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  • NTT Video 2

    As hybrid cloud adoption continues its rise to the top, changing regulatory and compliance obligations are complicating the journey. In the 2021 Hybrid Cloud Report, discover how global organizations are overcoming these hurdles and fully utilizing hybrid cloud for IT agility, security, and operational efficiency. Download the report here.

  • NTT Video 1

    88% of business and IT leaders agree that COVID-19 has accelerated their digital transformation strategy. Flip through this resource library to learn more about the new priorities that have been brought on by this global digital transformation and the role service providers play to help enable organization’s technology strategies.

  • SD-WAN migration in a connected world

    SD-WAN has emerged as the optimum approach for organizations looking to take full advantage of the benefits offered by cloud and internet services. SD-WAN, however, is not a plug-and-play proposition. In this white paper, uncover 12 steps a successful SD-WAN migration.

  • Expanding The Intelligent Workplace From The Office And IT To OT With Augmented Reality

    For Hirschmann Automotive, reducing downtime at its global manufacturing facilities is of critical importance. In this case study, learn how using RealWear augmented reality headsets and Cisco Webex Expert on Demand software, they can link technicians at production facilities with experts across the globe.

  • Enhance Employee Experience For Secure Distributed Working

    The rapid shift to a more distributed workforce has driven a new approach to the workplace. Explore the shift to remote work, and some key considerations to help you craft the ideal hybrid work environment, in this eBook.

  • 10 Great practices to manage your multicloud environment

    Multicloud environments are now a cornerstone of enterprise IT environments. Now, CIOs are searching for ways to get a clear picture of business objectives, constraints, and deliverables associated with their multicloud space. Discover 10 ways to manage your multicloud environment here.

  • Unlocking the business value of your applications

    82% of organizations agree that CX offers a competitive advantage, with 58% considering it a primary differentiator. Visibility and performance management (VPM) can give your applications the backbone they need to offer the best experience to your users and customers. Download this white paper to dig further on VPM and what it could deliver.

  • Why having a cloud management platform is essential

    Cloud-based applications are an effective way to optimize IT costs, meet rapidly changing customer needs, and manage a diverse set of departmental needs. The challenge is learning how to manage all these cloud applications. This guide breaks down why exactly a cloud management platform is essential to your enterprise IT strategy. Learn more here.

  • Future Disrupted: 2021 technology trends

    Download this 71 page Future Disrupted eBook to take a deep dive into the projected trends of 2021, including 5 digital business transformation trends, 6 top cybersecurity trends, 4 key trends impacting the technology services industry and more.

  • The CIO’s guide to Hybrid Cloud

    CIOs today must step out of their traditional role as the custodians of IT. Now, CIOs must actively journey through emerging technologies to drive revenue and provide more business value than ever before. Save this guide to explore the top 5 roles CIOs need to fill to take the business forward on its transformation journey and beyond.

  • 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report

    The pandemic has fundamentally changed best practices for workplace processes, methodologies, locations, technologies and designs. Download this eBook to explore some of the trends and recommendations for creating the ideal workplace—for remote employees and the ones that choose to return to the office.

  • Cbus embraces SD-WAN to power their digital transformation

    Cbus has undertaken a multi-year transformation program putting in place the technology platforms they need to meet their member’s evolving customer service expectations. Underpinning this digital capability is a secure, private SD-WAN environment designed, deployed and managed with the help of NTT Ltd. Download this case study to learn more.

  • Managed Network Service for Cisco SD-WAN

    NTT Ltd.’s Managed Network Service for Cisco SD-WAN delivers a dynamic application aware infrastructure designed to maximize the potential of multi or hybrid cloud environments. Download this data sheet to learn more about the partnership.

  • Transform wide area networking (WAN) for cloud

    In this white paper, learn how NTT’s SD-WAN solution can help securely connect your users to applications no matter where they reside, with the optimum blend of private and public connectivity options, improving operational efficiency and business agility.

  • NTT and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partner to transform customer experience

    In a competitive environment, where digital disruption is the norm, remaining relevant means not just adopting the latest tech, but embracing it. In this short video, learn how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) was able to not only improve their network but also enhance their service with the help of their partnership with NTT.

  • 2020 Global Network Insights Report

    In this 2020 Global Network Insights Report, gain an understanding of how the network landscape has evolved over the last 5 years and explore the readiness of today’s networks to support and accelerate business.

  • SD-WAN: A network fit for the digital economy

    The corporate network is facing unprecedented pressure from the growth of cloud, mobility, voice, and video traffic. To address these network challenges, many organizations are adopting SD-WAN. In this infographic, explore the benefits of SD-WAN.

  • SD-WAN migration in a connected world

    SDN in the wide area network (SD-WAN) has emerged as the optimum approach for organizations looking to take full advantage of the benefits offered by cloud and internet services. SD-WAN, however, is not a plug-and-play proposition. In this white paper, discover 12 steps to help you smoothly transition to SD-WAN.

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