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    While businesses need security services that will expand their threat protection and add specialized expertise to their teams, the MSP market for security providers is growing crowded. Access this short solution brief to learn how Malwarebytes recommends MSPs strategize and market themselves to capture and retain customers in this market.


    Building a quality MSP business is about creating differentiation with a secure, reliable product—and building the customer service and trustworthiness to let this product sell itself and grow your monthly revenue. Keep reading to learn how Malwarebytes recommends MSPs scale their business and revenue while avoiding major roadblocks.


    Quality customer service is the manna that MSPs most essentially provide, making customers’ lives easier and building a platform of trust from which you can grow your business and revenue. Read on to learn 4 key tips to keep in mind as you grow your business and create secure, high-quality outcomes for your customers.


    While acquiring new customers and retaining old ones is arguably the best way a business can build a healthy monthly recurring revenue (MRR), you can also take steps to optimize MRR from current customers. Check out this short white paper to learn 5 ways you can tap into existing relationships and boost MRR without changing your core product.


    MSPs know how difficult it can be to keep customers happy—as well as how important it is in a market with tight margins and stiff competition. So what are a few simple strategies you can use to build trust in your customer relationships? Continue reading to learn how Malwarebytes recommends MSPs build trust across the sales and client lifecycle.


    High-performing MSPs are able to earn the trust of their customers over time—and prove that it’s worth retaining too. Access this infographic to learn 4 ways MSPs can invest in their customer relationships, improving their customer acquisition and retention strategies.


    Undoubtedly, ransomware continues to grow in scale and sophistication. Learn how you can better protect your organization from malicious threats with Malwarebytes’ 5 tips for defending against ransomware

  • Maverick* Research: You Will Be Hacked, So Embrace the Breach

    The reality of unavoidable cybersecurity breaches reveals two problems with current defense practice that are addressed in Maverick research. The five traits of CROs described in their research are the keys to long-term mitigation of business damage from cybersecurity breaches.

  • How Ransomware Attacks are Reshaping Endpoint Security in Education

    Now that much of the world is at least partially remote, organizations must learn how to protect their devices from ransomware in a way that’s methodical and results-based. Watch this webinar to explore the scale of ransomware and learn 5 steps to improving endpoint security adapted from NIST 800-171.

  • How EDR Offers Threat Detection, Insights, and Remediation

    Establishing an effective endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform can be an organization’s best defense against rampant malware and ransomware attacks. Read this white paper to learn more about EDR, including how it compares to traditional endpoints security and how it stands up to ransomware.


    The IDC predicts that the post-vaccine remote workforce will be 50% higher than it was pre-pandemic – IT leaders need to prepare for this eventuality and come up with long-term plans to secure and enable remote workers. Read this white paper to get started.

  • Imagine a World Without Malware

    Certain brands evoke images of success—and when it comes to imagining a world without malware, Malwarebytes is one such brand. So how could you take advantage of a partnership with such a company? Read this guide to learn how a partnership with Malwarebytes can help MSPs cultivate an image of security and trust.

  • Malwarebytes Will Help you Stop Chasing False Positives

    Malwarebytes can help MSPs filter out false positives with multi-vector protection that accurately targets true malware and improve security quality. Check out this resource to learn how you can cut the time costs of false positives, reduce their associated security risks, and cultivate trust and loyalty in your customers.

  • Malwarebytes MSP Premier Partner Program (MP3)

    Read on to discover how the Malwarebytes Managed Service Provider (MSP) Premier Partner Program (MP3) allows MSPs to easily centralize endpoint security management, reduce costs as your install base grows, improve technical support, and much more.

  • Malwarebytes Integration with Datto RMM

    For MSPs, when there’s a business opportunity to offer effective endpoint protection to new customers, timely development is key. Malwarebytes and Datto have joined forces to create an integrated solution to deliver just that. Access this data sheet for an overview of the joint solution including its key capabilities and use cases.

  • Malwarebytes Integration with Connect Wise Manage

    Open up this data sheet to take a look at one of Malwarebytes’ newest PSA tools – ConnectWise Manage – and uncover key capabilities, integration benefits, features, and more.

  • SIEM Integrations to Enrich MSP Threat Intelligence

    This paper offers up use cases for how to support your security team with SIEM integration, including correlating security data, magnifying visualization, and more. Open now to take a look.

  • SIEM Integrations to Help MSPs Accelerate Threat Response

    Access this solution brief to learn about Malwarebytes business products which drive further automation of MSP active threat response processes and protect and respond to attacks as they occur.

  • MSPs: How to Stop Chasing False Positives and Grow Your Business

    Check out this solution brief to learn how Malwarebytes mitigates false positives for MSPs through a multi-layered protection strategy while also providing informed telemetry, and threat intelligence.

  • Grow your MSP business with Malwarebytes

    With infection rates and the costs of remediation on the rise, MSPs need sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to keep customers safe and reduce churn, lost deals, and unpredictable MRR. Read this short white paper to learn the top 4 areas Malwarebytes recommends MSPs focus on to protect customers and mitigate risk.

  • Malwarebytes Integration with Connect Wise Automate

    MSPs looking to ease their endpoint monitoring and management should review Malwarebytes’ integration with ConnectWise Automate, a partnership that allows for easier remote management and monitoring. Read on to learn how you can boost your productivity, ensure your customers’ business continuity, and develop best-in-class endpoint security.

  • Malwarebytes OneView

    Having a unified view of customer management and monitoring from your endpoint security vendor can help you simplify your employees’ lives, improve your bottom line, and boost security. Read this short white paper to learn how Malwarebytes OneView provides MSPs with endpoint activity reporting, guided support, subscription management and more.

  • Expose your Vendor Audit Risk

    Are your technology vendors playing it smart? Access this resource to learn how the adoption of subscription-based software licensing has changed the way customers are auditing their vendors and the potential technical and commercial implications of such practices. Then, explore some of the most prevalent risks and how to uncover them.

  • Exploring the State of Malware in 2021

    In 2020, organizations experienced malware attacks on a whole new scale – an increased volume of sophisticated attacks plagued nearly every business. This infographic provides a comprehensive look at malware trends, observations, insights and adversary techniques over the past year. Read on to get started.

  • When stress meets security

    Stress in cybersecurity matters. At a cyber risk level, it can cause security practitioners, employees and consumers to make mistakes that play into the hands of the threat actors. As it happens, data on the subject can be hard to come by – but by reading this report, you’ll learn the 10 things that stress security leaders out most.

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