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  • 5 Reasons Why Virus Protection Software Isn't Enough

    Cyberattacks are troubling more and more business each year, and while most organizations opt for some sort of virus protection software, these platforms are unable to provide the security necessary to detect and thwart attacks. In this article, uncover the 5 reasons why virus protection software isn’t enough.

  • 2019’s Most Convincing Phishing Emails

    In this blog from INKY, look at the 6 most convincing phishing email examples they found with their Phish Fence in 2019. These examples from believable people and companies can help you and your employees see what to look out for this year.

  • How Phishing Security Software is Different from Email Security Software

    All legacy email security apps on the market have value and are useful within the space that they operate. However, there are many differences between traditional email security software and anti-phishing software platforms. Read on to learn more.

  • 5 Examples of Phishing Emails That Killed Companies

    In this article, uncover the 5 most costly phishing attacks of the last few years.

  • 2019 End of Year Email Phishing Report

    Traditional email security products block plenty of phishing emails. But new research shows that hundreds, if not thousands, of potentially dangerous emails per company get through every year. Download INKY’s 2019 End of the Year Report for insights on evolving phishing attacks and new countermeasures.

  • Executive Report: Phishing by the Numbers

    View this report that breaks down some of the critical phishing attack statistics for the past year and reveals the 7 most common phishing themes to watch out for in 2020.

  • Understanding Phishing: Fake Attachments

    Malicious fake attachments are a trend that has security pros on the alert.So how can you spot them at first glance and before they do serious damage? This special phishing report for security pros reveals exactly how it’s done.

  • 2019 Special Phishing Report

    Just a single phishing attack can cost an organization hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. In this 2019 Special Phishing Report, discover how many phishing emails still breach the leading email protection systems, and why identifying and blocking these attacks still poses such a challenge.

  • 2019 IT Guide: Securing Email

    Email, given its external, internal, and collaborative application is uniquely susceptible to cyberattacks in the form of phishing. One way to protect your organization from a phishing attack is to implement a 2-pronged email security approach. In this white paper, learn how to implement this technique and see how INKY's Phish Fence can help.

  • The 6 Most Common Types of Phishing Attacks

    Phishing attacks are on the rise and attackers are constantly evolving their tactics to trick victims. In this white paper, explore 6 of the most common types of phishing attacks.

  • Understanding Phishing Attacks: Confusable Domains

    Phishing scammers are nothing if not clever. There has been a constant stream of devious innovation from attackers. One technique that attackers commonly use is confusable domains. In this white paper, learn how confusable domains work and how INKY Phish Fence can prevent confusable domain attacks at your organization.

  • Reduce the Risk of Phishing Attacks on Your Company

    Every employee with an email address within your organization is a risk to your business. How those employees react to a phishing attempt can be critical to the success or destruction of your business. In this blog, learn how INKY Phish Fence can help reduce the risk of phishing attacks on your company.

  • Why Training Is Not Enough to Stop Phishing Emails

    According to the FBI, phishing-based email accounted for more than $12 billion in fraud in just the last 5 years. In this blog, learn how Inky Phish Fence can help your organization prevent phishing attacks by scanning every internal and external email.

  • Are You Getting Phishing Attacks in Outlook?

    IT security and infrastructure personnel are seeing a high volume of phishing attacks every day. This is why phishing alerts and anti-phishing software are so important. However, even if your organization uses phishing alerts in Outlook, they might not be solving the problem. In this blog, learn how INKY can help solve your phishing attack problem.

  • Spear Phishing Attacks: The #1 Cyberthreat

    Spear phishing is the most popular email fraud and scam method used today. In this blog, learn how a spear phishing attack works and how organizations can prevent it.

  • Common Office 365 Email Security Issue: Phishing

    Discover the common Office 365 email security attacks that have been infiltrating businesses emails.

  • How Spear Phishing Targets the C-Suite

    In this resource learn about the leading tactics and costs of spear phishing, as well as anti-phishing solutions to help protect you from email phishing and malware concerns.

  • What Is Phishing and What Are Top CISOs Doing About It?

    In the last year, different types of phishing attacks have begun to emerge. One example is a wire transfer scam in which attackers steal money from companies after suggesting an overdue bill or unpaid invoice. Download this blog to explore different types of phishing attacks and see what businesses can do to prevent them.

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