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  • Top 3 ‘Gotchas’ in a Salesforce Contract

    Eliminate surprise software licensing charges, sidestep built-in price increases, and avoid paying for functionality you don’t need by applying the advice in this quick-hitting eBook. Dive into this eBook to learn more.

  • ServiceNow Street Pricing & Sales Tactics

    This special report provides the actual discounts negotiated in more than 100 recent deals for leading IT products. Learn how your deal stacks up and discover practical insights you can turn to your advantage in negotiations. Access it here.

  • Rightsizing Your Spend with ServiceNow

    Access this eguide to learn how to avoid opening your company up to budget overages or leaving money on the table during IT software licensing negotiations.

  • Negotiating with ServiceNow

    Without proven tactics for preparation, communication and negotiation, most ServiceNow customers have little leverage to ensure a good deal. Start to turn the tables to enable future success and learn how to build a credible business case for a better deal with this guide.

  • Top 3 ‘Gotchas’ in a ServiceNow Contract

    Contract terms lock you in—this comes as no surprise. However, these lock-ins are easily avoidable as long as you look in the right places. To prove the point, this ClearEdge guide names the top 3 “gotchas” in a ServiceNow contract, so you can identify the high-risk terms hidden in your deal—and, better yet, learn how to fix them.

  • Top 3 ‘Gotchas’ in a Salesforce Contract

    Salesforce contracts can be tricky things to navigate—especially if you don’t know what to look out for. This report covers what to watch for and how to fix it.

  • Rightsizing Your Spend with Microsoft

    Licensing costs can be difficult to manage, as companies lack reliable assessments of their current environments and future needs. Access this white paper to learn to avoid over- and underbuying, how to choose the best Microsoft licensing option for you, and how to apply demand forecasting best practices in your budget and license negotiations.

  • Rightsizing Your SaaS Spend

    SaaS licensing expenses are often viewed as fixed and easy to manage costs, and just as frequently prove to be more expensive to negotiate and difficult to manage. Download this whitepaper to learn the common traps that lead to over- and underbuying, as well as access a checklist of best practices to help you get more value for your money.

  • Negotiating with Salesforce

    Even the best negotiators can struggle to get a good deal from Salesforce. But if you understand their own strategy entering the meeting, understand viable deal options, and more, you can make sure you get the best possible deal. Access this resource to learn the 4 crucial elements you need to know in order to ensure sure you seal a great deal.

  • Deal-Makers’ Guide to Microsoft

    With diligent preparation and an understanding of Microsoft’s tactics, incentives, deal structures, and various agreements, you can put your organization in a position to achieve competitive discounts and mitigate risk. Check out this ebook for an overview of everything you need to prepare for negotiations with Microsoft.

  • Negotiating with SaaS Vendors

    Access this white paper to learn about the Leverage Management Maturity Model (LM^3) from ClearEdge, a 9-phase negotiation methodology developed over a decade of analyzing SaaS deal-making in order to achieve best-in-class deal execution.

  • Microsoft Street Pricing & Sales Tactics

    Access this white paper to unearth 3 of Microsoft’s turbo-charged pricing tactics and learn 3 sales rep motivations to help you achieve competitive discounts and mitigate risk.

  • Top 10 “Gotchas” in SaaS Agreements

    In this SaaS report, explore the top 10 SaaS contract ‘gotchas’ used to lock in customers and continually drive cost increases.

  • Deal-Makers’ Guide to ServiceNow

    ServiceNow sells one of the most reputable solutions on the market, but it also comes with some big spending commitments. Download this Deal-Makers’ Guide to ServiceNow to learn how you can right-size spend through inspection, planning, and execution.

  • Deal-Makers’ Guide to Salesforce

    The vast capabilities of Salesforce come at a high price—but that doesn’t mean costs can’t be reduced. This price guide covers all you need to know about Salesforce pricing. Download the guide here for safekeeping so you stay prepared for your next negotiation.

  • Rightsizing Your Spend with Salesforce

    Total cost is dependent on two variables: price and quantity. Many users overlook how much volume drives cost in Salesforce. This guide breaks down these two variables controlling total cost—and highlights the best practices in planning for license additions and reductions with Salesforce.

  • The Top 4 Ways to Maximize Leverage in a Microsoft Deal

    when negotiating a new deal with an essential vendor like Microsoft, there are some best practices you should keep in mind before the ink dries. Inside this highly informative guide, find best practices for deal planning and execution, all based on previous successful deal engagements.

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