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  • 5 Ways AI Can Streamline Your T&E Processes

    Many companies struggle to manage expense policies efficiently and at scale. They either completely restrict employee purchases or create frustrating bureaucratic processes that require multiple reviews and manual checks. Fortunately, there’s a solution: AI-powered spend automation. Explore 5 ways AI can help you in this white paper.

  • 6 Ways to Reduce T&E Errors, Waste, and Fraud with AI

    Read this white paper to learn how AI-powered spend automation enables finance teams to accurately root out fraud, enforce compliance and prevent spend leakage—all without eating up time or budget.

  • How to ensure regulatory compliance with AI

    The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act can be stricter than you’d think, and its consequences are serious. Lawsuits, fines, and damage to your bottom line all present massive threats. Read this white paper to see if your company is at risk, and learn how AI can help.

  • How to manage AP spend with AI

    AI and machine learning have helped streamline a variety of processes, with accounts payable being one of those. Integrating AI into your AP process doesn’t just mean it will take less employees to perform necessary tasks—it means the whole process can be safer and more efficient. Read on to see how exactly AI can simplify your life.

  • How to Manage Travel & Entertainment Expenses with AI

    Download this white paper to learn how AI-powered spend automation can make it easier for your finance teams to detect and prevent fraudulent, mistaken, or out-of-policy spend.

  • 8 Ways Your AP Process Leaks Spend & How AI Can Prevent It

    If your AP team’s efforts to find problematic spend feels never-ending, you’re not alone — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn about 8 ways your AP process leaks spend, and how AI can prevent them in this white paper.

  • Expense report auditing: Then and now

    Expense auditing is an important component of risk management. This resource examines the process of expense auditing with and without artificial intelligence, and compares the success of either approach when it comes to compliance, streamlining processes, and reducing spend. Learn more about how A.I. effects expense auditing. Read the report now.

  • Five “Must Haves” for AI-powered Spend Auditing

    In recent years, modern finance teams have migrated toward spend automation. But, common problems, like spend leakage and non-compliance, and other inefficiencies, still exist. Read this white paper to see how AI-powered spend auditing can help.

  • Don’t Recover. Discover.

    Even if your spend management process is buttoned up, you will still have errors, waste, fraud, and regulatory violations lurking in your payments. Use this checklist to learn how to review business spend before you pay—and catch these problems before they grow into larger, more costly situations.

  • 15 Ways to Weed the Regulatory Violations Out of Your Spend

    How can your organization secure a seamless spend audit? View this checklist to uncover 15 ways to weed regulatory violations out of all spend prior to disbursement, and get the tools you need to secure a seamless spend audit.

  • The State of AI in Business Spend

    In this white paper, find out how incorporating AI in your spend audit approval process can help your organization increase efficiency and accuracy while lowering risks.

  • A Full Introduction to Star Match: Your Secret Weapon in AI-Based Spend Auditing

    How can you improve the success of your spend audit? Inside, explore how Star Match from AppZen can help your organization achieve a more accurate AI-powered spend audit. Review Star Match product features and benefits, and decide if Star Match is right for your organization.

  • The Most Common Types of Invoice Fraud and How to Prevent Them

    How can your business prevent falling prey to invoice fraud schemes? Knowing exactly what to look out for is an important first step. Download this e-book to learn about the most common types of invoice fraud and how to prevent them.

  • How to Create a Healthy Expense Report Culture

    In this white paper, discover the best practices for creating a healthy expense report culture. Gain a better understanding of where expense reporting goes wrong, and learn how to prevent poor expense report culture from developing within your organization.

  • How Mortenson Construction Uses Appzen to Improve Employee Expense Culture

    View this video to discover how AppZen's AI-based Expense Audit software helped one Minnesota-based construction company save time, money, and resources on audit expense reporting.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Spend Auditing for Dummies

    View this e-book to discover how AI can help your financial organization thrive. Review the essential building blocks of AI for modern financial teams, and explore how to use AI to reduce spend, streamline audit processes, and more.

  • 16 Critical Invoice Audit and Contract Compliance Use Cases

    Forward-thinking finance teams are embracing AI to audit their invoice-based spend by having it go through prior invoices in search of errors, fraud, contract violations—and more. Read this white paper for 16 critical invoice audit and contract compliance use cases that only AI can make possible.

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