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  • Global manufacturers get serious about sustainability

    More and more discrete manufacturers are adopting sustainable, circular and service-oriented practices, making the trend clear: Going green is not just in style—it’s helping manufacturers transform. Use this guide to learn more about the pros and cons of going green and pursuing more sustainable manufacturing processes.

  • Agility In HR: 4 Ways You Can Drive Agile Ways Of Working

    Agility and flexibility are essential to today’s HR. This eBook provides HR teams with effective ways to drive agile working, ensuring your workforce is productive and performing at its best, even during times of rapid change. Save the eBook here.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage X3 Solution For Manufacturing Organisations

    Access this Forrester Total Economic Impact report to learn how the end-to-end ERP Sage X3 pays for itself within 6 months, results in an ROI of 250%, and provides comprehensive benefits across the whole of your manufacturing process—from financial management to supply chain and production management.

  • The People Team Of Tomorrow

    Read this white paper to learn the 4 HR skills needed for the future of work and discover real life examples of experts building success around these principles.

  • Innovation In Distribution

    How can distributors ensure they’re adapting successfully to a lean, direct-to-consumer (DTC) landscape? Access this guide to explore best practices for continuous optimization, tips to help distributors see success in the new DTC market, and the components required for a DTC strategy.

  • The Quick Guide To Payroll Compliance

    How are you keeping up with the ever-changing compliance factors impacting the payroll function? This guide looks at frequent compliance challenges as reported by payroll experts, and offers best practices and solutions to help your payroll function run smoothly and confidently.

  • Digital Transformation In Distribution

    Download this eBook to review insights from Sage and IDC on the status of digital transformation in distribution, as well as tips for success.

  • Sage X3 Buyer’s Guide

    In industries like manufacturing and distribution, replacing an ERP system plays a significant role in digital transformation. Download this white paper to learn about the importance of replacing ERP systems as well as how to replace your ERP, characteristics to look for, and more.

  • Manufacturer’s Guide To Cost Efficiency Through Technology

    Manufacturers are feeling more and more pressure to measure stock control and business forecasting, improve transaction data accuracy, and manage compliance across reporting. This interactive guide highlights the key technological features required to overcome these challenges today’s manufacturers are facing. Save the guide here.

  • Remote Working

    Remote work is no longer an incentive for employers to use to attract talent. Now, it’s the cornerstone of many organizations—and for good reason. By embracing remote working, companies can see lower turnover rates and higher engagement. Explore more benefits in this guide to navigating the new world of remote work.

  • The Data-Driven Finance Leader

    Financial leaders have a lot to gain by making informed, data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, many financial leaders are left constructing historical tales with their data—not driving innovation that will improve tomorrow’s bottom line. Read on to learn how you can become a data-driven finance leader, using data to predict rather than react.

  • Outcome Metrics Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World

    Amid increasing demand for transparency and accountability, today’s nonprofits are seeking ways to produce and demonstrate successful outcomes. To meet this demand, organizations are increasingly embracing outcome. Learn about outcome metrics and how your nonprofit can get started with them in this eBook.

  • The Wholesale Distribution Handbook Summary

    Download this white paper to learn about the shift to modern ERP, and how it can help you manage growth and business complexity amid DX.

  • Wholesale and distribution – where customer is king

    Read this eBook to get an in-depth look at Sage Software’s new ERP technology, Enterprise Management, and how it can help you better cope with changing business needs.

  • The Future of Wholesale Distribution Using technology to drive quality

    How can wholesale distributors become more productive, efficient, and build stronger experiences for customers? It starts with the right business management solution. Read this infographic to see how Sage X3 can help wholesale distributors stand up to the modern challenges of manufacturing and meet customer demands.

  • A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation

    In this infographic, learn about the challenges facing wholesale distributors today, and how Sage X3 can help you come out successful.

  • The Future of Wholesale Distribution Summary

    Learn about Sage X3 and how it can help you stand up to current distribution challenges in this white paper.

  • The Future of Wholesale Distribution Using technology to drive quality Summary

    See how Sage X3 can help you stand up to the challenges of wholesale distribution in this white paper.

  • The Future of Wholesale Distribution

    Digitizing your business is tough, especially for distribution companies that are responsible for handling inventory, forecasting, and logistics. Download this eBook to learn about the effects of digitization on wholesale distribution and explore tips for achieving a successful DX.

  • The Future of the Manufacturing CFO

    In manufacturing, the CFO role is evolving—mainly due to the rapid adoption of technologies that aim to optimize processes. Download this white paper to learn about the different ways AI, IoT, automation and more are re-shaping the role of CFO.

  • The Wholesale Distribution Handbook

    Modern ERP is the driver of digital transformation for a distribution business. Download this white paper to learn about the capabilities of modern ERP, and why it’s the basis for many distributors’ DX.

  • Using technology to drive quality

    Read this white paper to explore some of the challenges wholesale distributors face today, as well as what technologies, like Sage X3, can help you mitigate them

  • Be ready for the future today, with Sage X3

    See how Sage X3 can help you overcome distribution challenges to provide the best possible customer service in this white paper.

  • The Heart of Innovation

    For many manufacturing organizations, achieving Industry 4.0 means starting by transforming core applications, like their ERP system. Download this eBook to learn about the advantages of digitizing core applications first and how doing that can help support emerging technologies, like big data analytics, AI, automation and more.

  • The Internet of Things: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    Read this eBook to explore some of the challenges and risks surrounding IoT deployment, and get tips on crafting a successful implementation strategy.

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