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  • ML-Driven Data Governance for Business Intelligence (BI)

    As data analytics ecosystems handle more and more data, data quality and integrity are common problems—even as the complexity and scale of data systems is beginning to exponentially explode. Read on to discover how ML-powered data governance is helping keep BI-essential data clean, organized, and easy to access.

  • How BigID and Tableau Work Together to Promote a Data-Driven Culture

    BI programs like Tableau offer powerful data visualization, analytics, and reporting tools. But how can you effectively manage and protect the data that backs your Tableau usage? Read on to discover how BigID partners with Tableau to improve data quality, improve data visualization and dashboards, and accelerate time to insight.

  • A Buyer’s Guide to Privacy-Aware Data Governance

    Data is powering successful businesses, but this power also might also be an Achilles heel as regulations like the GDPR and CCPA place new, stringent privacy regulations on businesses. Access this guide to learn the about data governance software that keeps privacy in mind, and eliminates privacy risks without the headaches or excessive bills.

  • The ROI of a Modern Privacy Program

    Cisco estimates that the return on investment (ROI) for modern privacy program spending is about 2.7x the initial investment. But what about the other benefits – like competitive advantages, customer trust and even compliance? Read this e-guide for a comprehensive overview of the benefits of a modern privacy program.

  • The State of Data Rights

    Data rights are a broad area of data regulation, covering topics such as deletion questions, data access requirements, and data security rules. Access this IAPP research report to learn how businesses deal with data privacy challenges, who most often engages with data rights, how legal requirements are shaping the industry, and more.

  • How to Achieve GLBA Compliance: A Guide for Financial Services

    Meeting the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements can cause significant headaches for financial institutions, especially as privacy acts further alter the rules regarding consumer data. Download this e-book to learn how GLBA can be best understood and met, and learn about data discovery-in-depth, a new methodology that can provide greater insight.

  • How to Manage Risk and Compliance for Financial Services

    While meeting compliance standards is a requirement for financial services institutions, the sad reality is that many companies don’t have as much of a handle on their data as they might think. Download this white paper to learn how BigID can help financial organizations organize, secure, and regulate their data across multi-cloud ecosystems.

  • 13 Ways BigID Minimizes the Total Cost of Ownership (Batteries Included)

    Data discovery solutions can be unexpectedly pricey; data integration, system maintenance, and employee training can all markedly increase your total cost of ownership from where you expected it to be. Access this white paper to learn 13 ways data intelligence platform BigID works to keep its TCO exactly where you expect it to be, no matter what.

  • 6 Ways to Secure Data For Mergers And Acquisitions

    Read this e-guide to discover 6 ways to secure your data for mergers and acquisitions so you can avoid common pitfalls, safeguard customer information, and understand how to handle your data every step of the way.

  • Discovery-In-Depth: The Path to Data Intelligence

    Data discovery is the foundational element of an effective data management strategy – and discovery enables data intelligence, insight and analysis. Download this white paper and discover how to leverage multiple modes of data discovery in order to successfully find & identify sensitive data.

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