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  • 3 Crucial Areas That Will Reshape the Automotive Industry in the 2020s

    This decade has seen innovative and groundbreaking technological advances for the automotive industry. So, what will the next decade bring?More rigorous coding standards and regulations, to start. Click inside DMI’s white paper for insights into automotive industry trends in the 2020s—and how to best prepare.

  • DMI Mobile Inspection Platform

    Watch this video to learn about a Mobile Inspection Platform from DMI, which presents a quick and easy paper-free way of collecting and analyzing data.

  • EndZone For Education

    In this video, learn how one organization is using cell phones to ensure our children are safe in school every day.

  • Blockchain in Financial Services: What's Next?

    Download this guide on how blockchain fits into the world of financial services by facilitating a streamlined transaction process for all parties involved in various wealth management contexts.

  • Could Blockchain Revolutionize the Healthcare Payment Process?

    With fraudulent activities ingrained in many of the healthcare billing and reimbursement methods, blockchain could improve accuracy and credibility of these outcomes. Use this whitepaper to learn how blockchain can overhaul healthcare payments to improve healthcare data environments.

  • The 5 Keys to Success for Customer Analytics in the Retail Industry

    Open this white paper to find the 5 keys to success for customer analytics in the retail industry.

  • How to Harness Employee Productivity to Empower Your Organization

    As employee needs change, it’s critical that organizations are providing technology that keeps up. Inside, read more about the relationship between employee productivity and workplace modernization and the factors that define successful workforce strategies

  • 5 Things Buyers Want & Like About AI Chatbots

    Customer experience has reached the pinnacle of businesses success, but it has become an extremely time and resource intensive priority. Download this chatbot guide which overviews 5 data points proving why businesses should consider implementing AI chatbots to meet customer needs.

  • Architecting for the future: The benefits of running Windows workloads on AWS

    Many once thought the cloud was unfit for running mission-critical Windows apps, but it has now become absolutely essential. Learn more about the benefits of migrating Windows apps to the cloud in this white paper.

  • The 6 Easy Steps of Blockchain

    Blockchain, while being touted as a revolutionary technology destined to alter the future of business transactions, has remained largely mysterious in not only its use cases, but also its basic explainability—how does blockchain work? Use this infographic to see blockchain’s process broken down into 6 simple, digestible steps.

  • Four Crucial IOT Trends to Watch in the 2020s

    2020 will bring advances in IoT technologies. Check out this white paper to learn where some experts expect to see the most IoT growth and how your organization can use these technologies to your benefit.

  • From Pipeline to Platform: The Future of E-Commerce

    Read this e-book for an explanation of why platform companies are succeeding right now—and how pipeline companies can deploy platform tools to not only compete, but thrive in the long-term.

  • AI Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

    The new decade will bring learning algorithms into the mainstream of most business and government operations, reaching even everyday back-office functions—predicts DMI. Read this e-book to learn what trends DMI’s top AI/ML experts believe you should be paying attention to in 2020 across 5 key industries.

  • Chatbots to Conversational Interfaces

    Talking to machines can produce impressive hands-off results, currently. That is, until you overwhelm their language processing capabilities. Read this white paper to learn why gears are shifting from natural language processing (NLP) to natural language understand (NLU).

  • Constantly Evolving: A Vision for Retail Success in the 2020s

    In a hyper-crowded and competitive industry like retail, brand loyalty is everything, which creates demand for applications that deliver a modernized customer experience. Download this whitepaper for insights into 5 benefits of DMI’s application optimization framework that’s designed for the rapid pace of retail operations.

  • Why Computing is Moving to the Network Edge

    Edge computing gives companies the power to analyze the behavior of people and machines in real time to a degree that’s impractical or impossible for conventional client-server networks. But how should you go about implementing it? Find out in this white paper.

  • 7 Do’s and Dont's for a Successful Cloud Architecture

    With 80% of business expected to move away from data centers by 2025, cloud architecture will be a key determining factor in your ability to create a competitive advantage moving forward. Read these 7 do’s and don’ts of cloud architecture to make sure your cloud aligns with IT operations and business goals for the future.

  • A DMI Consumer Survey

    Discover key findings from a consumer practices survey, and actionable guidance from experts on e-commerce, CX, AI and more by reading this white paper—and then turn the insights into CX improvements that deliver added consumer convenience.

  • Measuring Agile Success: It’s All About Priorities

    While agile has taken over as the future for flexible development project management, it still tends to fall short to waterfall methods in terms of measuring success. Take this whitepaper which gives your 4 ways to measure your agile methods, and optimize using the correct metrics.

  • 8 Most Important AI and Analytics Trends of 2019

    Organizations looking to embrace AI and analytics trends should start with a well-thought-out roadmap. Read this white paper for 8 current top trends in AI and analytics, as well as advice on how to “walk before you run” towards your ambitious AI initiatives.

  • From Connected to Autonomous

    Powered by data science and artificial intelligence, vehicles are becoming mobile platforms and AI conduits that anticipate human needs to enrich their travel experiences. Read this white paper to find out how auto manufacturers can best adapt to these changing demands and exceed consumer expectations.

  • A Strategic Framework for Digital Transformation in the 2020s

    Old-school IT consulting frameworks are stuck in the past, and can quickly fall out of step with today's fast-moving technology. Jump inside this eBook to explore the shortcomings of conventional IT consulting methodologies amid today's increasingly complex technology architecture – and how to fill those gaps in the 2020s.

  • CX in Retail: Making Personalization Work While Protecting Customer Privacy

    Inside, discover how to make personalization work for your retail organization without compromising customer privacy. Uncover the digital technologies moving retailers closer to seamless digital experience, and review 4 ways to keep your customer secure throughout the personalization process.

  • Is Your Retail Environment Ready for Headless Commerce

    Read this white paper to find out how headless commerce can simplify and improve CX by decoupling the customer experience from background functions and redirections.

  • The 5-Stage Journey to Enterprise AI

    Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to enterprise AI yet—but, you can read this white paper for 5 crucial phases of the journey towards enterprise AI/ML to get started now.

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