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  • Financial Services Companies Own Your Share of Responsibility in Cloud Security

    How can financial services companies embrace the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the impact of its risks? This guide offers insights that define the scope of your responsibilities in cloud security and best practices for wherever you are in your journey to the cloud.

  • 5 Ways to Maintain Complete Control Over Your Data and Resources in The Cloud

    In order to address the increasing challenges of maintaining data security and privacy in cloud environments, organizations are opting for partners who enable them with complete control over security, access control, data insights and more. Download this solution brief to discover 5 ways Google Cloud EKM may be able to fit this role.

  • DevSecOps and the Problem of Machine-Scale Data

    The amount of data being created daily is growing exponentially, and manual processes can’t scale. With data growth comes increasing complexity and higher importance for security to be integrated into the SDLC. Discover the opportunities and threats of machine-scale data, how to maintain agility, and the implications this has for DevSecOps.

  • Operationalizing Privacy Policy from Discovery to Enforcement

    In this webinar, join security experts at BigID and Ionic as they discuss how automating the identification and mitigation of risk to consumer data can help organizations meet the requirements of data privacy laws that require extensive audit trails, like GDPR and CCPA. Watch now to learn more.

  • Machina Tools — SDKs

    An issue plaguing today’s networks is the siloed approach to security and management, allowing hackers to exploit the gaps and enter your network. In this solution brief, take a closer look at Ionic’s Machina Tools, designed to close these gaps and unify your security strategy.

  • The Simple Path to Protecting and Controlling Your Application Data

    Learn how to use Ionic Machina to protect and control access to your application data.

  • Implementing Privacy Policy: Application Security the Easy Way

    The fundamental issue with data protection is that security is often siloed, but sensitive data isn’t, leaving apps and data at risk. This webcast takes a closer look at Ionic Machina, which focuses on data protection through scalability, visibility, and access management controls. Watch now to learn more.

  • Enabling a Zero-Trust Security Strategy

    Organizations are shifting from traditional perimeter security approaches to zero-trust strategies that focus on monitoring individual credentials and accounts in order to identify and isolate potential risks. In this blog post, discover how Ionic may be positioned to help your organization execute its zero-trust security strategy.

  • Application Security: The Easy Way

    Securing internal applications is a top priority among IT security teams. Yet achieving it is time & resource consuming. In fact, 76% of total IT expenditure is spent on securing internal apps. It doesn’t need to be so difficult – this blog post highlights how Ionic’s data-centric Machina Tools may be able to help. Read on to learn more.

  • Ionic Machina Cloud Copy Tool

    Ionic has written a demo application that is informally referred to as the “Machina cloud copy tool”. It serves as an example implementation for how to secure data across different cloud providers, where the protection follows the data. Download the article for more information on the tool, as well as a video simulation on how it works.

  • Scaling Your Data Privacy Program

    The changing regulations are making it critical for organizations to address privacy from an on-going and holistic perspective. Read this blog from Ionic Security to learn how to scale your data privacy program today.

  • Machina Tools for Cloud Storage

    A data security solution for multi-cloud storage should provide cross-cloud data security, automated incident responses, regulatory requirement tracking, and data security blind spot protection. Access this datasheet to explore a single interface multi-cloud solution that does all this while providing 3 key business benefits.

  • Best Practices for Data Privacy Programs

    View Ionic Security’s Practitioner Guide that offers guidance for enabling “privacy by default and by design” no matter where your organization falls within its unique security and privacy maturity lifecycle.

  • Implementing Privacy Policy: Scaling Your Data Privacy Program

    View this Ionic Security demo to see scalable and consistent data protection in action ⁠— through the lens of a custom HR app.

  • A Mandate to Execute a New Data Security Strategy

    In this video panel, join Ionic Security experts as they discuss the age of rapidly increasing digital threats, the importance of a data-centric approach to security, the impacts of GDPR, and more.

  • Supply Chain Security for the Cloud: Data Protection Standards

    When it comes to securing data in the cloud; should the provider be responsible, the user, or should they share responsibility? This question often goes unanswered, exposing organizations to cyberattacks. In this blog post, discover how to assign clear security responsibilities in order to protect your data and meet compliance standards.

  • Multiple Cloud Storage Providers, Multiple Stakeholders, One Data Protection Engine

    Organizations should be looking for a flexible cloud storage tool that can simplify security and management across diverse ecosystems. Access this blog post to learn about a solution that provides security, privacy, and integrity for cloud storage platforms through dynamic policies and full analytics.

  • Insider Threat and Supply Chain Risk Reduction – in Real-Time

    Today’s organizations face a vast array of security threats, the 2 most prevalent being insider breaches and third-party attacks. In this blog post, the VP of Risk & Corporate Security at Ionic shares his guidance on how to best identify and mitigate these threats.

  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Access Controls, Data Protection, and Visibility

    While organizations have come to realize the benefits of cloud adoptions, many remain reluctant and would prefer to pay more to manage their own data. In this blog post, take a closer look at Ionic Machina, designed to address these security and visibility concerns.

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