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  • The Definitive Guide to Secure Collaborative Tools

    Secure collaboration has become necessary in a world in which both remote work and security threats are increasing. In 2019, the FBI reported that $26 billion had been lost to business email compromise in the last three years. Explore this white paper for valuable information to how keep your office environment protected.

  • Stop Targeted Attacks and Data Loss on G Suite

    Today’s cloud-delivered email inboxes require deliberate security measures that go above and beyond traditional on-prem email security practices and tools. Download this solution brief to learn more about Armorblox for G Suite, designed to prevent targeted cyberattacks and data loss on cloud-delivered email platforms.

  • Stop Phishing and Data Loss on Slack

    In this brief, learn how Armorblox for Slack can help to stop malicious URLs and attachments, prevent PII/PCI disclosures, and protect against lateral data loss across cloud applications.

  • Stop Targeted Attacks and Data Loss on Office 365

    In this brief, learn how Armorblox for Office 365 can help stop targeted email attacks, protect against direct and lateral data loss, and automate remediation of threats reported to the phishing/abuse mailbox.

  • Stop targeted attacks and data loss on Exchange

    While email is rapidly moving towards the cloud, most organizations opt for on-premise or hybrid deployments. Unfortunately, cloud-based email security solutions are often ill-equipped to protect hybrid inboxes. Download this solution brief to learn more about a cloud email security platform designed to stop targeted attacks and data loss.

  • Stop Phishing and Data Loss on Box

    While the widespread adoption of file-sharing applications – like Box – enable collaborative and agile communications, these tools also expose data visibility and security gaps. Download this solution brief to learn more about Armorblox for Box, a cloud security platform designed to prevent phishing attacks and data loss on Box.

  • Cool Vendors in Cloud Office Security

    As organizations continue to embrace the operational benefits of cloud office suites, security leaders need to ensure that data protection isn’t overlooked. In this Gartner report, take an in-depth look at four key vendors and their innovative approaches to cloud office security, email and collaboration.

  • WEBINAR: Protecting Against Coronavirus Email Fraud

    Socially engineered attacks are always aligned with what people are talking (or worried) about. So, it should come as no surprise that record amounts of cyberattacks have been using the current Coronavirus pandemic as a lure to cause disruptions. Watch this webinar to learn more about their tactics and how to spot them.

  • How Vendor Email Compromise Works

    The FBI updated their estimate of how much money was lost due to Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks to $26 billion over the past three years, making it one of the costliest forms of cyberattack. Recently, Vendor Email Compromise (VEC), a variant of BEC, has emerged. In this blog post, learn more about VEC and how it differs from BEC.

  • Payroll Fraud: When Direct Deposits Go Rogue

    One thing all employees can agree on the sense of accomplishment that comes on salary day. Imagine the feeling of disappointment upon realizing that a cybercriminal diverted your wages to their own account. Payroll fraud is a growing problem. In this white paper, take a closer look at what defines payroll fraud and what makes it successful.

  • Coronavirus Credential Phishing

    As the spread of the Coronavirus continues to create a sense of uncertainty, cyberattackers have been pushing their efforts to capitalize on people’s doubts and fears. In this white paper, dissect an example of a credential phishing attack: what theses attacks consist of, why it got through & how it was detected.

  • Augmenting Native Office 365 Email Security to Stop Targeted Email Attacks

    Email remains the top communication method within and among businesses. In order to take advantage of this, cyberattackers develop targeted campaigns that focus on tricking users into clicking on malware. In this white paper, learn how to complement your existing Office 365 security features with third-party services to stop email attacks.

  • Third-Party Security Controls Needed to Close Gaps in Native Email Security

    With the move to cloud-delivered email solutions and an expanding email threat landscape, email security is in a state of transformation and organizations are reconsidering their current email security controls. Tap into this ESG report to learn what 403 IT and security professionals have to say about their email security concerns.

  • Trends in Email Security

    Phishing attacks are on the rise this year and this ESG report has the numbers to prove it. Download the report to uncover email security trends for 2020 and learn how your organization can stay protected from targeted attacks such as business email compromise, account takeover, and impersonation.

  • Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

    Email attacks today are laser targeted and evade traditional detection by preying on human nature. That’s why organizations today need an email security platform that protects against targeted attacks such as BEC, account takeover, and executive impersonations. View this data sheet to learn about Armorblox’s platform features and benefits.

  • Armorblox shields enterprises from email-based social engineering attempts

    Email-based social engineering attacks remain a top threat to organizations. These attacks target users as their entry point for a breach, which traditional methods struggle to detect. In this white paper, take a closer look into Armorblox’s approach to email-based security by highlighting its key capabilities, use cases, and a SWOT analysis.

  • Securing the Human Perimeter with Natural Language Understanding

    The traditional notion of what constitutes a perimeter is disappearing, user behavior is evolving, and organizations are incorporating mobile workforces and remote devices. Applying adequate security today requires a change in mindset to focus on the human perimeter. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Securing the Human Layer

    While the advancement of technology has enabled organizations to enhance their productivity, it also exposes networks and users to security risks. This whitepaper highlights the flaws of modern security tactics and explores how incorporating AI is can safeguard the most crucial part of an organization – its people.

  • Product Overview

    In this product overview, take a closer look at the capabilities and features of Armorblox: A cloud-native email security platform that addresses the inbound and outbound security threats plaguing today’s email platforms. Read on to learn more.

  • Securing the Human Perimeter with Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

    Humans are the new perimeter. What exactly does that mean for your organization? Tune into this webinar to hear Doug Cahill from ESG discuss what the human perimeter is and how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can help secure it.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): A New Way to Fight Cyberattacks

    In this webcast, listen as Garret Bekker from 451 Research and Anand Raghavan from Armorblox discuss the email threat landscape and how Armorblox leverages deep learning and natural language understanding to deliver more comprehensive and accurate data security.

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