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  • Have work-from-home expense policies been on your mind?

    Roughly 6 months into the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, companies around the world have been encouraging or requiring employees to work from home until the end of 2020 or mid 2021.Download this tip sheet to read about best practices on work-from-home expense policies so you can craft the policy that works for your company.

  • Finance Teams: A Guide to Improving Spend Management During COVID

    This paper looks at how COVID has changed the type of employee expenses claimed, how proactive expense policy definition can create a culture of trust, and provide five steps that finance teams can take to regain control, today and tomorrow. Download this whitepaper to learn more about these five steps.

  • Give managers on-demand visibility and control into their team's spend

    In this exclusive data sheet, learn how AI-powered Team Intelligence gives managers on-demand visibility into team spend, decreases the manager approval workload, and increases compliance. Save the data sheet here.

  • Achieve 100% policy compliance with AppZen Mastermind

    Powered by AppZen AI, Mastermind is a platform designed to give enterprise finance teams the power to automate their unique corporate spend policies and achieve 100% auditing on all expenses. Download this product overview to learn more about Mastermind and its features.

  • How employees feel about company expenses during COVID-19

    Throughout 2020, organizations have seen a significant shift in working habits. To better understand these changes, AppZen asked 1,000 participants a series of questions about how working from home has changed their expense claims. Explore their key findings in this report.

  • Transform your spend process with on-demand spend insights and benchmarks

    Intended for finance teams, AppZen is designed to give you AI-powered on-demand spend insights and benchmarks based on accurate, 100% audited spend data.Learn more about their offering in this product overview.

  • Case Study: How Electrolux transformed their T&E process

    Applying AI to financial processes can save you a lot of time, especially when it comes to auditing T&E. Just ask home appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, who recently implemented AppZen’s AI-powered audit platform. Watch this brief video to see how Electrolux streamlined their T&E process with AI, and the benefits they achieved

  • AI-powered expense auditing

    In this product overview, explore AppZen’s AI-powered expense auditing platform and how it can help you audit 100% of expenses in real-time.

  • 2020 Expense Policy Best Practices

    Expense management is a complicated and time-consuming process, but it’s also a crucial part of running a successful and compliant business. Explore 5 steps you can take today to improve your policy and align more closely to best practices in this white paper.

  • How to Identify Payables Savings Across Your Business

    In uncertain times, company cash is more critical than ever, and everything is on the table: financing, staffing, contracts, vendors, payment terms, and more. Reviewing payables with AI delivers instant ROI with savings opportunities in 100% of spend across all systems. Find out how in this white paper.

  • Become a Digital CFO

    Traditional CFOs focused primarily on the past. A new breed of CFOs—digital CFOs—are emerging as strategic, forward leaning advisors to the organization. Explore how the role is changing in this white paper.

  • Strengthen your Finance Function & Business Post-COVID-19

    What can CFOs learn from the current COVID-19 situation to better prepare for the future? Find out in this white paper, which offers expert tips for CFOs crafting a disaster recovery plan.

  • Prepare Yourself to Lead in Times of Crisis

    To be successful, CFOs must communicate clearly and effectively, build trust across the company, and have flexibility and control on business spend—especially during times of crisis. Download this chapter of the CFO Leadership Toolkit for tips on leading your organization through uncertain times, and explore the 5 key traits of a digital CFO.

  • What Changes Are on The Horizon for Finance Teams After This Crisis?

    What changes are on the horizon for finance teams after COVID-19? Find out in this brief video, which offers expert advice on building your business continuity plan.

  • How can CFOs Better Prepare Business Uncertainty?

    COVID-19 has prompted many CFOs to re-evaluate their business continuity plans. Follow the tips outlined in this webcast to help ensure you’re better prepared for similar situations in the future.

  • How Should CFOs Communicate In This Uncertain Time?

    If you’re a CFO struggling to communicate with your employees throughout this uncertain time, you’re not alone. Explore tips on how you can communicate messages effectively in this brief video.

  • Communicate Effectively in a Crisis

    How can CFOs communicate effectively during this incredibly difficult and uncertain time? Find out in this white paper, which explores 4 steps for communicating in a crisis, as well as 3 key tips for successful message delivery.

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