The exponential growth of data has led companies store zettabytes of data while comprehending very little of it. Read on to learn why unstructured data formats like JSON are dominating enterprise data troves—and how using JSON files for easy, widespread analytics is the key for companies looking to derive value from their data collection efforts.

  • 7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Business Intelligence Software

    While the temptation might be strong to spend now and join the data-driven feeding frenzy, choosing the right software to make sense of your data isn’t an easy process. Read on to learn the 7 essential considerations to make when choosing your business’s BI software.

  • Uncover the Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence Tools

    Much like the rest of our personal lives, business intelligence tools can be full of hidden costs. Read this guide to learn how you can develop an accurate estimate of the total cost of ownership for BI software, learn what some of those hidden costs might be, and learn more tips about controlling hidden costs lurking in your BI initiatives.

  • Building a Data Literacy Program from the Ground Up

    A recent survey shows that 39% of business domain experts don’t fully know what being data-driven actually means—even as businesses around the world rush to embrace this term. Read on to learn how building an effective data literacy program allows your company to be data-driven from the ground up.

  • Cloud BI & Analytics with Snowflake and Sigma

    A fresh wave of cloud-based innovation is empowering business analytics and data management tools. Easy access to AI analytics, embedded BI tools, and integrated data architecture are finally becoming widespread. Read on to learn how Snowflake and Sigma computing paired to create a true cloud data ecosystem that can finally live up to the hype.

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