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  • High-Performance All-IP Workflows with NVMe

    Check out this paper for an overview of Quantum Xcellis® Scale-out NAS featuring Excelero NVMesh, a comprehensive solution that can handle the most demanding 4K/8K/16K workload performance requirements while intelligently and affordably managing content from ingest to delete.

  • Any-K Video Storage for Media Workflows

    Read this resource to learn why customers in the media industry are choosing Excelero's NVMesh to provide editors' workstations with access to high bandwidth and low latency performance, accommodating streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time.

  • The Effects of Virtual Volume Layout on Data Loss and Availability Probabilities for Software-defined Storage

    This paper compares storage optimization techniques still in production that optimized I/O characteristics, with contemporary techniques that optimize reliability. In particular, it examines if the virtual volume "spread" method is still needed in NVMe environments. Access the comparison here.

  • Benefits and Challenges of using SmartNICs for Distributed Shared Storage in Converged Infrastructure

    This paper presents one solution to storage controller bottlenecking: an efficient offload of part of NVMe-based storage infrastructure onto Smart RNICs. Read on to learn more about this approach and how it conserves local host CPU resources with minimal latency overhead.

  • NVMe In the Studio: Using NVMe in High-performance and Production Environments

    For high-performance environments, there is an alternative to legacy Fibre Channel: NVMe. How? Read on here for a method that takes NVMe drives in individual servers and virtualizes them into aggregated volumes that can be rapidly accessed as a shared resource by multiple clients.

  • HPE Cloudline CL3150 Gen10 Servers Power High-Performance Cloud Solutions

    This paper illustrates the technical details of the HPE Cloudline CL3150 Gen10 server, an open standards-based ultra-dense storage server for performance demanding cloud applications. Read on for the complete rundown, but to give you a snapshot, this server supports up to 24 NVMe SSDs to provide plenty of capacity.

  • Leveraging Distributed NVMe for Database as a Service

    Download this resource to learn how your organization can benefit from NVMesh which enables true converged infrastructures by disaggregating storage from compute - giving IT full freedom in architectural design.

  • Excelero NVMesh Enables Database and DBaaS Productivity

    In this report, we look at Excelero's NVMesh, a low‐latency storage solution that provides "local‐like" performance of shared NVMe to boost database performance and meet service requirements. Read on for the full list of benefits NVMesh brings to databases and DBaaS.

  • Get Scalable and Persistent Storage for Containers

    Check out an NVMe-based block storage system inside that supports persistent, low latency container storage for hyperscale architectures utilizing Kubernetes. Enterprises can obtain both local flash performance and container mobility at data center scale.

  • Linearly Scalable, "Local" Burst Buffer with NVMe

    Read this white paper for several methods of building burst buffers for checkpoints, including one that takes advantage of NVMe technology to support large-scale modeling, analysis, simulation, and visualization.

  • NVMe Case Study: CMA Microterabyte

    To keep pace with its hosted DBaaS's need for performance and capacity at scale, Microterabyte found itself reevaluating the storage layer supporting its databases. Read on to see the solution that enabled them to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies.

  • IBM Spectrum Scale Accelerated by NVMesh

    This technical white paper describes the features and benefits of Excelero's NVMesh—a software-defined Server SAN supporting shared, scale-out, NVMe block-storage— for Spectrum Scale. Read for the two reference architectures of popular NVMesh-Spectrum Scale configurations included.

  • Analyst Firm Examines Rack-Scale Flash Vendor Excelero

    This IDC report covers Excelero, an SDS vendor providing high-performance, rack-scale flash solutions for enterprises looking to evolve their infrastructure using commodity server-based storage hardware. Read on for the essentials of their NVMesh offering.

  • High-Performance Server SAN for Web-Scale Data Centers

    This datasheet details the technical specifications and features of a software-defined block storage platform that allows unmodified apps to utilize pooled NVMe devices across a network at local latencies and speeds. Read on here for the specs of this server SAN solution.

  • Pooling NVMe within GPFS NSDs Enables Efficient Burst Buffer

    This case study illustrates how SciNet's SLAs are met by using a unified pool of distributed high-performance NVMe as a burst buffer for checkpointing, delivering 230GB/s of throughput and over 20M random 4k IOPS. Read on for the solution highlighted within.

  • NVMe Case Study: NASA's Ames Research Center

    Read on to learn how NASA matched its supercomputing hyperwall environment's scale with a solution that provides a petabyte-scale shared NVMe pool across multiple servers, available over a network at speeds and latencies of direct-attached media.

  • Datasheet: Excelero NVMesh for Lenovo Servers

    Read this sheet to learn about a software-defined block storage in a server SAN infrastructure that allows cloud-scale applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across the network at local speeds and latencies.

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