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  • CNP Fraud in Jewelry & Watch Sales

    Online watch and jewelry retailers often struggle to find a balance between CNP fraud prevention and providing a smooth shopping experience. Download this report to learn about online fraud prevention in this industry, and how to improve security without negatively affecting customer experience.

  • Embracing Cross-Border eCommerce

    North America is lagging behind in global eCommerce growth due to the fear of fraud. This resource shares best practices for effective fraud management when operating in new territories around the world so that you don't miss the opportunity to expand your business worldwide.

  • Aiming for a Flawless Approach to Fraud

    Take a look inside this report to learn more about insights into cosmetics shopping patterns and fraud trends, and best practices for effectively handling transactions without compromising users' shopping experience and safety.

  • An Overview of Chargebacks: What They Are and How To Dispute Them

    Online retailers must provide an optimal customer experience or risk losing business. But many are losing revenue due to costly credit card chargebacks. Download this report for an overview of chargebacks, including why they're filed, the ramifications of them, and how to dispute them.

  • Preventing Fraud in Online Gift Cards

    Adapting to the ever-changing fraud landscape while providing a good customer experience is a challenge many organizations that sell gift cards struggle with. Download this report to explore key fraud trends in the online gift card industry, and helpful tips for boosting order approval rates.

  • Thinking Inside the Box: Preventing Fraud From the Inside Out

    One of the first steps of preventing shipping fraud is figuring out how fraudsters get their hands on stolen goods in the first place. Download this e-book to learn about the methods fraudsters use and how knowing them can help retailers prevent future incidents.

  • Making Sense of Mismatches

    In some cases, the presence of a mismatch translates to an instant red flag. But that is not always the case. This eBook provides insight into the most common types of mismatches found in good orders, including a deeper look at industry specific patterns, and how to handle them.

  • Fighting CNP Fraud in Fashion

    Download this resource for a look at the key online fraud trends in the fashion industry to aid fraud detection measures with your cybersecurity team.

  • Fighting Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud Attacks

    In this guide, get a rundown of account takeover (ATO) attacks – from how fraudsters get the credentials they need to access accounts to their modus operandi once they're in and what you can do after detecting the threat.

  • Fraud Management Solution Buyer's Kit

    Using e-commerce can make you more accessible to customers but also raise the threat of fraud. Lower the risk by implementing a fraud management solution that can help actively monitor and prevent fraudulent activity. Download this comprehensive guide to selecting the best fraud solution for you.

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