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  • Ionic Machina Cloud Copy Tool

    Download this article for a demo of Ionic Machina and how it can secure data across different cloud providers.

  • Scaling Your Data Privacy Program

    When building out a privacy program, businesses need to consider the relationship between security, privacy and compliance. Organizations should look to strike a balance in order to meet regulatory requirements and customer perception at scale. How does your organization tackle privacy? In this guide, uncover some industry best practices.

  • Five Steps To A Zero Trust Security Strategy Q&A

    Following a recent webcast on the zero-trust approach, Stephanie Balaouras, Vice President, Research Director for Security & Risk at Forrester Research participated in a Q&A with audience members. Review some of Balaouras’ insights on data-centric security strategy approaches.

  • DevSecOps and the Problem of Machine-Scale Data

    The amount of data being created daily is growing exponentially, and manual processes can’t scale. With data growth comes increasing complexity and higher importance for security to be integrated into the SDLC. Discover the opportunities and threats of machine-scale data, how to maintain agility, and the implications this has for DevSecOps.

  • Overcoming the Paralysis of Trust Management Across a Fractured IT Landscape

    Adam Ghetti, author of the article “Overcoming the Paralysis of Trust Management Across a Fractured IT Landscape” believes the explosive growth of data, as well as rapidly changing regulations, has led to “analysis paralysis.” Why? Find out in this blog post.

  • Operationalizing Privacy Policy from Discovery to Enforcement

    Hear from BigID and Ionic Security in this on-demand webinar to learn how you can automate the identification and mitigation of risk to personal data demanded by CCPA and GDPR.

  • Best Practices for Data Privacy Programs

    Data Privacy – it’s on everyone’s mind. Privacy professionals are left overwhelmed. Companies don’t know where to turn. Luckily, this guide will walk you through privacy programs and how to segment and prioritize different best practices and technologies that support the scale of your business. Read on to get started.

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