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  • Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

    To help your team better understand the unique security needs of hybrid cloud environments, this Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms offers recommendations for a risk-based approach to developing a server workload protection strategy.

  • Rethink Firewalls: The Compelling Economic Case for Software-Based Segmentation

    Why are IT and security teams still relying on legacy firewalls to do internal network segmentation? As policy-protected applications and segments proliferate, physical firewall appliances are proving ineffective in today’s increasingly dynamic hybrid-cloud environments. Read this white paper to learn about software-based segmentation.

  • Securing Assets Using Micro-Segmentation: A SANS Review of Guardicore Centra™

    With the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of organizational environments, IT professionals are left to wonder how to prevent the threat of network attacks. Enter microsegmentation: a network security architecture that laterally moves unapproved connections. Fewer permissions, less vulnerability. Dive into this SANS report to learn more.

  • Protecting Workloads and Hybrid in Multi-Cloud Environments

    Businesses may be moving to the cloud, but with 98% of enterprises running on-premise servers, data centers aren’t going anywhere. A hybrid cloud model uses both on-prem data centers and a public cloud to optimize functionality. Read this white paper for information on how to keep these dual-workloads secure.

  • Securing a Hybrid Environment with Strategic Microsegmentation

    71% of US organizations have reported suffering at least one data breach. What’s worse is that attacks are getting smarter every year, and so new security methods are needed to protect against them, especially in a hybrid cloud environment. This white paper gives a background of microsegmentation as well as 5 steps to do it successfully.

  • Using Network Segmentation and Microsegmentation to Improve Enterprise Defense

    Security architects have historically taken an absolute approach to defense. Namely, if they build an impenetrable wall, then no one can get in. The problem is that if a mistake is made and the wall breached, everything behind it is at risk. This webcast covers microsegmentation, which builds many secure compartments rather than one wall.

  • Cybersecurity for Community Banks and Credit Unions

    In order to meet customer expectations for cybersecurity as well as regulatory requirements, financial institutions like banks and credit unions are putting the security of sensitive data at the top of their priorities. In this white paper, explore key challenges these financial institutions are facing and how to overcome them.

  • Software Defined Segmentation Done Easily, Quickly and Right

    Recently there has been a realization that traditional methods of segmentation like VLANs and Firewalls are not suitable for today’s rapidly changing enterprise environments. In this webinar, Dave Klein of Guardicore discusses everything you need to know about modern software-defined segmentation.

  • Simplifying and Accelerating Segmentation at Community Financial Institutions

    With the financial services industry stressing the importance of cybersecurity, community financial organizations should not let a lack of resources hold them back from achieving security. This white paper highlights the challenges faced by community institutions and explores the benefits of segmentation for scalable, effective security.

  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    The AWS Shared Responsibility Model (SRM) can make it easy to understand your choices for protecting your unique AWS environment. In this white paper learn how you can full visibility, threat intelligence and automation with SRM.

  • Protecting Workloads in AWS with Comprehensive Segmentation

    When considering the integration of a new cloud environment, it isn’t surprising that an organization needs to also reconsider their security program. While many organizations avoid cloud services due to a perceived security gap, this is a common misconception. Read this white paper to discover how to protect critical workloads in AWS.

  • Zero Trust: What it Means and How to Get There Faster

    Given the rate at which breaches are growing in their volume and sophistication, it’s become critical for organizations to rethink how they structure their security. As a result of this shift in focus, the zero-trust concept is growing in popularity. Read this white paper to uncover the highlights and core principles of zero-trust.

  • Micro-segmentation: Accelerate growth while enabling zero trust adoption

    Microsegmentation has a strong reputation in hybrid-cloud environments due to its ability to secure critical assets and restrict communication across a heterogeneous IT ecosystem. Learn about best practices for establishing microsegmentation, and how to get started with it in this white paper.

  • A guide to implementing micro-segmentation in hybrid and multi- cloud data centers

    Download this white paper for tips on how to implement microsegmentation in hybrid clouds. Also, learn about tools and products that can help simplify the process.

  • VMware NSX vs. Guardicore Centra: Comparing segmentation platforms

    Download this white paper for a comparison of 2 leading microsegmentation providers: Guardicore Centra Security Platform and VMware NSX. It explores their features, benefits and challenges.

  • Securing modern data centers & clouds with micro-segmentation

    Once the data center is breached, it's game over. Inside, learn how to re-evaluate your data center's security architecture and shift its focus towards application-layer visibility, micro-segmentation, automated response capabilities, and more.

  • Who delivers faster & more cost-effective segmentation? A comparison guide of Guardicore Centra vs. VMware NSX

    Download this report for a comparison between 2 popular microsegmentation solutions, the Guardicore Centra Security Platform and VMware NSX, to learn about their features and what they can do for you.

  • How to choose the right micro-segmentation provider

    As micro-segmentation grows in popularity, there are a number of options to choose from for security operations, from the vendors themselves to the tools and processes they offer. Download this white paper to explore the essential elements to consider before choosing a micro-segmentation provider today.

  • The Benefits of micro-segmentation in modern enterprise environments

    The idea of segmentation for security is nothing new but, the increases in virtualization, SDNs, and the use of cloud infrastructure have created a new set of security issues. In this white paper, learn how if you use the right techniques, micro-segmentation can address the shortcoming of alternative network segmentation approaches.

  • 7 steps to operationalize your micro-segmentation deployment

    Micro-segmenting your networks is a good idea because it creates secured, isolated zones, thus reducing the organizational attack surface. However, a key aspect of a successful micro-segmentation project is making sure you're prepared. In this white paper, explore 7 steps to operationalize your micro-segmentation deployment.

  • Reduce your attack surface using Guardicore Centra Security Platform

    Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. Although this transformation is helping many organizations, it is also creating a larger security attack surface. In this data sheet, learn how Guardicore Centra Security Platform can help organizations apply micro-segmentation controls to reduce their attack surface.

  • Navigating the path to secure micro-segmentation in hybrid and multi-cloud data centers

    The path to implementing micro-segmentation isn't a straight line; without the right approach to discovering, understanding and controlling application flows you can encounter several challenges. In this solution brief, learn how Guardicore Centra Security Platform can help you successfully navigate the path to micro-segmentation in 3 steps.

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