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  • Top 3 Productivity Killers and How to Overcome Them

    With the desired innovation that IT projects aim to deliver, there comes the seemingly inevitable tedious tasks that project teams waste so much of their time on. Download these 10 tips to learn the best ways to combat inefficient processes, and complete tedious tasks in a way that frees up your teams to work on project critical assignments.

  • Top Reasons Why Project Management Offices Still Fail and How to Protect Yours

    Top project managers agree that consistently aligning projects with organizational goals is critical to executing projects that meet stakeholder expectations. Download this checklist of mistakes most commonly seen in failed project management programs, and ensure you won't succumb to them in your own PM efforts.

  • Six Things That Derail a Project and How to Avoid Them

    Download this whitepaper where 6 project management experts, leaders and consultants get into the details of 6 major project management mistakes you need to avoid for project success.

  • 5 Emerging Trends in the Construction Industry

    Rising project delivery expectations places new demands on construction workforces that require new innovation to keep up. Download this white paper for 5 ways IT can help streamline construction project, while doing it safely and cheaper than traditional methods.

  • Effective PMO Efforts Challenging the Status Quo

    Recent research shows that there is a 55% gap in project performance expectations, and a project's ability to deliver on them. Download this e-book with best practices on overcoming project delays and barriers stunting project success.

  • Improve Project Efficiency With Increased Engagement & Collaboration

    A recent project management study confirms that roughly 66% of companies that improved their project management approach saw an increase in revenue and new customers. Download this checklist for you to revise project management tactics, and meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Ensure Consistent Processes for Project Success

    One of the biggest keys in project management success lies in your preparation for each project and task required. Download this checklist to make sure you get your project management prepared the right way, so you can execute with precision.

  • Agile Project Management 101

    If you're managing work projects, you should consider adopting a standard project management method to improve the likeliness of success—but with so many different methods available, how are you to know which one is best for your specific needs? Read this E-book to find out.

  • 5 Ways Technology Can Transform Government Operations

    In this whitepaper, learn how governments and agencies can improve the success rate of their transformation journey by switching to a reliable cloud-based application. Review your software options with Smartsheet, and discover how cloud-based applications can help your organization drive progress towards digital transformation in 5 critical ways.

  • Are Your Construction Projects at Risk?

    In this e-book, learn if your construction company can keep up with the changing industry landscape by reviewing 10 questions that determine the risk of your existing projects. Learn 5 ways to help your construction projects stay on track and on budget, and achieve construction project success with Smartsheet.

  • 4 Critical Principles of Enterprise Security

    What's the key to effective enterprise security? In this white paper, explore the 4 critical principles of effective enterprise security. Review the importance of a multi-layered data security strategy, and learn how to manage your security at scale.

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