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  • The Guide to Updating Legacy Applications

    What does "modernization" really mean when it comes to your legacy apps? There are four pathways to modernization that you'll need to explore. Jump into this e-Book to learn the pros and cons of all four, and how modernization will help keep your organization maintain its position in the market.

  • How to Get Started with Cloud-Native Application Development

    In this E-Guide, learn some best practices for cloud-native development to help your organization reach peak scalability, cost savings, continuous integration and deployment, and much more.

  • Important Considerations for Legacy Application Modernization

    Dive into this E-Guide to learn some of the most important factors to take into consideration in any application modernization project, such as whether to pursue a cloud-native vs. cloud-friendly application, new security concerns when moving a legacy app to the cloud, and more.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Intelligent Self-Service

    Gartner predicts that by 2020 a customer will manage 85% of their business relationships without interacting with a human. In this e-book, discover how to make the switch to self-service customer support, and learn how to make your self-service success a reality.

  • Digital Transformation - Enjoy the Journey

    Click inside to trace through the roadmap of digital transformation, including a look at how the concept has evolved over time and tips on what a business in its throes can expect. From roadblocks to opportunities, you'll get a chance to glance over the common shapes digital transformation initiatives can take.

  • Digital Business Survival Guide

    In this introduction to digital transformation, find out what it really means for businesses and IT leaders today. Inside, you'll also discover the drivers, methodology, and roadblocks that real-world businesses are encountering as they take digitalization into their own hands – and how you can avoid repeating their mistakes.

  • Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

    Download this resource to learn what separates a good customer experience from a weak one and the 3 universal criteria upon which connected customers evaluate digital experience.

  • Identifying RPA Opportunities in the Real World

    Inside this guide, learn how to identify where RPA opportunities lie in your own business processes. To demonstrate, you'll also find a collection of RPA case studies that cover industries like finance, IT services, and more.

  • 6 DX Roadblocks You Can Help Your Company Avoid

    Jump into this report to read through six of the major roadblocks C-suite execs, IT leaders, and IT pros have identified on their own pathways towards digital transformation, from an inarticulate digital strategy to in-house talent deficiencies.

  • 5 DevOps Adoption Challenges

    DevOps adoption is a goal for many app development teams looking to increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Read this whitepaper to learn 5 of the most common adoption challenges and how to solve them.

  • The Microservices Handbook

    Microservices are being used more than ever to break down monolithic applications, and create free-standing services that are easier to update, integrate, and deploy. Explore your options in this eBook, outlining the details, functionality, benefits, and drawbacks of using microservices architecture.

  • The Realities of Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration? All you have to do is swap out physical infrastructure for virtual and you're good to go – right? The truth is cloud migrations are the furthest thing from simple. Click inside to read through industry-accepted migration best practices to give your enterprise some guidance.

  • A Complete Guide To Design Sprint

    How can you be sure your app development efforts are going to pay off in the long run? Open this whitepaper on design sprints and best practices, and learn how to ensure you are solving all of the right problems and hitting maximum customer satisfaction.

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