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  • Delivering Business Value With Automation and Cognitive AI from IPsoft

    Companies still maintaining unaddressed, fundamental questions regarding ROI and metrics tracking should act now or risk falling behind competitors—read this white paper to learn the real returns you can expect from an AI rollout.

  • Allstate Transforms its Call Centers with Amelia

    Intending to remain competitive with digitally-native insurance startups, the company decided to optimize its customer service using IPsoft's Amelia. Read this case study to find out how this investment translated into a substantial increase in total productivity, with 75% of inquiries being solved by Amelia itself alone.

  • Conversing with AI – Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA)

    Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) are a hot discussion at the moment, offering next-level customer service automation while eliminating the robotic "if-then" approaches of more dated bot tech. IPsoft Amelia has been receiving high ratings and critical acclaim in the IVA market, read the report to find out why.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations, Q2 2019

    In Forrester's evaluation of the emerging market for standalone chatbots in IT operations, they identify the 8 most significant providers in the category and lay out how they stack up against 10 important criteria. Read the report here for detailed findings that can help you make the critical buying decision in IT chatbots.

  • Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Read this white paper to learn how you can reimagine the employee experience (EX) in the age of artificial intelligence—and leverage the power of analytics, automation, and conversational interfaces to support your workforce.

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Freedom to be Human

    Read this white paper to learn how AI is changing the world—or more specifically, how it is changing our workflows and job roles, allowing for more innovation in our day-to-day.

  • How Conversational Banking is Transforming the Customer Experience

    Read this white paper to learn how IPsoft's intelligent virtual assistant, Amelia, partners with other applications to deliver a personalized customer experience that differentiates businesses in crowded markets.

  • How RPA Can Help Your Business

    Read this white paper to learn more about the roles AI and RPA are taking in the modern enterprise, and why so many companies are seeing huge productivity increases, as well as other critical benefits.

  • What is a Virtual Agent?

    When combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities become much broader for traditional virtual agents—read this white paper to find out more about modern intelligent virtual agents and their capabilities.

  • The Cognitive-Enabled IT Service Desk

    Read this white paper to learn how leveraging live chat and cognitive AI can improve IT service desk scalability to better deal with volume concerns and future-proof the department.

  • Training Amelia, Our Cognitive AI System

    Read this white paper to learn how IPsoft trains its Amelia AI to provide a comprehensive and customer-friendly AI platform that can revolutionize the contact center.

  • Transformative CX (TCX)

    Businesses that intend to differentiate themselves from competitors in the era of digital transformation (DX) will want to back their customer experience (CX) with cognitive automation technologies. Read this white paper to discover why current markets are demanding that CX begin dramatically transforming to meet evolving consumer demands.

  • DWS 2018 Video: Karine Brunet, Vodafone

    Watch this video to learn how Vodafone then increased the scope of Amelia's job description to the point that she was assisting 58% of contacts looking for help, most of which did not require human intervention.

  • Using Cognitive Tech To Connect Customers To Business Operations

    Read this white paper to learn how a unified approach to customer experience (CX) can enable organizations to enhance their understanding of customer needs and future demands—allowing businesses to remain competitive as markets change and grow.

  • Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Businesses that drive EX-centric initiatives are 4x more profitable than those that don't. So, how do businesses drive better organization-wide employee engagement? Read this white paper to find out.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019

    Read this Forrester New Wave for a head-to-head of top conversational AI vendors compared against 10 critical scoring criteria, and decide which vendor can best improve your customer experience.

  • Tomorrow's AI-Enabled Banking

    In this white paper, learn how banks that harness AI and other cognitive technology can combat digital disruption and gain a competitive advantage. Discover how AI is set to impact the banking industry in the future, and decide if AI is right for your retail banking organization.

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