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  • Cost Effective Colocation Services Prove Vital to Award Winning Investment Firm

    Award-winning financial services firm 7IM was in the market for a data management partner to provide secure locations to house its data servers. Inside this case study, find out how 7IM earned enhanced business continuity and operational efficiencies using colocation services from Pulsant.

  • Pulsant Project Receives Round of Applause from Ligentia

    Dive into this case study to learn how Leeds-based Ligentia, a leading freight and supply chain provider, turned to Pulsant to take a deep dive into their operations, mapping out their current IT environment, and develop a comprehensive plan of improvement.

  • Workplace recovery service rated excellent by Cintra

    Inside this case study, find out how Cintra worked with Pulsant to build a workplace recovery service that met the company’s strict HR and payroll security, availability and testing requirements.

  • Pulsant supports Witherslack Group with private cloud

    One of education’s biggest challenges is protecting student data. For The Witherslack Group, a leading provider of specialist education, taking better care of their data helped them take better care of their students. Learn how Witherslack Group’s IT team partnered up with Pulsant to build a private cloud solution to stay secure and supportive.

  • Tax Automation reduces costs and meets security and compliance requirements

    In this case study, follow Tax Automation, a tax software company based in the UK, as they partner with Pulsant to streamline the delivery and accessibility of their offerings through a transition towards a SaaS model. Read on to discover the Tax Automation’s challenges, required capabilities and results.

  • Pulsant partners with Megaport to strengthen and simplify cloud connectivity

    Inside this press release, learn about Pulsant’s recent partnership with Megaport, an industry-leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider, earning access to Megaport’s scalable software defined networking infrastructure and more.

  • Preparing for sustained remote working

    Explore this guide to learn best practices for facing key challenges resulting from sustained remote working and steps for protecting data, safeguarding your business, and keeping IT systems running efficiently.

  • Business Benefits of Colocation

    Check out this article on colocation to learn about the cost, reliability, and security benefits of you could glean by moving all of your cumbersome hardware to a colocation facility.

  • Pulsant Enterprise Cloud saves staff at law firm two weeks of time

    Remote working is a goal many organizations have in mind. One company found a way to boost security while simultaneously helping their employees work anywhere, any time. Learn how one law firm used cloud services to improve productivity, revamp their IT architecture, and implement other novel features. Download the case study to learn more.

  • Data Generation Dealing With the Data Growth Challenge

    Data is growing at an astounding rate; by 2025, IDC predicts global data will grow 61%, from 33 zettabytes now to 175 zettabytes. This rapid growth presents business with a huge challenge as they try to organize that data and turn it into actionable insight. Read on to learn what considerations you should be making as your data continues to grow.

  • Pulsant Delivers Complete Peace of Mind to Scottish Building Society

    The Scotland Building Society needed risk and revenue loss mitigation capabilities and a secure location for its production servers. Access this case study to view the disaster recovery solution that SBS implemented and the results that it led to, which included a resilient, highly secure data center.

  • Take it to the cloud – the role of hybrid in the legal sector

    For organizations in the legal sector, it’s critical to prioritize security, team skillsets, and data location when considering cloud migration strategies. There’s been an uptick in hybrid cloud adoption due to the increase agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that a hybrid model allows. Learn more about hybrid IT in this white paper.

  • Colocation: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

    Inside, read through the top ten most frequently asked questions about colocation providers – and find out which qualities to look for when choosing a colocation provider of your own.

  • Shift the Conversation

    The cloud is more popular than ever right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the right solution for your business. Just like any other product, cloud technology offers its own range of benefits and drawbacks. Read this white paper to see whether or not cloud migration is truly the answer for your company.

  • UK’s Leading Secure Hybrid IT Provider

    Learn about Pulsant, the UK’s leading secure hybrid cloud provider and their network of data centers designed to deliver hybrid IT services tailor fitted to your organization’s needs – regardless of industry.

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