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  • Kubernetes Security and Observability

    Do you want to know how to secure and troubleshoot your cloud-native applications? This e-book, Kubernetes Security and Observability, will take you through the full breadth of new cloud-native approaches for establishing security and observability for applications running on Kubernetes. Read the e-book to learn more.

  • Calico Open Source

    As a highly adopted networking and security solution for container and Kubernetes, Calico Open Source has grown to be the most widely adopted solution for container networking and security, powering 2M+ nodes daily across 166 countries. Tap into this product overview to fully understand what you can do with Calico.

  • Active Security For Your Cloud-Native Applications

    Active cloud-native application security is built on 3 pillars: Threat prevention, threat detection, threat mitigation. This 3-part architecture is the security model required to keep cloud-native applications secure. Watch this video to learn how Calico Cloud manifests this model in a real-world scenario.

  • A better way: Purpose-built, full-stack observability for microservices

    In this paper, explore requirements and common troubleshooting techniques for microservices, including the pros and cons of each approach. Read on to learn more.

  • Security and observability for containers and Kubernetes

    This guide provides you with a checklist for securing, observing, and troubleshooting cloud-native containerized workloads running on Kubernetes, and details on how to implement it. Read on to get started.

  • A step-by-step guide for implementing microsegmentation

    Unlike traditional applications that rely on network-based segmentation, cloud-native applications require a dynamic policy driven approach to segment their workloads. Read this white paper to gain a step-by-step guide for implementing microsegmentation for modern cloud-native workloads.

  • PCI compliance for Hosts, VMs, containers, and Kubernetes

    Whether you are using Hosts, VMs, Containers, or Kubernetes, Calico can help you achieve granular visibility into your cloud environment, address security risks and meet PCI compliance and audit requirements. Read this white paper to learn how Calico supports PCI compliance requirements.

  • SOC 2 security compliance for hosts, VMs, containers and Kubernetes

    In this white paper, Tigera presents the issues containers face in meeting SOC 2 regulations. Their offering Calico presents a potential solution to this problem by monitoring containerized applications and providing evidence of compliance. Access the PDF to learn more about how containers can more easily and effectively meet SOC 2 compliances.

  • Best practices: Workload access controls for containers & Kubernetes

    As containers continue to be integrated at an unprecedented rate, the proper security measures have not been able to keep up. In this white paper, Tigera breaks down the issue containers present to cybersecurity, and provides an overview of the different possible solutions. Download the full PDF to learn more.

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