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  • A Digital Inside and Out Platform for Insurers

    The insurance industry can have a bad rap when it comes to staying up to date with the latest technologies and processes. As the current pace of change adds pressure on insurers to adapt quickly—and as soon as possible. Insurance companies are using low-code platforms to begin their path to digitization. Learn more in this infographic.

  • AI, Automation, and the Modern Agent Desktop

    In order to meet new customer experience demands, organizations need to rethink how they are arming agents to deliver the value that customers expect. Watch this webcast to hear two CX experts talk about market trends that are changing the way organizations use customer service and about the 3 keys of valuable contact center customer experience.

  • Appian for Insurance: Customer Service Complaint Management

    To manage complaints effectively and meet regulatory requirements, insurers are shifting to low-code application development platforms. Low-code platforms allow a unified overview of cases and help quickly detect fraud events. Learn more about low-code and complaint management can unify for ensured compliance in this data sheet.

  • Air Force Achieves Mission Success with Enterprise Low-Code

    Low-code platforms allow developers to build applications from reusable components and without custom code. With KPI reporting, advanced metrics, and modernizing capabilities, low-code platforms can enhance public sector systems in little to no time. Learn more in this webinar.

  • Hyperautomation at Hyperspeed

    Tune into this webinar learn how intelligent automation is quickly proving its ROI in new applications, speeding delivery workflows, and more. Plus, take a closer look at intelligent automation deployment processes in a live demonstration of Appian’s automation platform.

  • Speed Up The Power of Intelligent Automation with Low-Code

    Low-code platforms grant organizations the ability to build high complexity applications in just days. These applications can range from integrations to bots to checklists – and once they’re built, they can be deployed everywhere. In this webinar, learn in detail what applications have been built with low-code and the timeline of each project.

  • How New Technologies Can Help Move Insurance into the Future

    Thanks to open frameworks, cheaper software, and simplified hardware, the barriers of entry have lowered for starting a digital business. In the insurance industry, companies are rushing to digitize. Learn about how insurance companies are utilizing AI, API, and low-code to improve their digital asset development. Watch the webinar here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Sarbanes-Oxley Internal Compliance and Controls

    Many business process management systems in insurance aren’t equipped to manage compliance effectively. Whether its GDPR, CCPA, or IFRS 17 compliance, meeting requirements and regulations can be a major challenge for insurers. In this brief, learn how a low-code platform can help ensure compliance and quality reporting. Download the brief here.

  • Accelerating the Digital Supply Chain Journey with Appian

    The traditional supply chain doesn’t have the customer in the center. To remedy this, organizations are shifting to a digitized supply chain, with cloud-based systems centered around the consumer. Learn how low-code platforms fit into the new digital supply chain in this webinar.

  • Appian for Insurance: Continuing Education Compliance

    For insurers, manually tracking license requirements can slow the entire process to a halt, while complex and unstructured spreadsheets invite errors and vulnerabilities. A low-code platform can provide you with a unified view of compliance, consolidated data, and consistent reporting. Learn more about taking control in this PDF.

  • Low-Code and Intelligent Automation Strategy at Department of Transportation

    Just like many other organizations seeking to modernize infrastrucutre, the Federal Transit Administration prioritized improving customer experience, enhancing security, and reducing costs. Using a low-code platform, the FTA met these business needs with the benefits of intelligent automation, governance, and DevOps. Watch the webinar here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Customer Correspondence Management

    Insurance companies manage countless numbers of sensitive customer data – data that is siloed and disparate. To combat this effect, insurers are taking the steps to deploy a digital approach to customer correspondence management. Even better, with a low-code platform, customer correspondence can be simplified and focused. Learn more in this guide.

  • Appian for Supply Chain

    Traditional supply chains face a host of challenges: siloed data, channel friction, poor analytics – the list goes on. With low-code app development, digital supply chains optimize processes with automation, modern UIs, and future-proof applications. Learn more about the low-code digital supply chain in this PDF.

  • Intelligent Automation: How is Next Generation Tech Changing Healthcare Delivery?

    In any healthcare setting, processes need to be quick and accurate. Automation can free up staff so that they can pay attention to patients rather than lagging computers. Low-code platforms can help these organizations build enterprise software apps focused on automation and ease of use. Watch the webinar here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Underwriting Authority Management

    For insurance companies, ensuring that underwriting authority information is correct, updated, and trusted is important to avoid financial risks. This white paper delves into advanced records management services, discussing how low-code platforms can help in the struggle to keep underwriting authority simple and secure. Read the paper here.

  • Property and Casualty Insurance: Appian Helps Insurers Become Digital First Organizations

    For Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, the options are no longer to either buy or build. A new option, a low-code application platform, can help unite siloed processes and streamline operations. This white paper explores how a low-code application platform can help organizations get leverage legacy systems and emerging tech. Read more here.

  • Life, Pension, and Annuity Companies

    The existing technologies at most life, pension, and annuity companies are slowing insurers down. Insurance organizations can consider combining existing systems with a low-code platform. Low-code help streamline operations, allow for digital transformation, and help ensure compliance regulations are met. Read more about the combination here.

  • Appian for Financial Services: SWIFT gpi Case Resolution

    Across the payment chain, time to resolution and investigation times add significant pressure on financial companies. There’s a growing need to reduce the complexity of cross-border transactions. Find out more about how low-code platforms help relieve the pressure by integrating automation and coordination. Read the full study here.

  • Appian For Insurance Intelligent Contact Center

    Whether it’s a new business quote, a billing inquiry, or a claim, insurers are transforming the way they deliver customer service with the help of automation, AI and other emerging technologies. Download this product sheet to learn about one contact center offering that utilizes all those technologies and more to offer the ultimate CX.

  • Appian for Insurance: IFRS 17 Processing

    With the new IFRS 17 model, insurance companies need to home in on ensuring compliance and meeting standard requirements. Insurance organizations are turning toward low-code application platforms for consistent and accurate reporting. Learn about the platform options by reading this brief.

  • Appian For Insurance Complex Policy Quotation

    Insurers are held back by legacy technology, which leaves them with streams of siloed tasks throughout the quoting and underwriting process. Read this whitepaper to learn about a solution that allows insurers to leverage their existing systems and streamline quoting processes for increased efficiency and productivity through 4 capabilities.

  • Appian For Insurance GDRP Compliance

    Failure to meet GDPR compliance could mean significant regulatory enforcement actions, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can use a low-code development tool to help ensure compliance today.

  • Five Ways Appian Helps Insurers Prepare for the Future

    In insurance, applications must be adaptable and fast – ready for any regulation change, customer need, or business innovation. In this guide, find out how a low-code development platform speeds up the application development process so that both customer and developer demands are met. Read the guide now to learn more.

  • Appian for Insurance: Consumer Insurance Privacy Regulations

    Compliance is the first on to-do list for insurance companies. With shifts in consumer privacy legislation, insurance companies must approach data with a clear commitment to privacy and consumer consent. In this brief, find out how a low-code platform can deliver speed, power, and compliancy to application development. Read the resource here.

  • CCW Market Study: Trends In Customer Experience Design & Strategy

    Improving customer experience (CX) continues to be a hot topic, and research shows there’s still a long way to go. Download this “Market Study on Customer Experience Trends, Design, and Strategy,” to learn how you can reboot your strategy and improve CX with findings from a recent study.

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