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  • Case Study: AmeriPride and Vertica Analytics Platform

    When uniform rental and linen supply company, AmeriPride, needed a new way to manage and analyze their data. Read this case study to learn why the company chose Vertica and the benefits they've experienced—including a 419% increase in ROI—since deployment.

  • How Diverse Cloud Deployment Boosts the Value of Analytics and Future Proofs Your Business

    There are multiple ways to deploy analytics platforms on the cloud, but which method is best for you? Read this white paper to explore how to choose the appropriate cloud deployment option for your organization, while increasing revenue and cutting costs to achieve the most effective analytics platform.

  • Vertica in the Clouds

    Watch this brief video to learn about an analytics platform that can be deployed both on-prem or in the cloud, and enables you to analyze data in the right place without moving it, use machine learning and advanced analytics, and perform analytics at exabyte scale.

  • Unlock Machine Learning for the New Speed and Scale of Business

    Machine learning for big data analysis is creating a fundamental shift in the way businesses are operating—from being reactive to being proactive. Download this white paper to explore an in-database machine learning analytics platform that can help eliminate the constraints of small-scale analytics for optimized business processes.

  • Vertica in Eon Mode vs. Snowflake Computing: Which Platform is Better for You?

    Nowadays, data-driven organizations need to rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed to derive timely insights. But which platform is right for you? Download this McKnight Consulting Group report to learn how 2 data analytics platforms measure up to each other.

  • Introducing Vertica Eon Mode

    Download this resource to explore the Vertica Eon Mode, which enables users to hibernate the database without needing to reload data or perform other management tasks.

  • Get Under the Hood: Learn to Separate Compute and Cloud Storage

    In this webcast, learn about an advanced analytics tool that helps you automate storage allocation to help you keep pace with changing workloads. Click inside to learn more about how you can simplify provisioning, provide high availability by running shards on multiple nodes simultaneously, and more. Then watch a demo of this platform in action.

  • Eon Mode: Bringing the Vertica Columnar Database to the Cloud

    A new architecture for Vertica, Eon mode, places the data on a reliable shared storage, where it is designed to provide top performance but with increased scalability and compute only the resources needed. Download this full 13-page white paper for an in-depth review of Eon mode.

  • Getting the Most Out of Big Data

    In this short video, learn how you can get the most of big data -- whether on-premises, in the cloud, in Apache Hadoop or a combination of them all.

  • Database in the Cloud Benchmark

    How do you know how something works until you try it? This benchmark study provides single-user, trial test results on analytics solutions Vertica and Amazon Redshift. Explore cluster execution times, Concurrency rates, and more.

  • How Diverse Cloud Deployment Boosts the Value of Analytics and Future Proofs Your Business

    Make sure to choose the most appropriate cloud deployment option for your organization to increase revenue and cut costs. Learn about 3 cloud deployment methods and the 4 questions you need to answer before you choose an option.

  • Unlock Machine Learning for the New Speed and Scale of Business

    While 75% of business leaders identify "growth" as the key source of value from analytics, only 60% of business leaders have predictive analytics capabilities, according to data from Marui Techlabs. Explore how in-database machine learning can help you maximize big data while simplifying predictive analytics processes to compete more effectively.

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