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  • Appian for Insurance: IFRS 17 Processing

    With the new IFRS 17 model, insurance companies need to home in on ensuring compliance and meeting standard requirements. Insurance organizations are turning toward low-code application platforms for consistent and accurate reporting. Learn about the platform options by reading this brief.

  • Make Experiences Effortless: Intelligent Contact Center

    If customer experience (CX) should be anything, it should be consistent. CX should remain reliable and stable. One way of achieving this is through a low-code platform – one that’s scalable and automated – ready for any change. Read this guide for insight into what an intelligent contact center based on a low-code platform can do.

  • Appian For Insurance Complex Policy Quotation

    Insurers are held back by legacy technology, which leaves them with streams of siloed tasks throughout the quoting and underwriting process. Read this whitepaper to learn about a solution that allows insurers to leverage their existing systems and streamline quoting processes for increased efficiency and productivity through 4 capabilities.

  • Appian For Insurance GDRP Compliance

    With the failure to meet GDPR compliance meaning significant regulatory enforcement actions, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can turn GDPR into a business opportunity and to see a GDPR Compliance chart that can keep you on top of regulation compliance.

  • Five Ways Appian Helps Insurers Prepare for the Future

    In insurance, applications must be adaptable and fast – ready for any regulation change, customer need, or business innovation. In this guide, find out how a low-code development platform speeds up the application development process so that both customer and developer demands are met. Read the guide now to learn more.

  • Appian for Insurance: Consumer Insurance Privacy Regulations

    Compliance is the first on to-do list for insurance companies. With shifts in consumer privacy legislation, insurance companies must approach data with a clear commitment to privacy and consumer consent. In this brief, find out how a low-code platform can deliver speed, power, and compliancy to application development. Read the resource here.

  • CCW Market Study: Trends In Customer Experience Design & Strategy

    Improving customer experience (CX) continues to be a hot topic, and research shows there’s still a long way to go. Download this “Market Study on Customer Experience Trends, Design, and Strategy,” to learn how you can reboot your strategy and improve CX with findings from a recent study.

  • Transforming Customer Experience in Financial Services

    In this webinar, Appian thought leaders Michael Heffner and Todd Marthaler discuss why some financial institutions struggle to create personalized experiences that drive satisfaction and how new technologies can help leverage existing investments while modernizing contact center CX.

  • How to Ensure a 360-Degree Customer View

    In this recorded webinar, hear from Appian Contact Center expert Todd Marthaler and eWEEK Market Expert Michael Kreiger on best practices to ensure customer service agents are armed with the exact data they need to deliver the very best customer experiences.

  • Transforming Customer Experience in Life Sciences

    Life Sciences organizations have complex environments filled with stringent and continually changing regulations but are still expected to provide customers with simpler processes and personalized experiences. Watch this webinar to learn why life sciences organizations struggle to provide an enjoyable CX, and how to prevent that.

  • The Appian Intelligent Contact Center

    Watch this webinar to learn how leading organizations are transforming their CX with a unified customer view, universal agents, and seamless customer engagement to deliver the CX modern customers expect.

  • Air Force Achieves Mission Success with Enterprise Low-Code

    The U.S. Air Force has 7 contract writing systems, and needed to consolidate them into a single interface. Watch this webinar as application development experts review how the U.S Air Force achieved this goals o quickly, while cutting potential spending substantially.

  • Quick Apps and Application Builder Create an Entire Application in Just Minutes… No Coding Required.

    Enterprises are constantly tasked with creating new platforms for operational functions or to meet new customer demands – the problem is the time required to build them. Download this whitepaper to see how your development teams could leverage low-code tools for rapid app development that will meet business critical requirements.

  • How to Transform Your Organization with Low Code

    With the emergence of low-code some development teams carry skepticism about its ability to fit their methods. Use this webcast to see 5 reasons your development teams could benefits from low-code tools, whether you’re running an Agile or DevOps development process.

  • Can Low-Code Satisfy Enterprise Requirements?

    Some enterprises may think their projects or requirements would be to challenging for low-code to totally satisfy – this misperception is will hold back enterprise innovation. View this webcast that dives into the 4 levels of enterprise low-code use, and realize the ways current enterprises have seen benefits from their own low-code usage.

  • Low-Code & DevOps

    Open this webinar for a demo of Appian’s new low-code DevOps tool that can help you build rich, complex apps more efficiently with analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • Create Stunning UIs That Everyone Will Enjoy and Anyone Can Build

    With low-code and no-code tools, businesses can use customizable or pre-made templates they can build out into complex and fully-functional UIs. Download this whitepaper to learn the 3 advantages of a low-code UI construction for those lacking the time to develop one ground up.

  • Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platform

    Many government and federal institutions rely on outdated legacy applications that are far from optimal – this is a new transformation priority for many agencies. Use this whitepaper on government low-code driven transformation, and take away 5 apps agencies can integrate and the 5 low-code components to focus on in this process.

  • Write Complex Business Rules in a No-Code Editor

    Creating complex business rules with decision tables is a time-consuming coding project that can bog down developers when having to write hundreds of lines of code. Download this whitepaper, which explains how low-code features reduce several development chores that come with decision table construction.

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation with Appian Platform

    80% of the President's FY2019 IT budget going towards modernizing the operational and maintenance inefficiencies and security risks. Download this whitepaper to consider these 6 features you should demand from a low-code tool during legacy infrastructure transformation projects.

  • Realizing the True Value of a Low‐Code Practice

    Open this IDC white paper to learn about low-code development platforms, and the time and money you could save by increasing the speed of development at your organization – without the need to know countless programming languages.

  • Integrating Appian with Salesforce

    How can businesses streamline Salesforce integration processes? Download this whitepaper for insights into how using a low-code solution like Appian can provide automated integration creating faster delivery and advanced case management.

  • Robotic Workforce Manager

    Download this brief datasheet to find out how you can empower line-of-business users with greater self-service tools and hands-on RPA capabilities.

  • Integrations and Connected Systems

    Connecting applications together for UI design purposes almost always requires labor-intensive coding to integrate different systems seamlessly. Download this whitepaper which illustrates 5 key features of an Appian Integrations tool which makes a connected systems project simple with no-coding.

  • HR Service Center: Deliver Unmatched Employee Experiences

    Appian’s intelligent automation and case management capabilities help increase productivity, accelerate HR processes, and improve employee experiences. Dive into this brief white paper to learn how Appian helps HR organizations create employee-centric solutions.

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