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  • Egress Prevent

    An emerging practice in today’s email security strategies is the implementation of preventative measures to stop data breaches before they happen – regardless if they’re accidental or intentional. This solution brief explores the key features and capabilities of Egress Prevent, which uses machine learning to secure email inboxes and users.

  • Egress Protect

    Email protection strategies often fall short of meeting the necessary compliance and security requirements to adequately secure sensitive data being shared. In this solution brief, explore the key features and capabilities of Egress Protect, designed to intelligently secure emails and large files with the appropriate level of security.

  • Human Layer Security for Dummies

    In order to address the growing risks stemming from human error, organizations are incorporating deliberate practices and establishing human layer security programs. To help you get started, Human Layer Security for Dummies outlines the risks, challenges and best practices for you to consider. Download the e-book to get started.

  • Incorporating Technology to Mitigate Email Exploits and Human Error

    Traditional email security approaches are no longer viable in today’s environment. In fact, a recent FBI study indicated that BEC generates more than 50% of all cybercrime revenue. Download this IDC Vendor Spotlight report for a closer look at Egress’ Intelligent Email Security offering, which uses machine learning to enhance threat readiness.

  • The Sunshine Laws, Freedom of Information and Compliance

    Learn how you can use Egress to minimize response time to information requests and avoid a costly violation.

  • Egress Intelligent Email Security for Banks and Credit Unions

    Learn how Egress Intelligent Email Security uses powerful contextual machine learning to ensure emails are delivered to the correct recipient with the right level of security applied.

  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare

    Healthcare is one the most highly targeted industries by cybercriminals. In this Osterman Research webinar, hear about various different types of breaches in the healthcare industry, what the hackers’ incentive was, and how organizations can implement protections.

  • Insider Data Breach Survey 2020

    While headlines typically focus on external attacks, the risk of employees accidentally or intentionally leaking sensitive data is significant and difficult to control. The following research report highlights the results from Opinion Matters' Insider Data Breach Survey – which looked at insider threats in 2020. Read on to unlock the results.

  • What is the CCPA & How Will it Affect Email Security?

    This video explains the the significance and implications of California’s new data privacy regulations, specifically focusing on how they will affect email use among employees. Watch now to learn more.

  • Taking A “Prevent and Protect” Approach to Insider Data Breaches

    As cyberattacks become occur more frequently than ever, organizations need to ensure their security efforts are focused on protecting from both external & internal threats. In this video, join the CPO of Egress in an overview of how an email security strategy can enhance regulatory compliance, reduce costs & increase profitability.

  • Why Your Company Needs Third-Party Solutions for Office 365

    Organizations are increasingly turning to Microsoft Office 365 as their preferred collaboration platform. While its convenience is hard to beat, security settings may not be meeting your needs. In this report, discover how your company can achieve security in Office 365 that meets compliance requirements.

  • CCPA compliance guide for email

    2020 marks the initiation of the United States’ first data privacy law – the CCPA. How has your organization prepared? Download this white paper to uncover the 3-phase approach to compliance and recommended tactics related to email security & file sharing.

  • Egress Email and File Protection is cream of the crop for Farm Credit Mid-America

    Taking inspiration from the internal system security best practices used by financial organizations, this case study follows the journey of Farm Credit Mid-America as they partner with Egress to proactively establish an email and file security for ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

  • Key Steps in Satisfying Your CCPA and Other Privacy Obligations

    Millions of businesses worldwide will be subject to the CCPA. Is yours prepared? Download this Osterman Research white paper to learn everything you need to know about the new regulation including, how to prepare, why it’s important, and solutions that should be implemented.

  • CCPA Compliant Email Security

    In this Egress product datasheet, learn how you can remain CCPA compliant by preventing breaches, protecting regulated data, fulfilling DSARs, and auditing your email network.

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