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  • Leverage Augmented Analytics to Drive Digital Business Model Innovation

    According to Gartner, BI and data analytics solutions are the most likely technologies to receive increased investment. Augmented analytics leads this pack, and yet extracting its value and leaving the hype behind is often poorly understood. Read this Gartner report to gain a deeper understand of how to properly leverage augmented analytics.

  • Outlier Infographic: Analyzing Data to Increase Sales

    Instead of sifting through mountains of information manually, AI can free up your employees for other tasks while accelerating the speed with which your company produces insight. Read this resource to discover how your business can leverage AI and automated business analytics to improve data-driven insights.

  • Balancing the Amount of Data With Time in the Day to Analyze It All

    Companies that invest in business analytics sometimes find themselves dedicating more resources towards collecting, storing, and organizing that big data than analyzing it. Read this white paper to learn how Outlier’s automated business analysis platform can help your company start to make sense of all the data at your fingertips.

  • Outlier Data Silos

    Like most businesses, you’re probably treading water in a sea of data. But fret not! AI analytics are here to help— empowering faster, easier, and cheaper data analysis to deliver real-time and predictive insights. Click here to learn about the state of the analytics market and to view an automated business analytics program that can help.

  • Delivering on the Product Promise

    Your business should be using data to inform your decisions; unfortunately, it can be hard to utilize all that data you have on-hand quickly and efficiently. Read this white paper to learn how investing in an automated AI analytics program can help your company quickly identify key market trends and derive real value from your data.

  • Achieving the “Nirvana” of Self-Service Data Science

    Watch this webinar to learn what it is a data scientist does on the day-to-day, and how you can enable your entire workforce to do the same.

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