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  • From legacy to Postgres: Your guide to open source database migration

    Migrating from a legacy database like Oracle to a Postgres environment presents a variety of database challenges, including driver compatibility and data issues. Download this white paper to learn how you can surmount key DB migration challenges and truly reap the benefits of Postgres.

  • Postgres-BDR The Next Generation Of Postgresql High Availability

    Your database environments must support the highly available, always-on business architecture necessary in today’s global economy. Access this white paper to learn how Postgres-BDR provides unparalleled protection from infrastructure issues, combined with near zero-downtime maintenance and management capabilities.

  • Running Postgre: SQL Database in a Cloud Native Environment with Kubernetes

    With PostgreSQL becoming the open-source DB of choice for many organizations, some are rightly wondering how they can best maximize its performance in the cloud. Enter Cloud Native PostgreSQL for Kubernetes. Read on to learn how you can easily deploy and manage your PostgreSQL clusters in both production and development environments on Kubernetes.

  • The Expert’s Guide To Integrating Postgresql®

    Download this white paper to learn the skills you need to become an expert in PostgreSQL database integration in a variety of use cases, including applications that create and consume data, development tools for app developers and DB developers, security environments, and more.


    With so many different types of databases out there, ranging from relational databases to document databases, it can be hard to have a performance benchmark. Read this e-book to learn how two popular database solutions, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, stack up against each other when considering several of the most important benchmarks.

  • 6 Things A Developer Should Know About Postgres

    Developers are increasingly adopting PostgreSQL as their RDBMS of choice. So why the recent boost in popularity? Access this white paper to learn 6 things that developers should know about Postgres, including its simplicity, active community engagement, flexibility, customizable nature, and more.

  • Configuring and Tuning PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server - Linux

    Having a properly configured and tuned PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server is essential if you want to maximize your DB performance, cost efficiency, and availability. Check out this white paper to view expert recommendations when it comes to tuning and configuring your Linux-based PostgreSQL database.

  • Configuring and Tuning PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server - Windows

    In order to get the most from your PostgreSQL and EBD Postgres instances, you need to make sure they are properly configured and tuned. Access these expert recommendations to learn how EnterpriseDB recommends you set up authentication layers, govern resource usage, tune queries, and more.

  • 5 Questions To Ask When Designing Highly Available Databases

    Since each minute of database downtime can cost organizations an estimated $5,600 a minute, smart businesses are making sure that they invest in high availability databases. Read this white paper to learn the 5 questions you should be asking yourself when designing a high availability database.

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