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  • 4 Cybersecurity Essentials that Your Board of Directors Wants to Know

    In this white paper, discover the 4 insights Cymulate provides based on quantifiable metrics to help you explain your current cybersecurity posture, defensibility, priorities, and ROI in ways that are most meaningful to your executive audience.

  • How Targeted Cyberattack Simulations Differ from Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Scanning

    Organizations of all shapes and sizes are fighting a war against threat actors. Currently, organizations use vulnerability scans and penetration tests to verify that their data is protected. However, a targeted attack simulation may be a better test for your organization. Download this white paper to learn more about targeted attack simulations.

  • The 3 Approaches of Breach and Attack Simulation Technologies

    Until recently, the security professional's arsenal of testing tools has mainly consisted of vulnerability scanners and manual pen testing. But that has changed since Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) technology has become available. Read on to learn about the different categories of BAS technologies to select the best one for your organization.

  • Telit Challenges Security Controls with Cymulate's Breach & Attack Simulation

    In this case study, Telit utilizes Cymulate's breach and attack modules for the most common cyberattack vector, incoming email, and also the Hopper (Lateral Movement) module that finds gaps within an enterprise's domain.

  • Testing for Compliance Just Became Easier

    Compliance regulations originated as efforts to ensure data security, but they have morphed into overwhelming challenges for IT and security teams. In this white paper, learn how Cymulate's Breach and Attack Simulation can ensure your organization is audit-ready while also measuring the level of risk across your threat vectors and infrastructure.

  • Breach and Attack Simulation Made Simple

    Download this white paper to learn about Cymulate's SaaS-based Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform. It tests both internal and external system defenses and shows exactly where you're exposed and how to fix it quickly.

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